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LetsRun.com 2009 NCAA Outdoor Championships Day 2 Recap

Rupp Takes A Thrilling 10,000m Final Over Shawn Forrest

10,000m finals, decathlon finals, 1,500m and 800m semifinals, long jump and shot put finals, many other semis and prelims.

June 11, 2009

Full Results
LRC Photos

(Distance races first)

Men's 10,000m: Rupp Turns Back Chelanga And Forrest

In what was one of the most exciting 10,000m championship races ever seen at the NCAA championships, Galen Rupp could not be weakened and ran away with another convincing win in front of a roaring late-night crowd at John McDonnell Field.

More Photos from TrackandFieldPhoto.com

But the win is only a small part of the story in this epic race. Arkansas' Shawn Forrest and Liberty's Samuel Chelanga threw down from the opening gun, running 31 seconds for the first 200m and 63 for the first 400. Exchanging the lead every few laps, the two sub-28:00 runners tried desperately to get away from the heavily favored Rupp, whom almost 70 percent of LetsRun.com poll respondents thought would win both the 5,000m and 10,000m this weekend.

Rupp had to decide early not to let these two determined foes get away, and he quickly went to work closing the gap. But thanks to an opening 2,000m passed in under 5:30 (sub-27:30 pace), Rupp still had ground to make up. Lap times shifted between 65 and 68 as Chelanga and Forrest pounded away, but at about 2,500m, their worst nightmare came true as Rupp had caught the leading duo.

From that point on, the fans were treated to a great RACE. No rabbits, and no choice for the underdogs but to throw down an erratic pace, hoping to somehow rattle or tire Rupp.

But it was not to be. 5,000m passed in 13:59 (as fast as the 5,000m heats the night before), and despite the PA announcer's exclamations about the NCAA championship record of 28:01 going down, we knew there was no chance of that. After 5,000m it appeared that the spirits of Chelanga and Forrest were broken. Mile 4 slowed to 4:40. Mile 5 was even slower.

But these miles weren't dull, as every few minutes one of the two doomed runners would go into a sprint like in a cycling race, run until they were caught and tired, and then slowed back down. The pace became so ridiculous at the front that with 5 laps to go, the leaders lapped a runner from Washington, and the lapped runner passed them right back. That happened because the pace on the front had slowed to 75 seconds per lap for a couple laps.

The Champ

More Photos From TrackandFieldPhoto.com

Despite an exhausting experience, Chelanga and Forrest fought amazingly late into the race. Chelanga threw down again with 1,200m to go, running a 30-second 200. But at that point, Rupp had had enough. He pulled even with the lead for the first time in the contest, and went right to the lead. From running 74 and 75 in the 22nd and 23rd laps, suddenly Rupp was clicking off 30, 28, 28 and finally a 32 (while jogging and stopping right before the finish) to close in 1:59 (and 3:01 for the last 1,200m!) and get a well-deserved win. Rupp's had an absolutely incredible 2009, so good in fact, it is hard to fathom that this was his first NCAA outdoor title.

In the final lap, Rupp looked behind several times, and each time he got a good look at a man running a gutsy race. Arkansas' Shawn Forrest was absolutely tearing up the last 800m despite a gruelling race for which he did a tremendous amount of work. He was still sprinting after Rupp with 100m to go. Galen didn't, and really couldn't, slow down too much until there were 30m to go, when he could finally relax, look around, wave to the standing, shouting crowds and enjoy an amazing victory.

We at LetsRun expressed differing opinions on Forrest in our pre-race predictions. One of us thought he would only be around with a mile to go. One of us thought he would take second over Chelanga. But none of us thought he would make the race and be a factor to the very end. After all of his pace changes he ran about 2:03 for his last 800m. The scary thing is Rupp probably could have closed in close to 1:55 if he had to.

We're allowed to show 3 minutes of video highlights a day, and we enjoyed the last minutes of the men's 10k so much, here are the final 3 laps in their entirety.

Despite all of the race developments, it really was over about a quarter of the way through. Once Rupp caught up, everyone knew it was over. This probably isn't a fair assessment as it takes his greatness for granted, but he looked that good and never really was in any trouble. He ran very smart, patient and relaxed and looked like he could have run a 4:00 mile at the end of the 10,000m.

