Molly Huddle Is A Fan Too & Excited To See Shalane on Monday – “Anytime I can run step for step with Shalane, I’m really  excited. I know that I’m in good shape”

April 19, 2014

Molly Huddle addressed the media today before tomorrow’s BAA 5k, which is held as part of the Boston Marathon festivities.

LRC filmed Molly’s comments which you can watch at the bottom of this article but a few highlights.

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Huddle admitted that she “surprised herself” when she ran the American record (14:44.76) back in 2010 but now she’s “sort of gotten used to it” and hopes to get down in that range this summer.

When asked about her 12k “world record” win at the 2013 .US National Road Racing Championships (it was only a world record because official 12k splits haven’t been recorded by others running longer distances) over Shalane Flanagan , Huddle said she was very pleased by the result.

“Anytime I can run step for step with Shalane, I’m really excited. I know that I’m in good shape,” said Huddle.

Huddle then became a fan and said she believed Flanagan had only improved her fitness since then and Huddle was “excited for Shalane” and was looking forward to watching her on Monday in the marathon.

Huddle, who is going to run the 10,000 at Payton Jordan and hopefully get “as close to 31 flat minutes” as possible, said she’s recovered nicely from her 69:04 half marathon debut last month at the 2014 NYC Half. In the future, she hopes to run another half where she does more specific training for it, with the goal of breaking 69 flat.

After her 10,000, Huddle said the goal will shift to running fast in two 5000s.