Streaming / TV: 2015 Tokyo Marathon Television and Streaming Information

February 20, 2015

In the United States, the first Abbott World Marathon Major of the year will be broadcast live on Universal Sports TV Network and online at starting at 7 pm ET on Saturday. The  race starts at 7:10 pm ET.

If you don’t get Universal Sports you can get it via a stream from and stream it to your PC, phone, tablet, or Roku device. Click here for a free trial of DishWorld (we use the service ourselves and get a commission if you sign up. ).

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Overseas visitors, we’re not sure what your tv options are but sure there will be links to streams on our messageboard.

MB: Tokyo marathon – will it be streamed?

More on Dishworld: If you’re cable or satellite provider does not get Universal Sports, you can watch it online, on your phone, or on your tablet/ipad thanks to DishWorld. For $9.99 a month, you get Universal Sports, BeInSports (which has a ton of international soccer including La Liga and and the IAAF show Athletix), OneWorld Sports (Asia Cup Soccer), Willow Cricket, plus a ton of International News channels (Bloomberg, Euronews, France 24 (English), Russia TV and more) and can watch everything live or on demand. There is a free 48 hour trial if you are not convinced that does not even require a credit card. Test it out. It is a service we use (we get a commission if you sign up) and recommend. More info on Dishworld here.

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