Afterwards, Chelenga and Forrest indicated that they did not discuss beforehand a plan to push the pace. Chelenga told Runnerspace, "We decided we were going to make it an honest race."

Shawn Forrest told Flotrack, "I think it just happened that way. I didn't want things to slow down. I think it's an unwritten rule (to alternate the lead)."


Afterwards, Galen Rupp was gracious and humble when discussing his first NCAA outdoor title which he did with remarkable ease. He told the throng of reporters assembled around him (captured in the Flotrack video to the right), "It's no big deal. Give them credit for going out and having the guts to do that. It's hard to do in a meet like this. It's a little humid and it's hard to lead from the front like that." (he also indicated he ate at Taco Bell on Wednesday night)

Rupp's attention is now on Friday's 5k final and the team battle, where Oregon's triple crown bid took a big blow with #1 seed Matt Centrowitz, Jr inishing dead last in his semifinal 1,500m with a foot injury (read more below). Rupp told the Oregonian, "It's going to test our character. With any great championship team, it's never going to be smooth sailing. We're going to have to come back and pick up some points where we weren't expected to."

More: On the boards: 200 Meter Splits For The Entire 10k One 200 was run in a crazy-sllow 42 seconds.
*Lap-By-Lap Splits
*AP: "There are times Galen Rupp looks as if he's toying with opponents."
*Rupp Easily Tops "Tag Team" By 10,000 Foes Oregonian

1,600m splits for the leaders:
4:30 (8:53 3,200)
4:31 (13:59 5,000)
60 (28:21.45 win for Galen Rupp)

Event 8  Men 10000 Meter Run
 Final Only.  Two waterfall, one turn, start  (18 - 8)                       
    American:   27:13.98  5/4/2001    Meb Keflezghi, Nike                    
College Best:   27:22.47  6/11/1978   Henry Rono, Washington State           
   NCAA Meet:   28:01.30  6/1/1979    Suleiman Nyambui, Texas-El Paso        
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points      
  1 Galen Rupp                SR Oregon                28:21.45   10         
  2 Shawn Forrest             SR Arkansas              28:24.53    8         
  3 Sam Chelanga              SO Liberty               28:35.40    6         
  4 Patrick Smyth             SR Notre Dame            29:08.13    5         
  5 Andrew Ledwith            SR Iona                  29:10.97    4         
  6 James Strang              SR Arkansas              29:11.65    3         
  7 Girma Mecheso             FR Auburn                29:12.99    2         
  8 Jake Riley                SO Stanford              29:14.53    1         
  9 Ahmed Osman               FR Northern Arizona      29:18.23              
 10 John Beattie              JR Tulsa                 29:19.97              
 11 Luke Puskedra             FR Oregon                29:20.18                          
The Champ

Women's 10,000m Final: Danette Doetzel Surprises

Danette Doetzel pulled the big upset on Thursday night. Last year's NCAA runner-up ascending to the throne usually isn't a big upset but it was on Thursday as last year, Doetzel finished 59 seconds behind the winner - Iowa State's Lisa Koll. Koll was in the race on Thursday and was the heavy favorite.

After pushing the lead early, the American Collegiate record holder Koll of Iowa State faded midway through the race and eventually was passed at the line for 8th place.

With Koll out of the picture, last year's runner-up, Providence's Danette Doetzel, looked amazing in the final laps, closing the last 1,000m in 3:00 to run far away from Brigham Young's Cecily Lemmon, West Virginia's Clara Grandt and Washington's Anita Campbell and get the coveted NCAA championship.

Your Champ Doetzel

Farther back in the chase pack, Oregon's Mattie Bridgmon ran a superb race to catch stragglers. She ended up in 7th, becoming the latest Oregon woman to step up and help the team cause. Her 2 points helped the Oregon women move a little bit closer to an NCAA team championship. Bridgmon was only 5th at the PAC-10 championships after injury problems, but rallied to be the second PAC-10 runner cross the line in this race.

After the race, Koll indicated to Flotrack a bout of plantar fasciitis flared up before the Big 12 Conference meet and hampered her training.

Doetzel was more than ready to rise to the occasion over the final 2 laps. As she says in the interview to the right,  "I hung in there and stayed cool and when I saw him (coach Ray Treacy) wave the hand that means go and I just went."

