Chris Solinsky’s Still Got the Fire After His 14th Place Finish: “It’s Embarrassing”, “It Was Really Bad”, “A Shit Performance”

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November 3, 2013

Former American record holder at 10,000m Chris Solinsky’s comeback from injury continued at the 2013 NYRR Dash to the Finish Line 5k with a 14:15 14th place finish that brought out the fire and frustration in Solinsky.

Chris was very blunt about assessing his performance: “Today was just a shit performance”.

More: “Many words come to my mind none of which are appropriate. It was really bad.”

More: “I’m really pissed off right now. Mostly because it’s embarrassing. Some of my teammates who just started training beat me.”

Chris came into the 5k more geared up for the race than some of the other competitors, many of whom were coming back after taking a break after the track season.

Chris indicated his strength training has been going well and he can “pound out 4:50s (per mile) like it’s no body’s business,” but that he is struggling with the speed. Chris most recently paced teammate Matt Tegenkamp for part of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Prior to that he was 10th at the US 5k Championships in Providence.

Today Chris said he went for it early on and then paid the price later, feeling like it was more of a 1500m than a 5000m, being “alactic” at 2 miles.

“It just sucks that I’m trying to learn how to race again and I’m failing miserably,” he said.

The good news for Chris is he gets another chance to race again in two weeks at the inaugural .US National 12k Championships.

“I think the 12k is going to go a lot better in 2 weeks,” he said.

Video with Chris below.



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