2019 Dr. Sander Invitational

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Manhattan, NY
January 26, 2019

Brooks Beasts Run 16:03 to Smash 4 x Mile Record, Katelyn Tuohy Gets High School 3000m Record- 2019 Norb Sander Recap 

Danny Mackey Says Beasts Can Run a Sub-16 4 x Mile World Record; Craig Engels is Focused on 1000m Win, Not American Record

What Do Shot Putters Eat? A Dozen Eggs, A Pound of Red Meat, & 4,500 to 5,500 Calories a Day According to Joe Kovacs

Joe Kovacs eats a dozen eggs for breakfast, pound of steak for dinner, 4,500 to 5,500 calories.

Katelyn Tuohy Racing the Pros for the First Time, 4 x Mile World Record Attempt: 2019 Dr. Sander Invite Preview

The 4 x mile world record and high school 3000 record could both fall Saturday in NYC.

January 24: Ajee Wilson, Craig Engels, Katelyn Tuohy Will Highlight Dr. Sander Invitational Columbia Challenge

Wilson is in the 600m while Craig Engels is in the 1000m with Johnny Gregorek and Sam Prakel. Natoya Goule vs Laura Roesler in the women's 1000m and Tuohy takes on the pros including Heather Kampf in the 3000.

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