Event 28  Women 10000 Meter Run
 Final Only.  Two waterfall, one turn, start  (18 - 9)                       
    American:   30:22.22  8/15/2008   Shalane Flanagan, Nike                 
College Best:   31:25.45  5/4/2008    Sally Kipyego, Texas Tech              
   NCAA Meet:   32:28.57  6/1/1998    Sylvia Mosqueda, Cal State Los An      
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points      
  1 Danette Doetzel           SR Providence            33:25.71   10         
  2 Cecily Lemmon             SO Brigham Young         33:39.97    8         
  3 Anita Campbell            JR Washington            33:43.33    6         
  4 Clara Grandt              JR West Virginia         33:45.16    5         
  5 Alex Becker               JR Tulsa                 34:00.82    4         
  6 Catherine White           SO Arkansas              34:15.26    3         
  7 Mattie Bridgmon           JR Oregon                34:18.20    2         
  8 Michelle Corrigan         SR New Mexico            34:20.24    1         
  9 Lisa Koll                 JR Iowa State            34:20.64                    

1,500m Men Semifinals: Centro Jr Drops Out, Rest Of Favorites Get Through

Heat 1

Providence's David McCarthy took it out with indoor mile champion Lee Emanuel in second. 600m in, McCarthy pulled out and Emanuel took over the pacemaking duties up front. They got out very quickly in 1:57 through 800m and 2:56 through 1,200m.

The early pacemakers paid a price in that they didn't get the wins in their section, but they got a better reward for their efforts: almost assured qualifying spots in the final. McCarthy faded back to fifth, still running 3:41, while the top 3 went to Wisconsin's Craig Miller, who looked great and won the heat, while Washington's 5-time All-American Austin Abbott finished second and Emanuel grabbed third, all three of them breaking 3:40 in the first heat. Ohio State's Jeff See finished 4th in 3:40, getting in on time and Oregon received good news as Jordan McNamara ran 3:42 and advanced on time as well in 6th.

The second and third heats had to hate seeing tonight's first heat run so fast.

Abdi Hassan of Arizona dropped out with 400m to go, holding his leg.

Heat  1 Preliminaries                                                        
  1 Craig Miller              JR Wisconsin              3:39.36Q             
  2 Austin Abbott             SR Washington             3:39.63Q             
  3 Lee Emanuel               SR New Mexico             3:39.91Q             
  4 Jeff See                  SR Ohio State             3:40.46q             
  5 David McCarthy            FR Providence             3:41.71q             
  6 Jordan McNamara           JR Oregon                 3:42.09q             
  7 Justin Duncan             SO Tulsa                  3:45.91              
  8 Andrew Jesien             SR Virginia               3:47.25              
  - Abdi Hassan               FR Arizona                    DNF                                                                

Heat 2

Heat 2 was stacked. Three of the top six from last year's NCAA final were in this heat. After the fast heat 1, the runners decided like all top milers that they could outkick everyone else in the field. Colorado State's Wil Buchanan reluctantly elected to lead the pack for the first 800m, which was covered in about 2:03. Arkansas' returning second-placer from the 2008 NCAA, Dorian Ulrey, sat in second most of the race while dangerous kicker Liam Boylan-Pett of Georgetown lurked behind the field in last place. Also near the front were Jack Bolas and Elliot Heath.

It was anyone's race but Buchanan's at the bell. After a charge to the front by the Razorbacks Ulrey and McClary, Heath was able to pull away at the end with Ulrey getting second and Boylan-Pett kicking up for the precious third spot. Behind him, nobody else would make the final as the heat was just too slow. The top 3 ran 3:44 in this heat while the other heats had the top 3 run 3:39 and 3:41.

Heath closed in 53.32 the final lap. (Lap by lap splits here)

Heat  2 Preliminaries                                                        
  1 Garrett Heath             SR Stanford               3:44.22Q             
  2 Dorian Ulrey              JR Arkansas               3:44.58Q             
  3 Liam Boylan-Pett          SR Georgetown             3:44.86Q             
  4 Jack Bolas                JR Wisconsin              3:45.13              
  5 Chad Hall                 SO Riverside              3:46.68              
  6 Andy McClary              SR Arkansas               3:47.50              
  7 Jim Wyner                 SR Cornell                3:47.72              
  8 Wil Buchanan              JR Colorado State         3:58.31              
Where is Centro?

