Watch “60 Minutes” Segment On Shalane Flanagan And Her Buildup For The Boston Marathon

April 14, 2014

On Sunday, Shalane Flanagan featured in a 13-minute segment on the Boston Marathon on CBS’s “60 Minutes”. The segment showed Flanagan training on Boston roads and Portland trails and includes interviews with her as well as her coach, Jerry Schumacher. You can watch it below in its entirety. A transcript of the show, which might save you some time if you don’t have 13 minutes to spare is here.

Discussion: *MB: Shalane Flanagan ON 60 MINUTES is 5 fives minutes!
*MB: Boston red, UNC Tar Heel, Shalane Flanagan is on CBS 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper
*MB: Jerry Schumacher on 60 Minutes
*MB: How jealous must Alberto (and Galen) be that Shalane and Jerry were on national tv?

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