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LetsRun.com Form Chart

Men's (updated after Friday)

Men's Projected Team Scores:
Texas A&M: 47
Oregon: 46
LSU: 42
Florida: 39 (Note: Florida could also win if frosh Christian Taylor wins the TJ - which is what he did indoors - but he's been inconsistent outdoors)

Any of these teams can win it. Oregon has by far the fewest chances to score with only Andrew Wheating and Jordan McNamara in the 800 and 1,500m. It's going to be a nail-biter.

Texas A&M = 13 points currently

Triple Jump: 16 (2nd, 3rd and 7th)
400m: 1 (8th)
200m: 13 (1st and 6th)
4 x 400m: 4 (5th behind Baylor, FSU, Florida, Miss. St.)

Aggie projected total: 47 points

Oregon = 36 points currently

800m: 10 (10 for Wheating won't be a cake walk with Tevan Everett and some very good kickers in the field, not to mention a ton of pressure on his shoulders)
1,500m: 0

Projected total: 46 points

LSU = 30 points currently

4x400m: 2
400m: 2
800m: 4
110h: 4

Projected total: 42 points

Florida = 21 points currently

4 x 400m: 6
110h: 6
200m: 1
400m: 5
Triple jump? Christian Taylor is really good but really erratic. He was the indoor champ but isn't supposed to score outdoors as he was bad at the regionals and barely qualified for the final here. But if he did win, Florida might win it all.

Projected total: 39 points

You can also see TFN's predictions here. They are still projecting a 9 point Oregon win.

Oregon has had some slip-ups this meet with their steeple runner Chris Winter losing 2 points in the last 10m of his race, javelin star Cyrus Hostetler getting only 4th in the jav, Biwott finishing 8th in the 5,000m and Matt Centro succumbing to injury.

Texas A&M has tons of chances to score Saturday with 4 guys in the wild triple jump final, 2 in the 200m final, including the #1 time qualifier from the semis, a strong 4 x 400m team and a guy seeded 9th in the 400m yet could get 6th or 7th with a good race.

Florida also could get to the top courtesy of Calvin Smith and Christian Taylor in the 4 x 400m and the triple, plus a good 200m and 110h runner. They could get some big points and steal the meet.

Women's (updated after Friday)

Projected Team Scores:
Oregon 44
Texas A&M 42
Florida State 40

Oregon = 39 points currently

400m: 5

Duck Projected total: 44 points

Florida State = 20 points currently

Triple jump: 8
800m: 2
1500m: 10

Seminole Projected total: 40 points

Texas A&M = 19 points currently

Triple jump: 5
200m: 10
100h: 8

A&M Projected total: 42 points

The Oregon women face a similar task as the men as they have a lead, but the teams behind them have a lot of potential for points while the Ducks only have a 400m girl to bank on for points. We have the Ducks holding on for the win as they have built a nice lead for themselves that should hold up thanks to their heptathlete (champ), javelin thrower (champ), Nicole Blood (runner-up in the 5,000) and Maddie Bridgmon coming in 7th in the 10,000m.

To see what TFN is projecting, please click here. They are projecting a 1 point A&M win.


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