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2009 NCAA Outdoor Track And Field Championships Day 1

800, Steeple, 5000m prelims, 100m first and second rounds.

By LetsRun.com
June 10, 2009

The big story on day 1 was a 3 hour and 15 minute rain delay that pushed everything late into the night. The men's 5k, featuring Galen Rupp, didn't get underway until 12:40 am. Recaps of the main track action below.

LetsRun.com Prediction Contest:
Who will win the Men's 800m?
Andrew Wheating 78.6%
Tevan Everett 19.9%
Chris Gowell 0.8%
Alex McClary 0.3%
Dominic Tanui 0.2%
Chris Bilbrew 0.2%

Men's 800 Round 1 Goes According To Form

The big surprise in the men's 800 happened two weeks ago at the Regional Meet when defending NCAA champ Jacob Hernandez did not run due to a hamstring injury.

On day 1, things largely went according to form. With Hernandez's absence, the heavy favorite, 2008 Olympian Andrew Wheating of Oregon easiliy advanced to the semifinals. Wheating moved near the front with 200 to go and powered home the final straight for a very comfortable 1:49.42 win in heat 3, with a fast 53.29 second lap after a slow 56.1 opener.

With Hernandez out, the biggest challenger to Wheating may be Hernandez's Texas teammate, Tevan Everett. Everett used his customary frontrunning style to win heat 1 in 1:47.77 (52.47 opener).

In heat 2, Baylor's Chris Gowell, a finalist indoors, got the win in 1:47.87 as Mideast regional Champ Chris Bilbrew of Arkansas ran 1:49.27 and didn't advance on his home track.

The runners saved the best action for last as in heat 4, Aussie Ryan Foster of Penn State ran a huge personal best of 1:47.57 (his best before this was 1:48.7) to advance to the semis (interview with Ryan below) as 4 guys dipped under 1:48. Arkansas' Alex McClary was only fifth out of six in 1:48.25 but advanced to the next round on time.

Ryan Foster After His PB (2:24)

Alex McClary (:48)

Heat  1 Preliminaries                                           
  1 Tevan Everett             SR Texas                  1:47.77Q
  2 Cory Primm                SO UCLA                   1:47.99Q
  3 Dominic Tanui             SR Texas-El Paso          1:48.01Q
  4 Donte Holmes              SO Delaware State         1:48.05q
  5 Jason Collett             SR Kansas State           1:48.65q
  6 Tevas Everett             JR Texas                  1:48.93 
  7 Francis Gadayan           SR California             1:53.46 
Heat  2 Preliminaries                                           
  1 Chris Gowell              JR Baylor                 1:47.87Q
  2 Tyler Mulder              SR Northern Iowa          1:48.00Q
  3 Adam Hairston             JR Iowa                   1:48.53Q
  4 Zach Beth                 SO Wisconsin              1:48.57q
  5 Robert Novak              SR Seton Hall             1:48.85q
  6 Chris Bilbrew             SO Arkansas               1:49.27 
  7 Dan White                 SO Ohio State             1:51.74 
Heat  3 Preliminaries                                           
  1 Andrew Wheating           JR Oregon                 1:49.42Q
  2 Carlos Phillips           SR Florida                1:49.65Q
  3 Irek Sekretarski          SR Southern California    1:49.77Q
  4 Blake Shaw                FR Southern California    1:50.34 
  5 Jamaal James              JR LSU                    1:50.43 
  6 Jeff Moriarty             SO Columbia               1:51.26 
  7 Emerson Peacock           FR Tennessee              1:52.61 
Heat  4 Preliminaries                                           
  1 Ryan Foster               SO Penn State             1:47.57Q
  2 Sean Tully                SR Villanova              1:47.59Q
  3 Richard Jones             SO LSU                    1:47.62Q
  4 Lance Roller              FR Virginia               1:47.88q
  5 Alex McClary              SR Arkansas               1:48.24q
  6 Joe Franklin              FR Tennessee              1:49.19        
LetsRun.com Prediction Contest:
Who will win the Women's 800m?
Geena Gall 57.9%
Phoebe Wright 24.2%
LaTavia Thomas 9%
Pilar McShine 4%
Lacey Cramer 2.2%
Chanelle Price 1.1%
Molly Beckwith 0.8%
Laura Hermanson 0.5%
Heather Dorniden 0.2%

Women's 800

Things went largely to form in round 1 of the women's 800 as the favorites advanced.

