Galen Rupp Runs 3:50.92 for the Mile to Become the Fifth Fastest in the Mile Ever

January 26, 2013

Look out world.

Galen Rupp, the Olympic 10,000m silver medalist, ran 3:50.92 for the mile at the Terrier Classic at Boston University to become the second fastest American indoor miler of all-time and the fifth fastest in the world.

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Rupp won the race by over six seconds over former Providence miler David McCarthy.

Rupp had the help of two pace makers,  Stuart Ross of Boston University and Nike pro Dorian Ulrey.

Ross did the pacemaking through 809m (1:55.3). Ulrey hung on through 1209 (2 laps to go, 2:52.9 (very unofficial spits) and then Rupp was racing the clock.

Rupp’s final 400 of roughly 58.0 brought him home in 3:50.92, only behind Bernard Lagat’s American record of 3:49.89 from 2005. (Two race videos below).

Galen Rupp 3:50.92 Mile Videos

Video With Announcing Via Flotrack

Fan Video Via Youtube (Many More Here)

Rupp has always had tremendous endurance but he continues to harness his speed with amazing results the last two years. Rupp’s best 1500/mile prior to today was an outdoor 3:34.75 for 1500m last year (roughly a 3:51.9 mile) where he beat eventual Olympic silver medallist Leo Manzano and Robby Andrews. Earlier this month Rupp ran a 3:57.15, rust buster, which almost equaled his previous best mile of 3:57.10 from last year.

Could Silver Be Gold This Year?

Could Silver Become Gold This Year?

Rupp’s mile time today is equivalent to roughly a 3:33.8 1500m.

Bear in mind however, this is indoors and January, when people don’t run that fast. And that is why Rupp is now the 5th fastest miler in history according to Track and Field News’ lists (Plus see: Rupp is the 5th fastest indoor miler in history).

3:48.45 Hicham El Guerrouj (Morocco) 02/12/97
3:49.78 Eamonn Coghlan (Ireland) 02/27/83
3:49.89 Bernard Lagat (US) 02/11/05
3:50.70 Noureddine Morceli (Algeria) 02/20/93
3:50.92 Galen Rupp (USA) 01/26/13

In a combined 1500/mile list Rupp does not far fall as he’d still be #12 all time indoors.

Post-Race Comments
In the post-race interview with Flotrack embedded below, Rupp said he was not surprised with how fast he ran. Rupp said coach Alberto Salazar approached him a few weeks ago about possibly being in shape to challenge the American record. Rupp said, “I knew I was probably in a little better shape than then (when he ran 3:34 last year). There is no harm in going after it. That was the plan.”

After fading to 3:57.15 in his first mile this year with a 62 last 400m, Rupp was more rested heading into this race. Throw in a couple more weeks of training and a raucous crowd and Rupp left with the #2 US time ever. Of the crowd he said, “It was pretty close to as loud as the Olympics…The people here were unbelievable… I couldn’t hear the splits so I wasn’t sure where I was at any point….With a couple of laps to go, I heard the crowd getting really loud so I knew must be really close so I just tried to drive as hard as I could to the finish.”

On coming up short of the American record, Rupp added, “You can never be too disappointed when you get a pr.”

Disappointed with a 3:50.92 in January? Definitely not. Interview and results below.

Full results below with results from Lagat’s American record as well.

 Lancer Timing Services - Contractor License 
     2013 BU Terrier Invitational - 1/25/2013 to 1/26/2013      
                 Boston University - Boston, MA                 

Event 12  Men 1 Mile Run
   BU Record: M 3:55.75  2012        David McCarthy, Providence 
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals 
Section  1                                                      
  1 Rupp, Galen                  Nike Oregon Project    3:50.92M
  2 McCarthy, David              Unattached             3:57.22 
  3 Masters, Riley               Unattached             3:57.74 
  4 Jenkins, Eric                Northeastern           3:58.11 
  5 Peters, Rich                 Unattached             3:59.57 
  6 Matthews, Julian             Providence             4:00.33 
 -- Ross, Stuart                 Boston U.                  DNF 
 -- Ulrey, Dorian                Nike Oregon Project        DNF


Galen Rupp After 3:50.92
Alberto Salazar Talks About Galen

Very unofficial splits at 209, 409m, etc.

57.7 (27.7)
1:26.2 (28.5)
1:55.3 (29.3)
2:24.2 (28.9)
2:52.9 (28.7)
3:21.7 (28.8)
3:50.92 (29.2)

On the boards: any updates on the BU elite mile?
*Rupp runs 3:50!!
*Rupp is the 5th fastest indoor miler in history

Lagat’s American Record from 2005, A Failed World Record Attempt:

Lagat’s American Record at the Tyson Invite in 2005 (recap here)

 Flash Results, Inc. 
                 Tyson Invitational - 2/11/2005 to 2/12/2005                  
                          Randal Tyson Track Complex                          
                      Univ.of Arkansas--Fayetteville, AR                      

Event 115  Men 1 Mile Run Tyson
    Name                    Year School                  Finals               
  1 Bernard Lagat                Nike                   3:49.89  1500m 3:33.34
  2 Nate Brannen                 Michigan               3:59.50  1500m 3:43.01
  3 Kevin Sullivan               Reebok                 4:00.40               
  4 Paul Korir                   Nike                   4:07.31               
 -- Laban Rotich                 adidas                     DNF               
 -- Fred Sharpe                  adidas                     DNF
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