Mary Cain Runs 9:02.10 For 3,000 – Arguably The Greatest Distance Performance In High School History

January 12, 2013

New York state’s Mary Cain, a high school junior who attends Bronxville but is coached remotely by Alberto Salazar, ran arguably the greatest distance race ever run by a high school girl today at the 2013 Dempsey Indoor meet at the University of Washington today.

Running against a field of professional, collegiate and open runners, Cain won the 3,000 in 9:02.10, shattering the previous girls high school indoor record of 9:17.7 that had belonged to Melody Fairchild since 1991 (although it’s likely the time won’t be considered the official high school mark as it was run on an oversized track). The mark today also was well under the fastest outdoor 3,000 ever run by a high schooler, as Lynn Bjorklund had run 9:08.6 in 1975.

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Mary Cain competing at last year’s US Olympic Trials.

Additionally, Cain’s 9:02.10 converts to 9:45.47 for 2 miles and 9:41.96 for 3,200 – well below the fastest times ever recorded at those distances by a high schooler indoors or out. The fastest 2 mile ever run by a high school girl came when Fairchild ran her 9:17.7 3k as she kept going and ran 9:55.92 for 2 miles back in 1991. The fastest 3,200 ever run came outdoors when Kim Mortensen ran 9:48.59 in 1996.

In terms of the mile, according to coaching stats guru John Kellogg, Cain’s time today is the equivalent of a 4:30.78 mile and 4:10.72 1,500. Cain is the US high school record holder outdoors as she ran 4:11.01 in placing sixth at World Juniors last year.

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Section  4                                                     
  1 Cain, Mary                   Unattached             9:02.10
  2 Erdmann, Tara                Nike Oregon Project    9:02.96
  3 Moser, Treniere              Nike Oregon Project    9:03.54
  4 Stellingwerff, Hilary        New Balance/           9:05.79
  5 Rohde, Kristen               Bowerman AC            9:27.01
  6 Zeferjahn, Tanya             Cal Coast TC           9:30.41
  7 Gallagher, Kerri             Unattached             9:32.41
  8 Knight, Katie                Unattached             9:36.23
  9 Rozcicha, Amber              Portland State         9:36.83
 10 Coffey, Karlee               Unattached             9:42.63
 11 Arsenault, Marilyn           Unattached             9:43.31
 12 Kyger Henry, Asher           Tacoma City            9:50.44
 -- Wetzel, Rose                 Club Northwest             DNF