Heat 3 - Centro Crawls Homes And Makes The Team Battle Interesting

Minnesota's Ben Blankenship took the heat out. German Fernandez stayed back in 3rd or 4th most of the race before putting on a kick with 200m to go to win the heat. But the big story was Oregon freshman Matt Centrowitz Jr., dominant in the 1,500m all year, slowing greatly in the last 200m to finish way back in last. The LetsRun.com rumors of Centrowitz not being 100% healthy were correct. Behind Fernandez were Matt Gibney of Villanova and Michael Coe of Cal, who ran really well.

Oregon's loss of eight to ten points from Centrowitz makes the team competition a lot tighter. It looks like Oregon is a point behind A&M now in TFN's form chart.

Oregon coach Vin Lananna told the Oregonian, "We're pretty concerned (losing the points). But it's the same as any championship meet. You have to be able to roll with it. Hopefully we'll pick it up somewhere else."

Centro's injury is an inflammed left foot and Nike could not solve the problem: "We've been trying to nurse it along all week. We thought we had him in good shape, playing around with some shoes."

  Heat  3 Preliminaries                                                        
  1 German Fernandez          FR Oklahoma State         3:41.39Q             
  2 Michael Coe               SO California             3:41.60Q             
  3 Matthew Gibney            SO Villanova              3:41.70Q             
  4 Felix Kiboiywo            JR Auburn                 3:42.18              
  5 Ben Blankenship           SO Minnesota              3:42.47              
  6 Dan Castle                SR Air Force              3:44.08              
  7 E.C. Gibbs                SR Georgia Tech           3:47.13              
  8 Kris Gauson               JR Butler                 3:47.58              
  9 Matthew Centrowitz        FR Oregon                 3:53.19                                                                
Wheating Cruising

800m Men Semifinals: Wheating Looks Great

Heat 1

Going out quickly in 51-low, the first heat was led by LSU's Richard Jones. Andrew Wheating relaxed in the back, moving up to 5th with 400m to go. He took the lead in the charge for home and won the heat in the best time of the day, 1:46.10. His 1:46-low effort looked ridiculously relaxed. In second came Penn State's Ryan Foster, running a 1-second PR for the second day in a row, also in 1:46.78 (before yesterday, the Aussie had never broken 1:48). Right behind him was fast-closing Sean Tully of Villanova, who has run smart races in both rounds thus far.

All three time qualifiers came from heat one as their early pace wasn't quite as fast as the second heat, which clearly went out too fast. Irek Sekretarski from USC finished in 1:47.11 for 4th in the heat and closed very fast.

Heat  1 Semi-Finals                                                          
  1 Andrew Wheating           JR Oregon                 1:46.21Q             
  2 Ryan Foster               SO Penn State             1:46.78Q             
  3 Sean Tully                SR Villanova              1:46.84Q             
  4 Irek Sekretarski          SR Southern California    1:47.11q             
  5 Richard Jones             SO LSU                    1:47.27q             
  6 Jason Collett             SR Kansas State           1:47.39q             
  7 Carlos Phillips           SR Florida                1:47.48              
  8 Lance Roller              FR Virginia               1:48.31              
 -- Zach Beth                 SO Wisconsin                   DQ  Rule 5.2.b

Heat 2

Heat 2 got out really fast, passing the 400m in just over 50 seconds. Texas 800m stud Tevan Everett was able to persevere the overly ambitious pace to run 1:46.97 for the win ahead of Tyler Mulder and Chris Gowell of Baylor, who came 6-wide to gain the last auto spot ahead of Donte Holmes.

Alex McClary of Arkansas finished a disappointing 8th in 1:49 and didn't advance.

Heat  2 Semi-Finals                                                          
  1 Tevan Everett             SR Texas                  1:46.97Q             
  2 Tyler Mulder              SR Northern Iowa          1:47.17Q             
  3 Chris Gowell              JR Baylor                 1:47.32Q             
  4 Donte Holmes              SO Delaware State         1:47.61              
  5 Dominic Tanui             SR Texas-El Paso          1:47.91              
  6 Cory Primm                SO UCLA                   1:47.95              
  7 Adam Hairston             JR Iowa                   1:49.12              
  8 Alex McClary              SR Arkansas               1:49.72              
  9 Robert Novak              SR Seton Hall             1:53.52            

1,500m Women Semifinals

Heat 1

Kailey Campbell of Washington got a big lead on the pack after pushing the group through the first 400m in 63. But the pack caught her with 380m to go and left her behind. All three time qualifiers ended up coming from this heat thanks to the fast opening half. Emily Infield became the first of two Infields to make the NCAA 1,500m final. Lauren Centrowitz and Christine Babcock are two of the bigger names from this heat to qualify for the final.


