2013 DN Galan Distance Recap: Kiprop Beaten, Kemboi Drops Out, Defar Wins, Rowbury Runs Well, Manzano Doesn’t

by: LetsRun.com
August 22, 2013

We recapped the bizarre women’s 800m here.

Recaps of the other Diamond League distance races in Stockholm below.

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IAAF recap of the entire meet here.

Men’s 1500m: Souleiman Over Kiprop
Asbel Kiprop is human.

The World and Olympic champion Kiprop could not respond the final 200m as Ayanleh Souleiman, the world 800m bronze medallist, powered away for the win in 3:33.59 with a 55.91 final lap. Silas Kiplagat made a late charge for second in 3:33.92 as his Kenyan teammate from Worlds Nixon Chepseba was third.

Kiprop faded to sixth.

Men's 1500m Pack

Men’s 1500m Pack

This race saw modest splits of 55.76, 1:53.82 and 2:52.26 when the rabbit James Magut dropped out. Souleiman, had been right behind the rabbit, and he assumed the lead. Kiprop had been back in the back of the pack early on in the race, but now he was was in third 5-7 meters behind Souleiman. Kiprop did not close the gap on Souleiman and as Souleiman flew around the turn Kiprop started drifting backwards. This was not his day.

Souleiman hit the final straight well clear of Nixon Chepseba who also was going in the wrong direction. Silas Kiplagat made a late charge from way back but this one was never in doubt as Souleiman got the nice win.

Leo Manzano‘s struggles in rabbited Diamond League races continued. Manzano had been in last in this race early on and spent a good deal of energy just moving up a few spots 600-700m in. The next time around as the field started positioning to kick at the bell, a gap opened up with Manzano and he was a total non factor on the last lap finishing in 3:42.47.

QT#1: Post-Worlds Fatigure for Kiprop
Kiprop often gets beat when he makes a tactical mistake but he we well positioned in this one with 300m to go. He could have been a little closer to the front, but chalk this loss up to post-Worlds mental fatigue. Physically the tools all have to be there.

QT#2: Nice Win for  Souleiman
Souleiman was known as a miler before Worlds and he left with an 800m bronze. He tried to double back in the 1500m, but did not make the final and did not like some pushing that took place in his semifinal at Worlds. Who knows what would have happened if he made the final but he’s a nice dual 800-1500 threat.

QT#3: What Now For Manazno?
Neither Matt Centrowitz or Leo Manzano does well in the super fast Diamond League races. This was a moderately paced DL race which should have been perfect for a guy like Manzano with a 3:32.37 pr.

Leo dropped the ball. With no Worlds next year, most of the important races will be super fast Diamond League races. That’s why getting it right at Worlds was so important for guys like Manzano and Centrowitz. Centro got it done at Worlds, Leo didn’t.

Leo’s got the big prize all the other American distance runners except for Galen Rupp are after, an Olympic silver medal, but Manzano is going to have to figure out how to run well in this type of race.

QT #4 Remember Will Leer?
There was a “B” 1500m in Stockholm won convincingly by Will Leer. Leer has to be wondering what if. After not making the 1500m team at USAs, Leer chose not to run the 5000m  at USAs, being worried about the heat. Well, it ended up not being that hot and the pace was perfect for a miler. Unheralded miler Ryan Hill made the US team for Worlds and ended up 10th at Worlds after making the final. Leer is left to running “B” 1500ms, trying to get into an “A” race or two. Sure Lear’s won here, but the “B” 1500m is a long way away from the World Championship 5000m final.

Race Video:*Men’s 1,500 

1500 Metres - Men Race 2                                      
    1 Souleiman , Ayanleh              DJI    3:33.59          4        
    2 Kiplagat , Silas                 KEN    3:33.92          2        
    3 Chepseba , Nixon Kiplimo         KEN    3:34.05          1        
    4 Ndiku , Caleb Mwangangi          KEN    3:34.85                   
    5 Moustaoui , Mohamed              MAR    3:35.28                   
    6 Kiprop , Asbel                   KEN    3:35.49                   
    7 Ingebrigtsen , Henrik            NOR    3:37.30                   
    8 Birgen , Bethwell                KEN    3:37.51                   
    9 Gebremedhin , Mekonnen           ETH    3:38.38
   10 Choge , Augustine Kiprono        KEN    3:39.41
   11 Manzano , Leonel                 USA    3:42.47
   12 Cheru , Tesfaye                  ETH    3:47.01
      Magut , James Kiplagat           KEN        DNF                   
      Rotich , Andrew Kiptoo           KEN        DNF

“B” Race

1500 Metres - Men Race 1                                      

    1 Leer , Will                      USA    3:36.97                   
    2 Bayer , Andrew                   USA    3:37.58                   
    3 Torrence , David                 USA    3:37.59                   
    4 Al-Azemi , Mohammad              KUW    3:37.97                   
    5 Robertson , Zane                 NZL    3:38.61
    6 Mainy , Ahmed                    MAR    3:38.68
    7 McLaughlin , Matt                GBR    3:44.00
    8 Hiss Bachir , Youssouf           DJI    3:44.39
    9 Jaako , Joni                     SWE    3:44.79
   10 Hydén , Johan                    SWE    3:45.58
   11 Leandersson , Jonas              SWE    3:46.41
   12 Piipponen , Ilari                FIN    3:46.76
   13 Rogestedt , Johan                SWE    3:48.53
   14 Ek , Staffan                     SWE    3:50.53
      Som , Bram                       NED        DNF