In heat 1, defending NCAA Champ Geena Gall of Michigan got the win in 2:04.94.

Heat 2 was the Tennessee show. The Vols set a world record indoors in the DMR, swept the Penn Relays distance relays, and went 1-2 in heat 2 with Phoebe Wright leading the way over her freshman teammate Chanelle Price.

In Heat 3, FSU's Pilar McShine got the win over last year's runner-up LaTavia Thomas of LSU.

In heat 4, veteran Heather Dorniden (indoor champ in 2006) got the win over this year's champ Lacey Cramer.

Heat  1 Preliminaries                                           
  1 Geena Gall                SR Michigan               2:04.94Q
  2 Laura Hermanson           SR North Dakota State     2:05.54Q
  3 Dominique Jackson         SO North Carolina         2:05.76Q
  4 Brittany Hall             SO LSU                    2:06.07q
  5 Krishna Curry             JR UCLA                   2:08.63 
  6 Britney Barnard           SR Mississippi            2:10.06 
  7 Tamika Kinchen            JR Georgia State          2:14.17 
Heat  2 Preliminaries                                           
  1 Phoebe Wright             JR Tennessee              2:04.86Q
  2 Chanelle Price            FR Tennessee              2:05.27Q
  3 Kayann Thompson           JR LSU                    2:05.49Q
  4 Lea Wallace               SO Sacramento State       2:05.55q
  5 Asia Diaz                 SR Texas Tech             2:05.60q
  6 Shannon Leinert           JR Missouri               2:06.54 
  7 Nikki Swenson             SO Minnesota              2:10.08 
Heat  3 Preliminaries                                           
  1 Pilar McShine             JR Florida State          2:05.09Q
  2 LaTavia Thomas            JR LSU                    2:05.33Q
  3 Zoe Buckman               JR Oregon                 2:05.46Q
  4 Kate Grace                SO Yale                   2:05.82q
  5 Aja Jackson               SR Charlotte              2:06.77 
  6 Ilyssa Pettigrew          SR Southern Methodist     2:08.79 
Heat  4 Preliminaries                                           
  1 Heather Dorniden          SR Minnesota              2:05.16Q
  2 Lacey Cramer              FR Brigham Young          2:05.33Q
  3 Molly Beckwith            JR Indiana                2:05.43Q
  4 Angelina Blackmon         SR NC State               2:05.81q
  5 Clarisse Moh              SR Seton Hall             2:06.17q
  6 Brittany Gigstead         SO North Dakota State     2:09.38 
  7 Renisha Robinson          SO Sacramento State       2:12.34                                                                
Who will win the Men's 100m?
Trindon Holliday 79.6%
Jacoby Ford 16.7%
D'Angelo Cherry 1.5%
Ahmad Rashad 0.6%
Jeremy Hall 0.6%
Gerald Phiri 0.5%
Other 0.3%
J-Mee Samuels 0.2%

Men's 100m: First Round Sizzles

The men's 100m saw sizzling times in the first round run with a legal tailwind. Then the rains came, a slight headwind, and we saw how much difference cooler temperatures and the wind makes as the semifina;s were much slower than round 1.

In the first heat of the Men's 100m first round, LSU's Trindon Holliday ran a remarkable 10.00 right on the nose. His wind-legal run ties him with Walter Dix and Travis Padgett for the 4th-best performance in the world this year and makes him the fastest active footballer of all time.

Right after him in heat two, Clemson's Jacoby Ford came close to outrunning his rival with a 10.01. He is now tied for 7th-best world performer of the year in the 100m.

After a third heat won by Florida JR Jeremy Hall in 10.19, D'Angelo Cherry of Mississippi St. ran 10.04 in the fourth and final of the quarterfinal heats.

In all, 6 men ran under 10.20 in the quarterfinal round of the Men's 100m. All had legal but significant tailwinds between 1.4 and 1.7m/sec.

