2011 Boston Marathon Post-Race Reaction From Desiree, Caroline And Kara

By Tom Davis and Jess Barton, Letsrun.com
April 18, 2011

Desiree Davila was narrowly edged at the line in a thrilling race that had the press room cheering. Davila finished in second in 2:22:38, the fastest American time ever at Boston. After hanging back in the early miles of the race as Kim Smith pushed the pace, Davila was a strong presence in the closing miles, constantly trading the lead with eventual winner Caroline Kilel.

Although a little upset about not getting the win, Davila is very happy with her performance. She came into the race with the plan of keeping the pace at an honest 5:30 pace. "I knew going in that 5:30 pace was the pace that if it got any slower than that I would keep it honest," said Davila. "There was a lot of emotional running. Every time we went through a loud town the pace would drop dramatically," said Davila, who dropped slightly off the main pack a few times in the first half of the race.

The Brooks Hansons Distance Project had a successful day and she attributed the groups support to her great race. "It has taken me from being an average runner and put me here," said Davila. "Everything has been one step at a time, you don't have to be great tomorrow and that has allowed me to get here," said Davila, adding that the financial support, the group training and the training methods have been the main factors. "(The support) has taken me from being an average runner and put me here (2nd in Boston). The support financially is huge, having the group and the training methods. Everything has been one step at a time, you don't have to be great tomorrow and that has allowed me to get here."

Kim Smith pushed the pace early and the main pack was content to let her go, about which Davila said, "I think the pace was a little too difficult. I think everyone else in the race felt the same way."

Davila really turned it on in the last miles of the race. "During the last 6 miles of the race, it was 'USA USA,'" said Davila. "It was the most excitement I've ever had in a race."

Davila's confidence propelled her to her top finish. Going into the race she said her race plan was to go with the top five, but did not shy away from saying that she would go for the win if she was there in the last few miles. "I felt I could run with anyone today. I don't think I would have placed where I did today if I didn't think that," said Davila. "It just went perfect for me, minus not winning. As it unfolded today I just built confidence on that."

Although this was a breakthrough for Davila, she is not going to sit back and be content with the performance. "I am definitely excited about where I am at," she said. "You can't sit back and say, 'That's good enough, that's good enough' ... So it's back to work, I like where I'm at, but you don't want to settle."

Kilel And Goucher Pleased

Kenyan Caroline Kilel, the winner in 2:22:36, was extremely happy with her race and said that she felt her strongest in the last 10 minutes of the race. When asked about what she would do with her large payday today, Kilel could not stop smiling and said she plans on buying a plot of land and building a house in Kenya. Kilel gave credit to the crowd for keeping her pushing in the final stages of the race. "I enjoyed the cheering, the people were cheering me, they were saying 'Go go go go,'" said Kilel. "I was very happy."

Kara Goucher finished the race in fifth place in 2:24:52, a personal best. She was disappointed with her overall finishing place but was optimistic about her fitness. About the race, Goucher said, "My plan was just to run with the pack as long as possible. I felt like the race was very hard. Desi went by me and encouraged me to keep my eyes up and I just felt like I was standing still. I was pleased to get a PR, I was really happy about that."

Caroline Kilel, Desiree Davila And Kara Goucher Immediately After the Race:

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