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LetsRun.com 2009 NCAA Track And Field Championships Day 3 Sprint Recap

June 12, 2009

Women's 4 x 100m Final - Aggies Delight The Crowd With NCAA Meet Record

Led by star Porscha Lucas, Texas A&M shattered the previous NCAA Meet Record and NCAA Record of 42.50 by running 42.36 and winning by just under a second. Their mark puts them on top of the current world leader board in the event and gives the Aggies 10 valuable team points in the race for the NCAA championship with Oregon. 2nd place Florida State ran 43.33, 4th fastest in the world this year, and they were 0.97 seconds behind A&M.

Event 31  Women 4x100 Meter Relay
 4 Heats.  Advance heat winners plus next best 5 times to final.                
    American:   41.47  8/9/1997    World Championship Team                      
College Best:   42.50  6/2/1989    Louisiana State                              
   NCAA Meet:   42.50  6/2/1989    Louisiana State                              
    School                                               Finals  Points         
  1 Texas A&M                                             42.36   10            
     1) Khrystal Carter JR              2) Porscha Lucas JR                     
     3) Dominique Duncan FR             4) Gabby Mayo SO                        
  2 Florida State                                         43.33    8            
     1) Nicole Marcus JR                2) Candyce McGrone FR                   
     3) Danielle Jeffrey FR             4) Teona Rogers SO                      
  3 South Carolina                                        43.41    6            
     1) LaKya Brookins SO               2) Shayla Mahan SO                      
     3) Gabby Glenn SO                  4) Breehanna Jacobs FR                                

A&M Appeal Denied

Men's 4 x 100m Final - A&M Gets DQed!

In a race featuring some of the world's fastest 100m runners, the men's 4 x 100m was a thrilling event that came down to the final meters. The University of Florida team of Dennis Martin, Terrell Wilks, Calvin Smith and anchor Jeremy Hall took home the title over Trindon Holliday-anchored LSU, Jacoby Ford-anchored Clemson and the Texas A&M Aggie team striving for maximum points.

In the end it went Florida, LSU, Texas A&M then Clemson. Or did it? When the results were eventually posted, Texas A&M's worst nightmare came true as they were knocked out of the scoring with a zone foul. A&M came in with the best performance in the country, but left empty-handed in the 400m relay, costing them big, big points for the team competition. In a way, their DQ evens out the Matt Centrowitz injury to Oregon in the 1,500m. Clemson had defeated Florida handily at the East Regional.

Event 11  Men 4x100 Meter Relay
 3 Heats.  Advance heat winners plus next best 6 times to final.             
    American:   37.40  8/21/1993   World Championship Team, Olympic Tea      
College Best:   38.04  6/2/1998    Texas Christian                           
   NCAA Meet:   38.04  6/2/1998    Texas Christian                           
    School                                               Finals  Points      
  1 Florida                                               38.58   10         
     1) Dennis Martin SR                2) Calvin Smith JR                   
     3) Terrell Wilks SO                4) Jeremy Hall JR                    
  2 LSU                                                   38.67    8         
     1) Barrett Nugent FR               2) Will Coppage JR                   
     3) Armanti Hayes JR                4) Trindon Holliday JR               
  3 Clemson                                               38.77    6         
     1) Justin Murdock FR               2) CJ Spiller JR                     
     3) Trenton Guy,Jr SO               4) Jacoby Ford SO                    
  4 Mississippi State                                     39.06    5         
     1) Justin Christian FR             2) D'Angelo Cherry FR                
     3) Dwight Mullings JR              4) John Bailey SR                    
  5 South Carolina                                        39.09    4         
     1) Jonathan Hancock JR             2) Antonio Sales SO                  
     3) Quentin Moore JR                4) Obakeng Ngwigwa JR                
  6 Kentucky                                              39.27    3         
     1) Gordon McKenzie SR              2) Jose Acevedo SR                   
     3) Kwasi Obeng JR                  4) Rondel Sorrillo JR                
  7 Auburn                                                39.35    2         
     1) Stephen Fly SO                  2) Jerod Wims SR                     
     3) Michael Dehaven SO              4) Marcus Rowland FR                 
  8 TCU                                                   39.50    1         
     1) Mark Barnes FR                  2) Otis McDaniel SR                  
     3) Mychal Dungey SO                4) Justyn Warner SR                  
 -- Texas A&M                                                DQ   Rule-5-9c  
     1) Tran Howell SO                  2) Gerald Phiri SO                   
     3) Chris Dykes SR                  4) Justin Oliver SR    