In summary Round 1:

Holliday JR LSU 10.00
Ford SO Clemson 10.01
Cherry FR Miss St 10.04

Heat  1 Preliminaries   Wind: 1.4                                             
  1 Trindon Holliday          JR LSU                      10.00Q              
  2 Terrell Wilks             SO Florida                  10.18Q              
  3 J-Mee Samuels             SR Arkansas                 10.22Q [10.219]     
  4 Ray Jadusingh             JR Alabama                  10.31q [10.309]     
  5 Justin Woods              SR Washington State         10.35               
  6 Dante Sales               FR Bethune-Cookman          10.36               
  7 Mookie Salaam             FR Oklahoma                 10.45               
Heat  2 Preliminaries   Wind: 0.9                                             
  1 Jacoby Ford               SO Clemson                  10.01Q              
  2 Ahmad Rashad              JR Southern California      10.24Q              
  3 Caleso Newman             JR North Carolina A&T       10.29Q [10.289]     
  4 Rondel Sorrillo           JR Kentucky                 10.30q [10.294]     
  5 Jonathan Hancock          JR South Carolina           10.31q [10.310]     
  6 Trey Harts                JR Baylor                   10.49               
  7 Zye Boey                  FR Eastern Illinois         10.50               
Heat  3 Preliminaries   Wind: 0.9                                             
  1 Jeremy Hall               JR Florida                  10.19Q              
  2 Adam Harris               SR Michigan                 10.22Q [10.214]     
  3 CJ Spiller                JR Clemson                  10.30Q [10.296]     
  4 Evander Wells             JR Tennessee                10.39               
  5 Andon Mitchell            SR TCU                      10.42               
  6 Otis McDaniel             SR TCU                      10.46               
  7 DeShawn Waters            JR Northridge               10.66               
  8 Kellan Patterson          SR California               10.73               
Heat  4 Preliminaries   Wind: 1.7                                             
  1 D'Angelo Cherry           FR Mississippi State        10.04Q              
  2 Gerald Phiri              SO Texas A&M                10.15Q              
  3 Cordero Gray              SO Texas-Arlington          10.28Q              
  4 Reggie Dixon              FR Hampton                  10.29q [10.284]     
  5 Justin Murdock            FR Clemson                  10.30q [10.299]     
  6 Mike Myer                 SR Kansas State             10.33q              
  7 Allante Battle            FR Arizona State            10.68                

The semis were a lot slower due to the significant tail wind becoming a slight head wind and a drop in temperature (ever wonder why sprint times are so slow in the UK every summer?) but still showed the final likely will be a contest between Holliday and Ford with Cherry having an outside shot.

Heat  1 Semi-Finals   Wind: -0.3                                     
  1 Jacoby Ford               SO Clemson                  10.26Q     
  2 D'Angelo Cherry           FR Mississippi State        10.34Q     
  3 Terrell Wilks             SO Florida                  10.35Q     
  4 Adam Harris               SR Michigan                 10.37Q     
  5 Rondel Sorrillo           JR Kentucky                 10.38q     
  6 Cordero Gray              SO Texas-Arlington          10.41      
  7 Caleso Newman             JR North Carolina A&T       10.47      
  8 Mike Myer                 SR Kansas State             10.56      
  9 Justin Murdock            FR Clemson                  10.66      
Heat  2 Semi-Finals   Wind: -0.1                                     
  1 Trindon Holliday          JR LSU                      10.14Q     
  2 Gerald Phiri              SO Texas A&M                10.27Q     
  3 Ahmad Rashad              JR Southern California      10.28Q     
  4 Reggie Dixon              FR Hampton                  10.33Q     
  5 J-Mee Samuels             SR Arkansas                 10.43      
  6 CJ Spiller                JR Clemson                  10.48      
  7 Jonathan Hancock          JR South Carolina           10.49      
  8 Ray Jadusingh             JR Alabama                  10.50      
 -- Jeremy Hall               JR Florida                     FS                                            


Who will win the Women's 100m?
Alexandria Anderson 58%
Murielle Ahoure 25.1%
Porscha Lucas 11.1%
Charonda Williams 2.7%
Tiffany Townsend 1.1%
Kenyanna Wilson 0.8%
Samantha Henry 0.5%
Blessing Okagbare 0.3%
Gabby Mayo 0.3%

Women's 100m First Round

Texas senior Alexandria Anderson (17-time All-American heading into the meet) kicked off the 100m quarterfinal heats with the 4th best performance in the world this year at 11.02. Anderson now sits behind only Kerron Stewart and Carmelita Jeter on the world lists.

Miami senior sprint star Murielle Ahoure (#1 time in the world indoors in the 200m in 2009) ran in the next heat and ran a solid 11.17 for the win. Three other girls ran 11.14. Baylor's Tiffany Townsend, Texas A&M's Porscha Lucas and LSU's Samantha Henry.

