2013 Worlds Prediction Contest Powered by Karhu Recap

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by: LetsRun.com
September 8, 2013

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Oh Canada.

Only 4.6% of the LRC audience comes from Canada, but our Canadian friends have a strong tradition of producing excellence in the LetsRun.com prediction contests.

The $200,013 Moscow Worlds Contest Powered by Karhu was no different as Canadians swept the top two places and one of them goes to the same university (University of Victoria) that two of our previous winners have gone too.

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44th in the World at World XC And Also #1 in Our Contest

Matt Walters at World XC (Click image for Photo Gallery). We Forgot How Great World XC Was.

The winner was Mathew Walters of Canada. Not only is Walters, a student at the University of Windsor, a huge fan of the sport, but he’s also a very good runner who ran for Canada at the recent World Cross Country Championships in Poland. Walters didn’t even tell us how he did so we thought he might have been in the junior race. Think again. 44th in the world for Mr. Walters – only three spots behind Cam Levins. One day, Walters (3:40 1500 pb) may be an athlete in one of our contests, but until then he’s a huge fan of the sport. He used his insider knowledge and the LRC prediction contest guide to come out on top.

Matthew wins a $300 gift certificate from our partner Karhu. You can see Matthew’s picks here. (Thanks to Karhu for providing $750 in gift certificates to our winners. Look for a big Karhu shoe launch on September 10th or get a sneak peek here)

University of Victoria Keeps It’s Streak Going

The runner-up was Doug Oxland who runs for the University of Victoria. Does that school sound familiar? It should as Doug’s had two teammates, Clifford Childs (our women’s marathon trials prediction contest) and Josh Clouthier (London 2012), win LRC contests. Pretty amazing, Oxland finishes second in our contest, and two teammates have done better than that. Maybe they’ve figured out how to hack into the LRC servers. Doug like his teammates, just claims to come to LRC and be a “fig fan of your website, especially the event previews and recaps.” It’s can’t be that easy.

Doug wins a $200 gift certificate from Karhu.

Big Karhu Shoe Launch September 10th

Big Karhu Shoe Launch September 10th

Nick Burant a 25-year-old who works for an environmental non-profit in LA finished third. Nick grew up in DC and helped Wilson High School wins its first city outdoor title in 27 years. He then ran club track for track power the University of Wisconsin. And if you want to know how to win a $100 Karhu gift certificate, come to LRC more often:

“I didn’t have any specific strategy for my picks other than spending countless hours this summer on Letsrun following the pro circuit. Letsrun is my one stop shop for all things track and cross country. The news, the boards and your analysis (which is consistently fantastic, by the way), make it one of my favorite websites.”

Decathletes have done well in some of our previous contests and that happened here as in a tie for third with Nick was Brett Walton. Brett was the Atlantic 10 decathlon champ at the University of Richmond and his dad and brother both are coaches. Brett’s strategy was simple, stick with the favorites. “A winning selection strategy for these contests is to go with the favorites. As Letsrun likes to point out, there aren’t many upsets at the championship level, particularly at worlds. The cream usually rises to the top.”

Brett and Nick both win $100 Karhu gift certificates.

We’re still looking for our fifth place finisherrunny who we think is from Germany. Email us runny so we can get you your prize.

Two LRCers Nearly Win $2013

You can check your scores in the contest here. If you’d like to see our winner’s picks, click here.

In 2012, for the time ever we offered a $2013 bonus if you picked 1st, 2nd and 3rd in four events of your choice perfectly correctly. Well two LRCers “mar828 and “neushon” got three of their four events perfectly correctly. One event away from $2013.

How close did you and others get to the $2013? Well we have it set up now so you can see how many of your four events you got correct when you check your scores.

Thanks for playing. Thanks to our partner Karhu for the incredible prizes.

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