Men’s Steeplechase: Worlds Fatigue as Hillary Yego Won

The stars from Moscow faltered in this one. The pace was fairly slow (2:42 1k, and 5:29) but World Champion Ezekiel Kemboi was soon dropped from the main pack and would drop out. Silver medallist Conseslus Kipruto stayed close, but clearly best in this one was Hillary Yego, only 11th at the Kenyan Trials, who got the win in 8:09.81.

QT#1: Nice job by Yego of taking advantage of the opportunity. A Diamond League win is a Diamond League win and he got $10,000 for winning here.

QT #2: Worlds fatigure for Hughes
The Worlds fatigue not only took out all three Kenyans, Kipruto, Paul Koech, and Kemboi but also recent Canadian record holder Matt Hughes who ran like the Matt Hughes of old, running 8:25 here.

Dan Huling ran 8:21, a season’s best.

3000 Metres Steeplechase - Men                                
    1 Yego , Hillary Kipsang           KEN    8:09.81          4        
    2 Kirui , Gilbert Kiplangat        KEN    8:11.55          2        
    3 Kipruto , Conseslus              KEN    8:12.35          1        
    4 Koech , Paul Kipsiele            KEN    8:12.60                   
    5 Birech , Jairus Kipchoge         KEN    8:15.01                   
    6 Koech , John Kibet               KEN    8:16.96                   
    7 Huling , Daniel                  USA    8:21.92                   
    8 Hughes , Matthew                 CAN    8:25.19                   
    9 Kipruto , Brimin Kiprop          KEN    8:26.58                   
   10 Luchianov , Ion                  MDA    8:28.15                   
   11 Kahsay , Meresa                  ETH    8:29.92                   
   12 Leslie , Cory                    USA    8:35.30                   
      Kemboi , Ezekiel                 KEN        DNF                   
      Lagat , Haron                    KEN        DNF

Intermediate times: 1000m Lagat, Haron (KEN) 2:42.29
2000m Birech, Jairus Kipchoge (KEN) 5:29.86

Women’s 3000m: Meseret Defar Shows No Fatigue

Shannon Rowbury in the Mix

Shannon Rowbury in the Mix

The women’s 3000m came down to the final lap as 8 women were in contention including American Shannon Rowbury.

Meseret Defar was in front as expected and she would stay that way. With 200m to go the top three: Defar, Worlds 5000m silver medallist, Mercy Cherono, and 4:03 1500m runner Sifan Hassan, who wants to run for the Netherlands, began to pull away. Shannon Rowbury was in front of the next group.

Defar’s kick was too good as she covered the final lap in 59.99 for the win. Cherono was a clear second and Hassan a clear third. Viola Kibiwot had passed Rowbury down the final straight for fourth, and then Rowbury ran out out steam the final 10 meters and was passed (or let up depending on how one looks at it) by Worlds 10,000m silver medallist Gladys Cherono and Worlds 1500m bronze medallist Hellen Obiri. Rowbury ended up 7th.

QT #1: Meseret Defar Is So Good
Her kick is beautiful to watch.

QT #2: Great Run by Rowbury
She may have only finished 7th but this was a great run by Rowbury. She was in the thick of it and mixing it up the final 200m. If she had played it more conservatively the last 200m, she likely would have finished higher, but that was not her intent.

The 8:30 barrier is there for the taking for Rowbury. Drug cheat Mary Slaney’s American record of 8:25.83 may be a little out of reach but we’d like to see Rowbury go under 8:30.
Race Video: Women’s 3,000m

3000 Metres - Women                                           
    1 Defar , Meseret                  ETH    8:30.29          4        
    2 Cherono , Mercy                  KEN    8:31.23          2        
    3 Hassan , Sifan                   NED    8:32.53          1        
    4 Kibiwot , Viola Jelagat          KEN    8:33.97                   
    5 Cherono , Gladys                 KEN    8:34.05                   
    6 Obiri , Hellen Onsando           KEN    8:34.25                   
    7 Rowbury , Shannon                USA    8:34.43                   
    8 Dibaba , Genzebe                 ETH    8:37.00                   
    9 Plis , Renata                    POL    8:40.42                   
   10 Kuijken , Susan                  NED    8:41.86                   
   11 Noujani , Nadia                  MAR    8:52.38                   
   12 Conley , Kim                     USA    8:52.64                   
   13 Bahta , Meraf                    ERI    8:59.30
   14 Anderson , Gabrielle             USA    8:59.68
   15 Hasay , Jordan                   USA    9:06.37
      Roman , Sonja                    SLO        DNF

*Women’s 800m Recap Here
*Full Results
Stockholm Race Videos: *Men’s 1,500 *Women’s 800*Women’s 3,000m *Men’s 400m *More

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