Heat  1 Preliminaries   Wind: 1.6                                             
  1 Tiffany Townsend          SO Baylor                   11.14Q [11.136]     
  2 Gabby Mayo                SO Texas A&M                11.18Q              
  3 Kenyanna Wilson           SO LSU                      11.20Q [11.193]     
  4 LaKya Brookins            SO South Carolina           11.20q [11.197]     
  5 Sherrina Lofton           JR Northridge               11.55  [11.546]     
  6 Griffin Matthew           JR Stanford                 11.55  [11.548]     
Heat  2 Preliminaries   Wind: 0.7                                             
  1 Porscha Lucas             JR Texas A&M                11.14Q [11.138]     
  2 Charonda Williams         SR Arizona State            11.32Q              
  3 Monique Cabral            SR LSU                      11.45Q [11.444]     
  4 Terra Evans               FR Texas Tech               11.45q [11.447]     
  5 Lynne Layne               JR Tennessee                11.48q              
  6 Gabby Glenn               SO South Carolina           11.60  [11.595]     
  7 Trisha Anne Hawthorne     SO Connecticut              11.68               
Heat  3 Preliminaries   Wind: 1.4                                             
  1 Alexandria Anderson       SR Texas                    11.02Q              
  2 Samantha Henry            JR LSU                      11.14Q [11.135]     
  3 Blessing Okagbare         JR Texas-El Paso            11.22Q              
  4 Scottesha Miller          SO Oklahoma                 11.40q              
  5 Dominique' Maloy          SO Arizona State            11.51               
  6 Dianne Munroe             SR Bethune-Cookman          11.58               
  7 Georgina Nembhard         SO Georgia                  11.59               
Heat  4 Preliminaries   Wind: 1.6                                             
  1 Murielle Ahoure           SR Miami                    11.17Q              
  2 Jessica Young             JR TCU                      11.21Q              
  3 Olivia Kizzee             JR Tulane                   11.43Q              
  4 Cherrelle Garrett         SO California               11.46q              
  5 Kristina Davis            JR LSU                      11.49q              
  6 Karoline Koehler          JR San Diego State          11.60  [11.596]     
  7 Lamarra Currie            SR Charlotte                11.67                                        

Semis Much Slower Due To Colder Weather, Headwind, But Anderson Impresses

Like in the men's 100, the women's semis were much slower than round 1 due to the change in wind and drop in temperature. However, Alexandria Anderson of Texas was nearly a full tenth better than everyone else and is the one to beat in the final.

Heat  1 Semi-Finals   Wind: -1.1                                     
  1 Jessica Young             JR TCU                      11.38Q     
  2 Blessing Okagbare         JR Texas-El Paso            11.58Q     
  3 Porscha Lucas             JR Texas A&M                11.60Q     
  4 Gabby Mayo                SO Texas A&M                11.62Q     
  5 Tiffany Townsend          SO Baylor                   11.63      
  6 Scottesha Miller          SO Oklahoma                 11.67      
  7 Olivia Kizzee             JR Tulane                   11.70      
  8 Kristina Davis            JR LSU                      11.82      
  9 Terra Evans               FR Texas Tech               11.98      
Heat  2 Semi-Finals   Wind: -1.0                                     
  1 Alexandria Anderson       SR Texas                    11.29Q     
  2 Kenyanna Wilson           SO LSU                      11.42Q     
  3 Samantha Henry            JR LSU                      11.44Q     
  4 Murielle Ahoure           SR Miami                    11.53Q     
  5 Charonda Williams         SR Arizona State            11.55q     
  6 LaKya Brookins            SO South Carolina           11.56      
  7 Monique Cabral            SR LSU                      11.72      
  8 Cherrelle Garrett         SO California               11.77      
  9 Lynne Layne               JR Tennessee                11.78      

Women's Steeple: Barringer Returns

The story of this event was Jenny Barringer stepping back on the track for her first time since her stunning 3:59 1,500 at the Prefontaine Classic on Sunday.

Barringer, who received 100% of the votes in the LetsRun.com NCAA Prediction Contest (the first athlete ever to do so), opened up a big lead the first 200m and then maintained that lead the rest of the way. Afterwards, we and others got an 8-minute interview with her where she talks about her incredible 3:59 and holding all the NCAA records from 1,500 to 5k.

Barringer said her first goal is to win the final and she remembers her freshman year when she ran a 20 second PB to get the win so she is not counting anyone out.

