2015 Drake Relays: Live Results / Schedule / Startlists

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Via godrakebulldogs.com
April 21, 2015

Live results for the 2015 Drake Relays, presented by HyVee, are below. TV/Internet streaming info for Drake is here.

Full detailed schedule below the results or here. More info on the meet website here.

*All Times Are Central Time Zone

Wednesday 4/22/2015

5:15pmMen’s Pole Vault Court AveFinal
5:15pmWomen’s Pole Vault Court AveFinal
6:00pmWomen’s 1 Mile Run Corporate Grand BlueFinal
6:00pmMen’s 1 Mile Run Corporate Grand BlueFinal

Thursday 4/23/2015

3:00pmGirls’ Discus Throw High SchoolFinal
Boys’ High Jump High SchoolFinal
3:30pmBoys’ Shot Put High SchoolFinal
Girls’ Long Jump High SchoolFinal
4:00pmWomen’s 800m Run Unseeded Univ/ColFinal
4:05pmMen’s 800m Run Unseeded Univ/ColFinal
4:10pmGirls’ 3000m Run High SchoolFinal
4:25pmBoys’ 3200m Run High SchoolFinal
4:40pmWomen’s 4x1600m Relay Univ/ColFinal
5:05pmMen’s 4x1600m Relay Univ/ColFinal
7:30pmWomen’s 10000m Run Univ/Col InvitationalFinal
8:10pmMen’s 10000m Run Univ/Col InvitationalFinal
8:40pmWomen’s 5000m Run Univ/ColFinal
9:05pmMen’s 5000m Run Univ/ColFinal

Friday 4/24/2015

8:00amGirls’ 100m Hurdles High SchoolPrelim
8:16amBoys’ 110m Hurdles High SchoolPrelim
8:31amGirls’ 100m Dash High SchoolPrelim
8:46amBoys’ 100m Dash High SchoolPrelim
8:58amWomen’s 4x100m Relay CollegePrelim
9:17amMen’s 4x100m Relay CollegePrelim
9:30amBoys’ Long Jump High SchoolFinal
9:32amWomen’s 100m Hurdles Univ/ColPrelim
9:45amMen’s 110m Hurdles Univ/ColPrelim
10:00amWomen’s Long Jump Univ/ColFinal
Men’s Javelin Throw Univ/ColFinal
Women’s DMR CollegeFinal
10:14amGirls’ 800 SMR High SchoolFinal
10:27amBoys’ 1600 SMR High SchoolFinal
10:45amMen’s 4x800m Relay CollegeFinal
10:58amWomen’s 4x100m Relay UniversityPrelim
11:10amMen’s 4x100m Relay UniversityPrelim
11:15amWomen’s Shot Put Univ/ColFinal
11:25amMen’s DMR CollegeFinal
11:36amGirls’ 100m Hurdles High SchoolFinal
11:40amBoys’ 110m Hurdles High SchoolFinal
8:30amGirls’ Shot Put High SchoolFinal
9:00amBoys’ Discus Throw High SchoolFinal
9:45amGirls’ High Jump High SchoolFinal
12:08pmWomen’s 400m Hurdles Univ/ColFinal
12:21pmGirls’ 100m Dash High SchoolFinal
12:25pmWomen’s 100m Dash Univ/ColPrelim
12:30pmMen’s Pole Vault Univ/ColFinal
12:38pmBoys’ 100m Dash High SchoolFinal
12:43pmMen’s 100m Dash Univ/ColPrelim
12:55pmMen’s 800m Run MastersFinal
1:00pmWomen’s High Jump Univ/ColFinal
Women’s Javelin Throw Univ/ColFinal
Women’s Discus Throw Univ/ColFinal
1:01pmWomen’s 4x200m Relay CollegeFinal
1:13pmMen’s 4x200m Relay CollegeFinal
1:25pmGirls’ 4x200m Relay High SchoolFinal
1:30pmMen’s Long Jump Univ/ColFinal
1:37pmBoys’ 4x200m Relay High SchoolFinal
1:49pmGirls’ 800m Run High SchoolFinal
1:55pmBoys’ 800m Run High SchoolFinal
2:01pmWomen’s 800m Run Univ/ColFinal
2:07pmWomen’s 4x400m Relay CollegePrelim
2:31pmMen’s 4x400m Relay CollegePrelim
2:55pmWomen’s 4x400m Relay UniversityPrelim
3:20pmMen’s 4x400m Relay UniversityPrelim
5:00pm240 Yard Shuttle RelayFinal
5:10pmGirls’ 4x100m Relay High SchoolPrelim
5:40pmGirls’ 4x100m Relay Middle SchoolFinal
5:50pmBoys’ 4x100m Relay Middle SchoolFinal
6:00pmBoys’ 4x100m Relay High SchoolPrelim
Men’s High Jump Beijing WC PreviewFinal
6:15pmWomen’s Pole Vault Beijing WC PreviewFinal
6:30pmWomen’s 4x200m Relay UniversityFinal
6:45pmMen’s 4x200m Relay UniversityFinal
7:03pmWomen’s Shuttle Hurdle Relay SpecialFinal
7:13pmMen’s 110m Hurdles Beijing WC PreviewFinal
7:24pmMen’s 400m Dash Beijing WC PreviewFinal
7:36pmMen’s 400m Hurdles Beijing WC PreviewFinal
7:44pmWomen’s 4x800m Relay UniversityFinal
8:00pmWomen’s 800m Run Beijing WC PreviewFinal
8:08pmMen’s 200m Dash ParalympicFinal
8:15pmMen’s 4x800m Relay UniversityFinal
8:27pmGirls’ 4x400m Relay High SchoolPrelim
8:44pmBoys’ 4x400m Relay High SchoolPrelim

