Get Your Butt To Boulder, Colorado For The USA XC Afterparty One Month From Today

January 7, 2017

Sara Slattery (left) at LRC/Reebok Boulder XC 2007 Party

One month from today you need to be in Boulder, Colorado for the USA XC Champs. Even if you are not running, you need to be there for the afterparty hosted by Boulder pros Steve and Sara Slattery.

The official invite is below.

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The last time USA XC was in Boulder helped sponsor the party (photos of Steve and Sara at that party on the right). Everyone had a good time. Steve and Sara intend to throw a better party then we did. Sara writes:

Steve Slattery (right) and NCAA XC Champ Keith Kelly at Boulder 2007

We are going celebritize the athletes, have a red carpet with sponsor backdrops, photographers to take pictures and instantly post to social media, a DJ, Go-go dancers wearing sponsor gear and plenty of awesome food and drinks.  We want to attract people that may not normally attend cross country events and give them another reason to come and an opportunity to hang out with all the athletes. We really want to make this a party one to remember.  I think it can really draw fans and people to come to cross country that may not have typically gone.

Fill out the shoe survey and we will enter you into a drawing a free pair of shoes.

Official invite below:

Download (PDF, 1MB)



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