2015 LRC Year-End Rankings

Kipchoge wins in LondonLRC Men’s Marathon: All Hail Eliud Kipchoge; Meb Keflezighi Leads Americans Who deserved the #1 US ranking took some thought as Ritz beat Meb in Boston and Luke Puskedra had the highest WMM finish of any American (5th) and fastest time of the year as well (2:10:24). Updated: We had to take Wilson Erupe off the list as we were reminded he’s an EPO cheat.

Keith Hanson, Desi (Davila) Linden, Kevin Hanson at yesterday's media eventLRC Women’s Marathon: Mare Dibaba Is World #1 (Barely); Desi Linden Leads Americans Mare Dibaba broke 2:20 and won Worlds this year so she deserves to be #1, particularly when you factor in she was also 2nd in Boston. Speaking of Boston, there, Desi Linden ran the fastest time on the year for the US and placed the highest of any American in a major this year.

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From Tragedy To Triumph

LRC Feature The Miracle In The Black Hills: A Coach, A Fallen Teammate And A Season For The Ages In July, Black Hills State’s Gage McSpadden was struck by lightning and tragically killed at the age of 21. The team’s dream of a first-ever NCAA appearance, one that McSpadden had guaranteed, appeared to be shot. No one will ever forget how they responded.

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 There Has Been Some Action This Week 

Ritsumeikan University Wins Third-Straight Mt. Fuji Women’s Ekiden National Title They came up short for the “perfect win” of winning all stage titles and the overall win as they won 5 of 7.

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