Her most likely challenger should be Nicole Bush, who almost made the Olympic team last year and ran a 9:49.35 to win heat 2.

Heat  1 Preliminaries                                           
  1 Jennifer Barringer        SR Colorado               9:57.75Q
  2 Silje Fjortoft            SO Southern Methodist    10:05.70Q
  3 Mel Lawrence              FR Washington            10:05.73Q
  4 Zsofia Erdelyi            SO Southern California   10:05.92Q
  5 Sarah Pease               SO Indiana               10:06.05Q
  6 Emma Coburn               FR Colorado              10:06.21q
  7 Patricia Loughlin         SR Duke                  10:08.26q
  8 Danielle Bradley          JR Baylor                10:12.98q
  9 Sarah Price               SR Michigan State        10:23.10 
 10 Nell Rojas                JR Northern Arizona      10:24.76 
 11 Terry Phillips            SO Missouri State        10:29.16 
 12 Sarah Morrison            SO Villanova             10:37.14 
 13 Betsy Graney              SO William & Mary        10:46.52 
Heat  2 Preliminaries                                           
  1 Nicole Bush               SR Michigan State         9:49.35Q
  2 Bridget Franek            JR Penn State             9:49.49Q
  3 Lennie Waite              SR Rice                   9:50.48Q
  4 Erin Bedell               JR Baylor                 9:56.19Q
  5 Stephanie Garcia          JR Virginia              10:13.40Q
  6 Claire Michel             SO Oregon                10:13.56q
  7 Chantelle Groenewoud      SO Illinois              10:17.37 
  8 Ashley Higginson          SO Princeton             10:17.48 
  9 Hannah Davidson           FR Providence            10:24.83 
 10 Addie Bracy               SR North Carolina        10:33.45 
 11 Stephanie Pancoast        JR Cornell               10:37.38 
 -- Rachel Carrizales         SR Nebraska                   DNF 
 -- Emilie Amaro              FR Stanford                   DNF                    

Men's Steeple: BYU Impresses

All the favorites advanced as 2 BYU runners, Kyle Perry and Richard Nelson, won the semifinals.

Heat  1 Preliminaries                                           
  1 Kyle Perry                SR Brigham Young          8:37.05Q
  2 Jake Morse                SR Texas                  8:39.53Q
  3 Kyle Heath                SR Syracuse               8:40.05Q
  4 Hillary Bor               SO Iowa State             8:41.12Q
  5 Gilbert Limo              SO Texas Tech             8:41.85Q
  6 Scott MacPherson          SR Arkansas               8:43.96q
  7 Stephen Lisgo             JR Butler                 8:45.40q
  8 Ricardo Estremera         SR Albany                 8:48.72q
  9 David Adams               SO Nebraska               8:49.51 
 10 Mark Korir                SR Wyoming                8:49.60 
 11 Sam Ahlbeck               JR Washington State       8:49.88 
 12 Chris Mocko               SR Stanford               9:02.27 
 13 Adrien Dannemiller        SO Cornell                9:04.96 
Heat  2 Preliminaries                                           
  1 Richard Nelson            JR Brigham Young          8:41.85Q
  2 Ryan Gasper               JR Wisconsin              8:44.32Q
  3 Corey Thorne              SR Louisville             8:44.39Q
  4 Donald Cowart             SR Virginia Military      8:44.66Q
  5 Josh Karanja              SR Eastern Michigan       8:45.08Q
  6 Chris Winter              SR Oregon                 8:45.87q
  7 Matt Hughes               SO Louisville             8:49.89 
  8 Brian Parr                JR Nebraska               8:50.24 
  9 Christian Thompson        SO Colorado               8:50.32 
 10 Steven Finley             SO Virginia               8:56.13 
 11 Jeff Randall              SR Columbia               9:01.71 
 12 Steve Strickland          JR Utah State             9:04.51            

Women's 5k:
With Jenny Barringer in the steeple and Sally Kipyego out of eligibility, this event is wide open. Things went largely as expected on Wednesday. In heat 1, Marie-Louise Asselin of West Virginia opened up a big early lead, but then when the pack caught her, she maintained her pace and finished 2nd to qualify behind heat winner Nicole Blood of Oregon.

Lisa Senakiewich took heat 2 in 16:13.69.

Stanford super-frosh Laurynne Chetelat did not start as her great season came to an end with an injury.

