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Thursday News:
LRC Edna Kiplagat and Priscah Jeptoo Are Both Ready To Battle For $600,000 Two time World Champion Edna Kiplagat and Virgin London Marathon Champ Priscah Jeptoo are the favorites for the 2013 ING NYC Marathon and both said Friday they are ready for their $500,000 battle on Sunday.

LRC Training Partners Kim Smith and Amy Hastings Talk Confidently - Smith Says Hastings Is At New Level in 2013 Amy Hastings has upped her training and can hang with training partner Kim Smith now. Both hope that means for a strong result on Sunday.

LRC Catching Up With Europe's Leading Women Entrants: Lisa Stublic of Crotia, Sabrina Mockenhaupt of Germany and Portugal's Ana Dulce Félix Mockenhaupt is thrilled to be in NY as she loves Americans who she calls "crazy" but in a great way; Dulce Félix reveals she's trying to overcome the sudden death of her father; and Stublic hopes she can PR yet again.

NYRR Dash to Finishline Video Interviews:
*LRC Evan Jager Talks about his 2013 season and 2014.
*LRC Chris Derrick Reflects on His 2013 Track and Cross Country Season Derrick looks back at 2013, looks ahead to 2014 (sub 13:00 and sub 27:00 are on the horizon), and talks about German Fernandez, Alan Webb and you LRC message boarders.
*LRC Nick Willis Talks about World Speed Gold, running the 5k at Commonwealths and a marathon debut? *LRC Ben True On His 2013 “Almost Year” Before 2013 NYRR Dash to the Finishline
*LRC Lisa Uhl Talks about her move to Iowa being the right choice despite a subpar 2012 and her marathon debut. *LRC Sara Hall Talks about a possible marathon debut, Ryan Hall and more.

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Day 2 Media Day

LRC Tsegaye Kebede is Confident: “I Think The Money Is Mine. Nobody Will Take It.” We really enjoyed talking to Kebede, one of the most consistent marathoners in history, who was full of smiles and confident he'll win the $500,000 jackpot on Sunday.

Stephen Kiprotich: "I Can't Run 2:03" - Kiprotich Video Before 2013 ING New York City Marathon Plus he reveals he didn't want to initially run the World Champs, but the Ugandan federation encouraged him and he walked away with Gold.
Stephen Kiprotich, Tsegaye Kebede Ready to Duel for World Marathon Majors Title

Wesley Korir: Marathon Champion, Member of Parliament, Humanitarian Korir's learned a lot from the US and has taken it back home to Kenya where he wants to try to stop the corruption and fat-cats. Also, read this is you want to run just 40 mpw and get 5th at the Boston marathon.

Thursday Video:
LRC Stephen Kiprotich The Olympic champ didn't want to run Worlds but the federation urged him too. He left with a gold medal.
*LRC Wesley Korir The Kenyan member of Parliament gets paid $10k a month to be in Parliament. More coming from Wesley and Stephen. *LRC Tsegaye Kebede

NCAA XC Conference Action Starts Today *All Results here

Day 1 Media Day

Day 1 Media Day:
Discount Firehiwot Dado And Buzunesh Deba At Your Own Peril; The Two Ethiopians Say They've Been Training Better Than Ever LRC totally discounted Firehiwot Dado and Buzunesh Deba two years ago at the ING NYC Marathon. (Full disclosure: We even thought Dado's name was Dado Firehiwot). We're not going to do it this year. The two Ethiopians are primed and ready for NYC 2013.
RRW: Close Friends Dado, Deba Happy To Be Back In New York City The 1 and 2 from 2011 are back in NYC again.

Former Hobby Jogger, Now Pro, Yolanda Caballero's Still Inspired By Her Husband 21 Months After His Death; Words Of Wisdom From Super Master Chema Martinez Yolanda Caballero was a hobby jogger and then her now-deceased husband made her world class. At 42, Spain's Jose Manual "Chema" Martinez wants to be a factor in NYC.

More From Wednesday:
After World Championships Silver, Valerie Straneo Ready For More In NYC The 37-year-old Straneo made a name for herself with her silver medal at the recent World Champs.
*2013 ING NYC Marathon Honors Boston Marathon With Yellow Line To Finish

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Doping News: Another Argument For Lifetime Bans

Episode #2 On the Run with Frank Shorter, Bill Rodgers, Joan Benoit, Stephen Kiprotich, More (Larger Here). Each Night at 8pm Eastern Here.

NYRR On The Run Video Show ING NYC Marathon Episode #1 (LRC's Rojo A Guest In The Portion Below - Full Episode And Larger Here)

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Random Stuff: Harry Potter Is Seb Coe

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LRC Week That Was 10/29/13 - Walking On At Wisconsin, Marathon Abstinence, And Wilson Kipsang's World Record Is Broken? (link fixed) This week, we give out free coaching advice to Alberto Salazar and Shannon Rowbury, introduce you to a true hero for walk-ons at Wisconsin, and talk about marathon abstinence and teetotalers at Rio 2016. Plus running in the Serengeti, bad running journalism and Wilson Kipsang's world record is broken?

Sunday: Inaugural EQT Pittsburgh 10 Miler Attracts Strong American Field Men's field is led by Americans Brent Vaughn, Andrew Carlson, Jon Grey and Fernando Cabada, who face Kenyan Julius Kogo and Scottish runner Andrew Lemoncello. The women are led by Ethiopia's Askale Merachi.

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