Preview Of Women’s 1,500 At 2013 USA Outdoor Track And Field Championships

Does Mary Cain Make It To Moscow? What About Past Champions Uceny, Rowbury Or Moser?

June 19, 2013

Take a look at the list of nine entrants for the 2013 USA Women’s 1,500 who have all run under 4:10 so far in 2013:

1   4:02.85                Treniere Moser   
2   4:04.60                Katie Mackey     
3   4:04.62    AJR AYR     Mary Cain      
4   4:05.27                Sarah Brown                   
5   4:05.41                Gabriele Anderson             
6   4:07.36                Shannon Rowbury              
7   4:08.09                Renee Tomlin                  
8   4:08.24                Kate Grace                   
9   4:08.49                Morgan Uceny
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If you are a casual fan, there is no need to get your eyes checked. The leader of the list is indeed Treniere Moser.

Treniere Moser Has Seemingly Found The Fountain Of Youth In 2013

From 2005 to 2007, when the USA wasn’t very good at the elite level for the 1,500, Treniere Moser was dominant in the event in this country, winning three straight USA titles. However, Moser seemingly faded away from 2008 to 2012 just as the US was getting incredibly good on the world level with the likes of Rowbury, Uceny, Simpson.

Take a look at Moser’s seasonal best times and finishing place at USAs from 2008 to 2012.

2008 4:11.87 12th
2009 4:07.91 5th
2010 4:07.49 DNC
2011 4:07.57 6th
2012 4:09.34 11th

Each year, she continued to struggle and continued to get older.

Now at age 31, however, she is back and back better than ever. Her career truly has been rejuvenated by her switch to the tutelage of Alberto Salazar.

Moser’s fifth-place showing of 4:02.85 at the Prefontaine Classic is a lifetime PR (previous PR of 4:03.32). She’s also PRed at 3,000 (9:03) and 5000 (15:11) and run 2:01.65 in the 800 (1:59.15 PR). As a result, she’s got a real good shot of going to Worlds.

Enough With Moser; Talk About Mary Cain, Please

Moser’s rejuvenation at age 31 is a great story but the fact of the matter is much of the media attention in this event is going to go to 2011 World #1 Morgan Uceny, who suffered heart-breaking falls at the 2011 World Champs and 2012 Olympics, 2009 World Championships bronze medallist Shannon Rowbury Alberto Salazar’s other athlete in the field – 17-year-old phenom Mary Cain.

Mary Cain After Breaking 2:00 At Prefontaine *More 2013 Prefontaine Photos

Cain is the media darling in 2013 for good reason. She’s incredibly talented, she’s continually improving, she always seems to come up with a big performance in a big meet and she gives a great interview where it seems as if she’s a 17-year-old who is having the time of her life at an adult’s party.

Do we think Cain will make the Moscow team with a top three finish? Yes, we do. With reigning world champion Jenny Simpson running the 5,000 as she’s got a bye to the Moscow 1,500, the final is likely to be somewhat tactical. If that’s the case, Cain’s arguably got the best finishing speed of anyone in the field.

Yes, Moser’s got a better 800 PR than Cain (1:59.15 versus 1:59.51) but she’s way older. Uceny also has a better 800 PR (1:58.37 versus 1:59.51) but Uceny is on the comeback trail from post-London fall injuries and was only running 4:17 in April at Drake.

If Cain stays close, watch out as she can kick. She gunned down a lot of people in the last 200 of the Prefontaine 800 and she came from way back at the USATF Oxy meet to grab second in the 1,500.

However, Cain is by no means a lock. It’s been a long season and this is her first time at USAs as a pro with lots of high quality runners in the final. Remember, a year ago, she was crushed at World Juniors but she seemingly continues to get better and better.

What About The Medallist Rowbury And 2011 World #1 Uceny?

In terms of others contending for a top three spot, we think there really only are three likely to do it and, yes, two of them are 2009 Worlds bronze medallist Shannon Rowbury and 2011 World #1 Mogan Uceny.

If there is a track and field God, then Morgan Uceny will end up on the team. As the World Championships favorite, she was tripped at the 2011 Worlds. Then she was tripped again in the 2012 Olympic final when she had an excellent shot at a medal.