Heat  1 Preliminaries                                                        
  1 Heidi Dahl                SR E. Tenn St.            4:14.92Q             
  2 Emily Infeld              FR Georgetown             4:15.48Q             
  3 Lauren Centrowitz         SR Stanford               4:15.54Q             
  4 Morgane Gay               FR Virginia               4:15.56q             
  5 Christine Babcock         FR Washington             4:16.10q             
  6 Lucy VanDalen             FR Stony Brook-SUNY       4:16.11q             
  7 Elizabeth Yetzer          SO Minnesota              4:18.11              
  8 Kailey Campbell           JR Washington             4:20.10              
  9 Lauren Bonds              JR Kansas                 4:26.73                          

Heat 2

After a moderate opening pace, Florida State's Susan Kuijken moved to the lead with 400 to go on Georgetown's Maggie Infield's shoulder. Oregon's Alex Kosinski was in third with 400m to go. The third lap was 69 seconds after a pretty slow start. Infield ran great on the front the whole way. She held of Kuijken on the final turn and they went 1-2. Michigan's Danielle Tauro came up for third while Kosinski was beaten out for 4th. Kosinski's 4:19.02 will not make the final for Oregon. This heat was slower than the first heat.

Heat  2 Preliminaries                                                        
  1 Maggie Infeld             SR Georgetown             4:16.73Q             
  2 Susan Kuijken             SR Florida State          4:17.97Q             
  3 Danielle Tauro            SO Michigan               4:18.66Q             
  4 Alexandra Kosinski        SO Oregon                 4:19.02              
  5 Katie Palmer              SO Brigham Young          4:20.57              
  6 Gladys Kipsang            JR Texas Tech             4:22.47              
  7 Ashley Gibson             JR New Mexico             4:23.99              
  8 Sheila Reid               FR Villanova              4:25.61              
  9 Tarah McKay               JR Louisville             4:27.01      

Heat 3

Tennessee's Sarah Bowman and Riverside's Brenda Martinez went 1-2 going through 300m and slowing down. Their first 400m was 70 seconds as the two leaders had no desire to push the pace. Their next 400 was about 73 coming through with 2 laps to go, before Bowman started pushing the pace 800m into the race. The field was immediately strung out behind the 1,500m star Bowman as they pushed towards the bell lap. Bowman and Martinez ran the last lap together as Martinez got the win over Bowman with Duke's Molly Lehman in third getting the last automatic spot.

Heat  3 Preliminaries                                                        
  1 Brenda Martinez           JR Riverside              4:16.67Q             
  2 Sarah Bowman              SR Tennessee              4:17.06Q             
  3 Molly Lehman              SR Duke                   4:17.20Q             
  4 Jillian Rosen             SO Arkansas               4:18.56              
  5 Alicia Follmar            SR Stanford               4:18.69              
  6 Renee Tomlin              SO Georgetown             4:20.20              
  7 Lisa Egami                JR Washington State       4:23.15              
  8 Betsy Flood               FR Iowa                   4:24.11              
  9 Ellen Dougherty           JR Villanova              4:25.64                                                                

800m Women Semifinals

Heat 1

Geena Gall took heat one in 2:02.28, basically leading wire to wire for Michigan. She outclassed three very good 800m runners in LaTavia Thomas, Lacey Cramer and Pilar McShine, who all made the final.

