Alberto Salazar Talks Prior to 2013 USATF Oxy High Performance Meet

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May 15, 2013

When asked what he’s expecting from his athletes at Friday’s USATF OXY High Performance meet, Alberto Salazar said that for the most part his athletes are healthy, have been training well and should perform at a high level on Friday.

Salazar said the main goal was for Matthew Centrowitz to get the ‘A’ standard of 3:35.50 out of the way.

Below, you can read the highlights from Salazar’s opening monologue when interviewed by Ryan Fenton of Flotrack. Below that, the full video interview is embedded if you want to hear the whole thing but not a whole lot else of note was said.

“We’re excited. Everybody is in great shape. Everybody is healthy.

Workout’s have gone well so we’re hoping for fast times for everybody – whether we run as fast as last year in the 1500 – I think the guys are in shape to run as fast or faster. How that race particularly shakes out – you never know . I”m real pleased with their training and I thin they’ll be very competitive and they’ll all compete well in the 1500. The only time that is important for me is that Matthew get his ‘A’ standard out of the way early now  so we don’t have to worry about it later.

Treniere Moser is running the 5k – it would be great for her to get the ‘A’ standard in case the 5k is what she wants to concentrate on.

We tend to try not to dwell too much on specific times but on competing and the times will come when they come – when you are in the right race. But because of the qualifying standards, those right there are definitely the things we want to achieve at a minimum – that we get Matthew and Treniere their ‘A” standards in the race.”

Full interview below.

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