Saturday 4/25/2015

8:00amGirls’ Shuttle Hurdle Relay High SchoolPrelim
8:15amBoys’ Shuttle Hurdle Relay High SchoolPrelim
8:30amWomen’s Shuttle Hurdle Relay Univ/ColPrelim
8:45amMen’s Shuttle Hurdle Relay Univ/ColPrelim
9:00amWomen’s 1600 SMR CollegeFinal
Women’s Hammer Throw Univ/ColFinal
Men’s Discus Throw Univ/ColFinal
9:20amMen’s 1600 SMR CollegeFinal
9:35amGirls’ 4x800m Relay High SchoolFinal
9:50amBoys’ 4x800m Relay High SchoolFinal
10:00amWomen’s 1600 SMR UniversityFinal
Women’s Triple Jump Univ/ColFinal
Men’s High Jump Univ/ColFinal
10:15amWomen’s Pole Vault Univ/ColFinal
10:20amMen’s 1600 SMR UniversityFinal
10:40amWomen’s 3000m Steeplechase Univ/ColFinal
10:53amMen’s 3000m Steeplechase Univ/ColFinal
11:05amWomen’s 4x800m Relay CollegeFinal
11:17amWomen’s 800m Run MastersFinal
12:00pmMen’s Hammer Throw Univ/ColFinal
12:10pmGirls’ Shuttle Hurdle Relay High SchoolFinal
Men’s Pole Vault Beijing WC PreviewFinal
12:15pmBoys’ Shuttle Hurdle Relay High SchoolFinal
12:20pmWomen’s Shuttle Hurdle Relay Univ/ColFinal
12:25pmMen’s Shuttle Hurdle Relay Univ/ColFinal
12:30pmMen’s DMR University Jim WheelockFinal
12:45pmGirls’ 1500m Run High SchoolFinal
12:52pmBoys’ 1600m Run High SchoolFinal
1:00pmWomen’s DMR UniversityFinal
Men’s Triple Jump Univ/ColFinal
Men’s Triple Jump Beijing WC PreviewFinal
1:13pmMen’s 400m Hurdles Univ/ColFinal
1:25pmGirls’ 400m Hurdles High SchoolFinal
1:30pmMen’s Shot Put Univ/ColFinal
1:33pmBoys’ 400m Hurdles High SchoolFinal
1:40pmMen’s 800m Run Univ/ColFinal
1:45pmWomen’s High Jump Beijing WC PreviewFinal
1:48pmMen’s 1 Mile Run SpecialFinal
2:02pmWomen’s 400m Hurdles Beijing WC PreviewFinal
2:07pmWomen’s 100m Dash Univ/ColFinal
2:12pmMen’s 100m Dash Univ/ColFinal
2:15pmMen’s Pole Vault Beijing WC PreviewPrelim
2:18pmWomen’s 100m Hurdles Univ/ColFinal
2:24pmMen’s 110m Hurdles Univ/ColFinal
2:30pmWomen’s 100m Hurdles Beijing WC PreviewFinal
2:40pmMen’s Shuttle Hurdle Relay SpecialFinal
2:47pmWomen’s 1500m Run Univ/Col SeededFinal
2:55pmMen’s 1500m Run Univ/Col SeededFinal
3:05pmWomen’s 400m Dash Beijing WC PreviewFinal
3:12pmWomen’s 4x100m Relay UniversityFinal
3:20pmMen’s 4x100m Relay UniversityFinal
3:25pmWomen’s 4x100m Relay CollegeFinal
3:30pmMen’s 4x100m Relay CollegeFinal
3:35pmGirls’ 4x100m Relay High SchoolFinal
3:40pmBoys’ 4x100m Relay High SchoolFinal
3:45pmWomen’s 4x400m Relay UniversityFinal
3:52pmMen’s 4x400m Relay UniversityFinal
4:00pmWomen’s 4x400m Relay CollegeFinal
4:07pmMen’s 4x400m Relay CollegeFinal
4:15pmGirls’ 4x400m Relay High SchoolFinal
4:22pmBoys’ 4x400m Relay High SchoolFinal