Heat  1 Semi-Finals                                                          
  1 Geena Gall                SR Michigan               2:02.28Q             
  2 LaTavia Thomas            JR LSU                    2:03.37Q             
  3 Lacey Cramer              FR Brigham Young          2:03.41Q             
  4 Pilar McShine             JR Florida State          2:03.47q             
  5 Kayann Thompson           JR LSU                    2:03.99              
  6 Zoe Buckman               JR Oregon                 2:04.68              
  7 Asia Diaz                 SR Texas Tech             2:06.16              
  8 Clarisse Moh              SR Seton Hall             2:06.48              
  9 Angelina Blackmon         SR NC State               2:07.68      

Heat 2

Tennessee's Phoebe Wright came on with 150m left to charge around the outside of the pack straight for the wire and win in 2:02.56. Teammate Chanelle Price (right) did not fare as well, fading from the top 3 to finish in 6th, missing out on the final. North Dakota St.'s Laura Hermanson looked great closing easily for second, while LSU got their second finalist in Brittany Hall. Heather Dorniden of Minnesota is a perennial threat in this event and got in on time.


Heat  2 Semi-Finals                                                          
  1 Phoebe Wright             JR Tennessee              2:02.56Q             
  2 Laura Hermanson           SR North Dakota State     2:03.19Q             
  3 Brittany Hall             SO LSU                    2:03.73Q             
  4 Heather Dorniden          SR Minnesota              2:03.77q             
  5 Dominique Jackson         SO North Carolina         2:03.89q             
  6 Chanelle Price            FR Tennessee              2:04.30              
  7 Lea Wallace               SO Sacramento State       2:07.27              
  8 Kate Grace                SO Yale                   2:08.50              
 -- Molly Beckwith            JR Indiana                     DQ  Rule 5.2.b

Men's Long Jump: Makusha Does It

Florida State's Ngonidzashe Makusha, who was fourth place in the Beijing Olympics, took home the title in 26'7.25", a jump that came in the final round. Makusha came into the meet as the defending outdoor champion, but snuck in through the back door after being admitted to the field only after initially being the last man out (he tore his quad earlier in the season and finished 12th in his region 2 weeks ago). Afterwards he told the NCAA, "It's a blessing just to be here after tearing my quad earlier in the season. I can't thank my coaches enough for getting me here. It's been a crazy ride, but we won it. Just to be sitting in the position again. It's a blessing."

In second was Middle Tennessee State's Stanley Gbagbeke. Arkansas had 2 scorers in 7th and 8th while Texas A&M, pushing for a possible team win, scored 4th with Julian Reid.

Preliminaries: Northridge's Reindell Cole fouls out in the preliminaries to miss the finals after coming in as one of a few favorites.

Women's Long Jump - 2 Centimeters Separate Top 6!

The women's long jump will go down as a highly memorable competition as the top 3 jumpers each had the exact same distance and the top 6 jumpers were separated by 2 centimeters!. At 6.54 were champion Kimberly Williams of Florida State, runner-up Karoline Koehler of San Diego St. and hard luck third-placer Jamesha Youngblood (right) of Oregon. The tie was broken by each competitor's second-best jump.

Williams went into the last round in third based on her second-best performance of 4.14m, but pulled out a 6.35m to take home the championship as Florida State swept the long jump titles.

Youngblood came as close as one can come to winning the championship, but her 6 team points give a big boost to the Oregon women's team chances.

1. Kimberly Williams FSU 6.54 (6.35)
2. Karoline Koehler SDSU 6.54 (6.27)
3. Jamesha Youngblood Oregon 6.54 (6.14)
4. Rhonda Watkins UCLA 6.53
5. Deena Carson Baylor 6.52
6. Shara Proctor Florida 6.52

200m Women Trials And Semifinals: Porscha Lucas #2 in World

Semifinal 2: 22.38 is the winning time in the second semifinal for Porscha Lucas, now #2 in the world this year behind American Lauryn Williams.

Texas A&M's Porscha Lucas ran the fastest qualifying time of the first round with a 22.52. Her time puts her as the 5th-fastest world performer in 2009. The wind was 1.8, so the time stands.

Men's Decathlon: Eaton Wins For Oregon

Overwhelming favorite Ashton Eaton of Oregon won the competition, but not without some bumps along the way. The final placing at the top was never really in question, but Eaton's margin was only 200 points at the end as he had some struggles in the long jump and pole vault. Eaton had a clutch 3rd attempt in the long jump or else he would be sitting way back in the standings after 2 fouls in his first two attempts. With his win combined with Rupp's, Oregon picked up a total of 20 points on the day and leads the competition heading in to day 3.

4 x 400m Men Semifinals: Can Baylor Keep It Alive?