Men's 400m Hurdles Final

Washington State's Jeshua Anderson won the event in a stunning 48.46. The reigning champion and only a sophomore, Anderson beat South Carolina's sophomore Johnny Dutch and Georgia senior Justin Gaymon, who was DQed last year. Those three guys were way ahead of the rest of the field, and we had the feeling that we were watching 3 future world medallists. Gaymon and Dutch were 4th and 5th in the Olympic trials last year and the three guys that beat them swept the Beijing medals. Gaymon ran 48.46 at the OTs last year and 48.42 was gold medallist Angelo Taylor. So the 400 hurdles were truly world class.

Event 10  Men 400 Meter Hurdles
 5 Heats. Advance top 3 from each heat plus next best 3 to semi.             
 Advance top 4 from each semi plus next best time to final.                  
    American:   46.78  8/6/1992    Kevin Young, Foot Locker AC               
College Best:   47.10  8/7/1991    Samuel Matete, Auburn                     
   NCAA Meet:   47.56  6/11/2005   Kerron Clement, Florida                   
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points      
  1 Jeshua Anderson           SO Washington State         48.47   10         
  2 Johnny Dutch              SO South Carolina           48.62    8         
  3 Justin Gaymon             SR Georgia                  49.02    6         
  4 Joe Greene                SR Albany                   49.67    5         
  5 Kirkland Thornton         SR Nebraska                 49.81    4         
  6 Leslie Murray             FR Delaware State           49.91    3         
  7 Emmanual Mayers           SO Mississippi State        50.06    2         
  8 Javier Garcia-Tunon       SR Florida State            50.40    1         
  9 Lee Moore                 SO Mississippi              50.53 

Alexandria Anderson (1:12)

Women's 100m Final

Texas senior Alexandria Anderson overcame a terrible start as she moved from 7th to first in the final 70m, running away with her 18th All-American certificate for the Longhorns but only her first individual title in 11.20.

In the semi-finals, Anderson ran 11.02, putting her third in the world this year. Texas A&M finished 4th and 5th as their stars Porscha Lucas and Gabby Mayo came through for 9 team points, pulling the Aggies up to 19 while Oregon has 21 and Texas, FSU and Arizona State have 20 at this point.

Event 21  Women 100 Meter Dash
 4 Heats. Advance top 3 from each heat plus next best 6 to semi.                
 Advance top 4 from each semi plus next best time to final.                     
    American:   10.49  7/16/1988   Florence Griffith Joyner, World Class AC     
College Best:   10.78  6/3/1989    Dawn Sowell, LSU                             
   NCAA Meet:   10.78  6/3/1989    Dawn Sowell, LSU                             
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Wind Points    
  1 Alexandria Anderson       SR Texas                    11.20  -0.5  10       
  2 Jessica Young             JR TCU                      11.22  -0.5   8       
  3 Kenyanna Wilson           SO LSU                      11.30  -0.5   6       
  4 Porscha Lucas             JR Texas A&M                11.31  -0.5   5       
  5 Gabby Mayo                SO Texas A&M                11.35  -0.5   4       
  6 Charonda Williams         SR Arizona State            11.37  -0.5   3       
  7 Murielle Ahoure           SR Miami                    11.41  -0.5   2       
  8 Samantha Henry            JR LSU                      11.42  -0.5   1       
  9 Blessing Okagbare         JR Texas-El Paso            11.44  -0.5     

Trindon Holliday (1:59)

Men's 100m Final

LSU's Trindon Holliday took the title in 10.00, crushing the field and matching Usain Bolt's time this weekend from Toronto. Holliday didn't have to contend with Clemson's Jacoby Ford for the whole race as Ford pulled up midway through and limped home for 9th and last place.