There were a lot of post-fall injury problems and Uceny got off to a very slow start this year. Two months ago, she was third to last at Drake in 4:17 and seemingly in lots of trouble in terms of making it to Worlds. However, on May 25th, she ran 4:08 in the wind at New York and beat three of the women ahead of her in terms of 2013 times – Sarah Brown, Gabriele Anderson and Kate Grace.

Uceny was supposed to go to Rome after that but got sick, proving she really can’t catch a break. But Uceny can take heart in the fact she finished just behind Canadian Sheila Reid in New York and Reid went on to run 4:02 in Eugene.

Assuming Uceny overcame her illness and has had a few good weeks of training, it’s hard to discount her. Remember, she’s won the last two years. And there’s a nice article out this morning in the South Bend Tribune and Uceny say’s she’s ready to compete.

“I know the times I have posted thus far this year seem less than impressive, but I also know that I’m finally in good form and ready to compete,” said Uceny.

As for Shannon Rowbury, well, she beat Uceny in both New York and at Drake. That’s the good news. More good news is she’s very consistent as she was 6th in the Olympic final last year. However, she hasn’t run faster than 4:03.15 since 2010. Are her best days past her? Even if they are, she’s still got a good shot at contending as there are only a couple of people in the field likely to run 4:03 this year.

Anyone Else?

Katie Mackey sits at #2 on the US list at 4:04.60. Many may have forgotten that when she ran that time, she also beat Mary Cain at the USATF Oxy meet as Cain ran 4:04.62. That being said, we don’t like Mackey’s chances for a top 3 spot. There are already three experienced veterans in Moser, Rowbury and Uceny plus the phenom Cain to deal with.

Mackey would need a career day to make it. Mackey’s 800 PR is just 2:02.33 and she only ran 2:04.94 at Portland in her last race. Cain just ran a 1:59, Rowbury beat Cain at Drake by a lot more than Mackey beat her at Oxy, Moser’s run 4:02 and Uceny is coming back strong.

Two-time cancer survivor Gabriele Anderson has the “A” standard of 4:05.50 as well. Last year, she was a surprise fourth at the Trials. However, Will Leer can attest it’s hard to go from a surprise fourth at the Olympic Trials (Leer was top 4 at USAs in 2008) to top three and Worlds.

In New York, Anderson lost to Uceny and Rowbury and also former Yalie Kate Grace. Grace, much like Uceny a few years ago, is rapidly improving after her Ivy League career has come to an end but seems to be a year or two away from legitimately contending.

Quick Takes, Entries and Start Lists below.

Quick Take #1: Our friends at the Bring Back The Mile Movement are excited about this race. In our men’s 800 preview, we raved about the event as there are so many people with an outside shot of making it. Dave Monico of BBM feels the same way about the women’s 1,500. He emailed us and said the following:

There are at least six athletes racing for three spots to Moscow in the Women’s 1500m; Men’s 800 is 5-6 at most. Moser, Rowbury, Mackey, Cain, Anderson & Brown. Uceny is a question mark with Grace & Schappert as wild cards.
The fact that two women with World ‘A’ standards are not in the race and you still are left with an incredible field is a testament to how great the American women are at 1500m and how good this race will be. 
This deserves at least equal billing as the Men’s 800m.
Women’s 1500m
World ‘A’ – 5 (7 if you include Simpson & Martinez who scratched)
USATF ‘A’ – 19 (22 w/Simpson, Martinez & Feldman who scratched)Men’s 800m
World ‘A’ – 5
USATF ‘A’ – 21

Monico makes some good points.

There is no doubt this event is going to be great, particularly with Cain in it, but with Simpson having a wild card, it’s definitely less exciting than it could be. Like if you go to a Detroit baseball game, you want to see Miguel Cabrera. If you go to the US women’s 1,500 final, you want to see the world champion Jenny Simpson. As a result, the men’s 1,500 has more intrigue for us.

And while we feel the men’s 800 is deeper than the women’s 1,500, we also just love the 800 as an event. There is something with the fact that in an 800, the entire field is generally right there with 200 – sometimes even 100 – to go. The anticipation just explodes from the track.

More: Heats Sheets Below.