Baylor, riding a 42-straight 4 x 400m winning streak, arrived at the first exchange in second behind Western Kentucky. They took the lead heading into the 2nd exchange. Baylor and Texas A&M ran neck-and-neck for the third leg, but Baylor had Quentin Iglehart-Summers on the anchor and he let the Texas A&M anchor get a 5m lead on him with 200m to go. But QIS had the right plan solidly in his head as he absolutely powered home in the last 100m after fading back to third and raising a lot of doubt in the spectators' minds. The crowds rose to their feet for the preliminary stretch run and before they knew it Baylor was in thier customary position in the 4 x 400m, first!

QIS, who split 44.5 in the midwest regional 4 x 400m win, ran 46.43 in the prelims at regionals and didn't even make the final.

Florida State, with the Borlee twins both in the 400 semis, had the top time of the night in heat 3 with a 3:03.13. Florida State will be tough to beat but if both Borlees make the finals of the 400, Baylor's chances at extending its streak increase.

Heat  1 Preliminaries                                                        
  1 Baylor                                              3:04.29Q             
     1) Zwede Hewitt FR                 2) Marcus Boyd SO                    
     3) JT Scheuerman JR                4) Quentin Iglehart-Summers SR       
  2 Texas A&M                                           3:04.76Q             
     1) Tran Howell SO                  2) Bryan Miller SO                   
     3) Kyle Dykhuizen SO               4) Justin Oliver SR                  
  3 Southern California                                 3:04.89q             
     1) Jason Price JR                  2) Nate Anderson JR                  
     3) Joey Hughes FR                  4) Duane Walker FR                   
  4 LSU                                                 3:05.09q             
     1) Robert Simmons FR               2) Richard Jones SO                  
     3) Jamar Howard SO                 4) Armanti Hayes JR                  
Heat  2 Preliminaries                                                        
  1 Florida                                             3:04.64Q             
     1) R.J. Anderson SR                2) Calvin Smith JR                   
     3) LaMarr Davis SO                 4) Christian Taylor FR               
  2 Texas Tech                                          3:05.11Q             
     1) Brandon Washington SO           2) Rodney Mims SR                    
     3) Tim Foster JR                   4) Lamont Adams SO                   
  3 TCU                                                 3:05.48              
     1) Clemore Henry JR                2) Mychal Dungey SO                  
     3) Dell Guy JR                     4) Matt Love SO                      
Heat  3 Preliminaries                                                        
  1 Florida State                                       3:03.13Q             
     1) Kevin Williams SO               2) Brandon OConnor FR                
     3) Kevin Borlee FR                 4) Jonathan Borlee FR                
  2 Mississippi State                                   3:03.14Q             
     1) Trey Charles FR                 2) Dwight Mullings JR                
     3) Emmanual Mayers SO              4) John Bailey SR                    
  3 South Carolina                                      3:04.01q             
     1) Obakeng Ngwigwa JR              2) Johnny Dutch SO                   
     3) Aaron Anderson SO               4) Quentin Moore JR        

Women's Shot Put Finals

Florida's Mariam Kevkhishvili used a big first throw of 58'4.5" to take the women's shot. In second was Arizona State's Sarah Stevens, who will compete in the discus, hammer and shot put at these NCAA finals. Her quest for 3 wins ended in her first final. She threw three times over 57 feet but settled for a best of 57'8.25".

Men's Shot Put Finals

Arizona State's Dan Whiting got another win over Arizona's Zack Lloyd in winning another NCAA shot put title.

100 Hurdles Women First Round
13.07 for Michigan's Tiffany Ofili in heat 2 (-1.7 wind) matched by Texas A&M's Gabby Mayo in 13.07 in heat 3 (-0.2 wind). In the 4th heat, Kristi Catlin of Virginia Tech came in with a 12.89 qualifying mark and she won her heat in 13.21 (-0.8).

110 Hurdles Men First Round
13.47 for Ronnie Ash, the indoor national champion sophomore from Bethune Cookman in heat 1 (-0.6 wind). Booker Nunley wins heat 2 in 13.69 (+0.2).

200m Men's Trials and Semifinals
Texas A&M's Chris Dykes ran the fastest time in the 200m semifinals with a 20.40. Seven guys ran between 20.40 and 20.60 in the two semifinal heats, setting up an exciting final.

Western Kentucky senior Gavin Smellie ran the fastest first round qualifying time, winning heat 1 with a 20.65.



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