After facing disappointment with his team's disqualification in the 4 x 100m, Texas A&M's Gerald Phiri rebounded for third place, upping Texas A&M to a team total of 13 points, while Holliday pushed LSU into the team lead with 30 points.

USC junior Ahmad Rashad ran a super race to run himself into the school's top 5 all-time. What did he run? 10.10! That's a pretty ridiculous all-time top 5. We've got interviews with Ahmad and his super happy dad below.

Last year, LSU's Richard Thompson took home the 100m title, and went on to earn the silver medal at the Olympic Games. We'll see how Holliday fares in the summer season.

Ahmad Rashad

Ahamad's Dad (1:38)

Event 1  Men 100 Meter Dash
4 Heats. Advance top 3 from each heat plus next best 6 to semi.                     
 Advance top 4 from each semi plus next best time to final.                          
    American:    9.77  6/28/2008   Tyson Gay, Adidas                                 
College Best:    9.90  7/27/1996   Ato Boldon, UCLA                                  
   NCAA Meet:    9.92  6/1/1996    Ato Boldon, UCLA                                  
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Wind Points         
  1 Trindon Holliday          JR LSU                      10.00   0.3  10            
  2 Ahmad Rashad              JR Southern California      10.10   0.3   8            
  3 Gerald Phiri              SO Texas A&M                10.18   0.3   6            
  4 Terrell Wilks             SO Florida                  10.19   0.3   5            
  5 Rondel Sorrillo           JR Kentucky                 10.22   0.3   4    [10.214]
  6 D'Angelo Cherry           FR Mississippi State        10.22   0.3   3    [10.217]
  7 Adam Harris               SR Michigan                 10.29   0.3   2            
  8 Reggie Dixon              FR Hampton                  10.38   0.3   1            
  9 Jacoby Ford               SO Clemson                  14.34   0.3  

Men's 110 Hurdles Semifinals

Ronnie Ash, the indoor 60m hurdles champion, won his semifinal in big fashion, blasting a 13.46.

In the second heat, South Carolina's Jason Richardson won in 13.45.

Men's 400m Semifinals

Semi-final 1: Jonathan Borlee of Florida State ran a beautiful 45.25 race, easing up in the last 40m as he was well clear of Calvin Smith, who was doubling back from the 4 x 100m, and Mississippi State's Mullings.

Semi-final 2: Michael Bingham of Wake Forest won another fast race in 45.28 while the bigger story might be the pull-up of Texas Tech's Gil Roberts, one of the best 400m runners in the country and an integral part of Tech's 4 x 400m team.

Women's 400m Semifinals

Semi-final 1: Leslie Cole of Oklahoma took the first heat in 52.19.

Semi-final 2: Favorite Jessica Beard of Texas A&M found out she may have a tough battle on her hands in the final as Hampton's Francena McCorory won the heat in a quick 51.74 over Beard's 51.76.

Women's 400m Hurdles Final

UCLA's Nicole Leach ran a fantastic final to take the NCAA championship over Ti'erra Brown and Dalilah Muhammad in a fast, seasonal best 55.39.

Event 30  Women 400 Meter Hurdles
5 Heats. Advance top 3 from each heat plus next best 3 to semi.                
Advance top 4 from each semi plus next best time to final.                     
    American:   52.61  8/11/1995   Kim Batten, Reebok                           
College Best:   53.47  8/29/1991   Janeene Vickers, UCLA                        
   NCAA Meet:   54.24  6/13/2004   Sheena Johnson, UCLA                         
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points         
  1 Nicole Leach              SR UCLA                     55.39   10            
  2 Ti'erra Brown             SO Miami                    55.98    8            
  3 Dalilah Muhammad          FR Southern California      56.65    6            
  4 Asia Washington          JR Virginia Tech            57.05    5            
  5 Deserea Brown             SR Illinois                 57.31    4            
  6 Fawn Dorr                 JR Penn State               57.43    3            
  7 Amber Hay                 SR Michigan                 57.44    2            
  8 Latrisha Jordan           FR Fresno State             58.19    1            
  9 Tameka Jameson            SO Miami                    58.73  

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