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1,500m – Women
Name Affiliation Mark Status Declaration
Treniere Moser Nike 4:02.85 qualified declared
Shannon Rowbury Nike 4:03.15 qualified declared
Morgan Uceny adidas 4:04.59 qualified declared
Katherine Mackey Brooks 4:04.60 qualified declared
Mary Cain Bronxville High School 4:04.62 qualified declared
Gabriele Anderson Brooks / Team USA Minnesota 4:04.84 qualified declared
Sarah Brown New Balance 4:05.27 qualified declared
Nicole Schappert Brooks / New York Athletic Club (NYAC) 4:06.87 qualified declared
Renee Tomlin Nike 4:08.09 qualified declared
Kate Grace Oiselle / New Jersey New York Track Club 4:08.24 qualified declared
Rachel Schneider Georgetown University 4:10.53 qualified declared
Cory McGee University of Florida 4:10.55 qualified declared
Amanda Winslow Florida State University 4:10.79 qualified declared
Ashley Miller 4:11.49 qualified declared
Hillary Holt The College of Idaho 4:11.62 qualified declared
Carly Hamilton University of Georgia 4:12.15 qualified declared
Emily Lipari Villanova University 4:12.17 qualified declared
Heather Wilson 4:12.58 qualified declared
Kerri Gallagher Pacers/New Balance 4:12.97 qualified declared
Laura Roxberg University of Missouri-Columbia 4:13.53 accepted declared
Lauren Penney Syracuse University 4:13.87 accepted declared
Amanda Mergaert University of Utah 4:14.30 accepted declared
Rebecca Tracy University of Notre Dame 4:14.42 accepted declared
Amanda Eccleston University of Michigan-Ann Arbor 4:14.56 accepted declared
Lianne Farber University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 4:14.56 accepted declared
Stephanie Brown University of Arkansas, Fayetteville 4:14.58 accepted declared
Kristen Findley Vanderbilt University 4:14.74 accepted declared
Rebecca Friday University of Oregon 4:14.99 accepted declared
Dana Mecke 4:15.49 accepted declared
Jordyn Smith Team Run Eugene 4:15.90 accepted declared
Callie Thomas 4:16.15 accepted declared
Christina Cazzola 4:16.44 accepted declared
Jennifer Simpson New Balance 4:02.30 qualified scratched
Greta Feldman Princeton University 4:12.29 qualified scratched
Heather Kampf Asics / Team USA Minnesota 4:14.03 provisional scratched
Lauren Hagans 4:17.00 not qualified
Event 10  Women 1,500 Meter Run Senior
12 Advance:  Top 3 Each Heat plus Next 6 Best Times
       World:  3:50.46  9/11/1993   Yunxia Qu, CHN                             
    American:  3:57.12  7/26/1983   Mary Slaney, Athletics West                
     Name                        Year Team                                  
Heat 1  Prelims
  1  Amanda Eccleston                 Michigan                    
  2  Katherine Mackey                 Brooks                      
  3  Renee Tomlin                     Nike                        
  4  Cory McGee                       Florida                     
  5  Amanda Winslow                   Florida State               
  6  Dana Mecke                       Unattached                  
  7  Nicole Schappert                 Brooks / NYAC               
  8  Rebecca Friday                   Oregon                      
  9  Mary Cain                        Bronxville H                
 10  Christina Cazzola                Unattached                  
 11  Emily Lipari                     Villanova                   
 12  Treniere Moser                   Nike                        
 13  Laura Roxberg                    Missouri                    
 14  Lauren Penney                    Syracuse Uni                
 15  Lianne Farber                    North Carolina              
 16  Carly Hamilton                   Georgia                     
Heat 2  Prelims
  1  Hillary Holt                     Coll of Idaho               
  2  Stephanie Brown                  Arkansas                    
  3  Amanda Mergaert                  Utah                        
  4  Kristen Findley                  Vanderbilt U                
  5  Shannon Rowbury                  Nike                        
  6  Heather Wilson                   Unattached                  
  7  Morgan Uceny                     adidas                      
  8  Callie Thomas                    Unattached                  
  9  Kate Grace                       Oiselle / NJNYTC            
 10  Kerri Gallagher                  Pacers/New B                
 11  Gabriele Anderson                Brooks / TmUSAMn            
 12  Jordyn Smith                     Team Run Eug                
 13  Sarah Brown                      New Balance                 
 14  Rachel Schneider                 Georgetown U                
 15  Rebecca Tracy                    Notre Dame                  
 16  Ashley Miller                    Unattached
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