Event 27  Women 5000 Meter Run
 2 Heats.  Advance top 6 from each heat plus next best 4 times. 
 One waterfall line.                                            
    American:   14:44.80  4/14/2007   Shalane Flanagan, Nike    
College Best:   15:07.56  7/4/1985    Cathy Easker, Wisconsin   
   NCAA Meet:   15:15.08  6/13/2008   Sally Kipyego, Texas Tech 
    Name                    Year School                 Prelims 
Heat  1 Preliminaries                                           
  1 Nicole Blood              JR Oregon                16:15.38Q
  2 Marie-Louise Asselin      SO West Virginia         16:17.49Q
  3 Kellyn Johnson            SR Wichita State         16:18.84Q
  4 Katie Follett             JR Washington            16:22.69Q
  5 Emily Anderson            JR William & Mary        16:27.13Q
  6 Irine Lagat               SR Arizona               16:30.81Q
  7 Anna Nosenko              SO Wake Forest           16:33.44q
  8 Holly VanDalen            SO Stony Brook-SUNY      16:35.92 
  9 Kate Niehaus              SO Stanford              16:48.89 
 10 Christine Kalmer          SR Arkansas              16:51.25 
 11 Allison Pye               SO Rice                  16:53.60 
 12 Nicol Traynor             SO Richmond              17:04.18 
 13 Jackie Areson             JR Tennessee             17:16.87 
 14 Genevieve LaCaze          FR Florida               17:46.21 
Heat  2 Preliminaries                                           
  1 Lisa Senakiewich          SR Michigan State        16:13.69Q
  2 Betsy Saina               FR Iowa State            16:16.70Q
  3 Frances Koons             SR Villanova             16:16.96Q
  4 Angela Bizzarri           JR Illinois              16:17.39Q
  5 Janet Jesang              JR Western Kentucky      16:19.69Q
  6 Denise Bargiachi          SR Arkansas              16:20.35Q
  7 Alex Becker               JR Tulsa                 16:23.38q
  8 Amanda Marino             SO Villanova             16:25.33q
  9 Gwen Jorgensen            SR Wisconsin             16:33.78q
 10 Veronica Pohl             JR Northern Arizona      16:37.47 
  11 Lillian Badaru            SO Texas Tech            16:38.31 
 12 Jenna Kingma              SR Arizona State         16:46.20 
 13 Callie Wells              SR Rice                  16:47.85                        

Men's 5k: Rupp Starts It Off Super Easy

LetsRun.com fans watching online had to stay up late (1:40 am on the East coast) to watch Galen Rupp begin his quest for his fifth and sixth NCAA titles. Hard to believe that Rupp had 0 NCAA titles to start the year and that as late as October 16th 47.8% of you thought he would never win a title (we had a LetsRun.com poll on that day: Will Rupp ever win an NCAA Title?).

Rupp was in the first heat that ended up being led much of the way by Stanford's Elliott Heath and NAU's David McNeill. Rupp sat comfortably in last place running on the rail as the tight pack clicked off 69-second laps for the first 3,200m, which they passed in about 9:12. With a mile to go, things picked up. Rupp moved to the front of the pack as they clicked off 67, then 65, then 61 before a 58-second closing lap for most of the top 6 runners.

The leading 6 closed the last 1,600m in about 4:12 and Rupp looked really relaxed. McNeill took the win and Princeton's Mike Maag was the last auto qualifier in 13:59.

Rupp could not have asked for better conditions or a better heat. He did have to stay up later, but the weather was much cooler and calm. The pace of the race was steady and slow before he easily turned it on for a quick last 800m. In just a few hours he hopes to defeat a 27:28 10k runners in Sam Chelanga, so a cake walk in the 5,000m prelims certainly helps.

The second heat of the men's 5,000m was very similar to the first. The pace was even, around 69 seconds per lap, before a faster last mile. But the top group, led by Minnesota standout Hassan Mead, didn't have the finishing speed of the first heat. They were a few seconds slower, and Oklahoma State's Ryan Vail was passed at the line by two other runners to miss out on an auto spot for the final.

After some anxious moments, Vail did get a time spot with his 14:02, a relief for the kid who was the top American senior cross-country runner earlier in the year in Amman, Jordan.

Event 7 Men 5,000 Meter Run 2 Heats. Advance top 6 from each heat plus next best 4 times.

Heat 1 Preliminaries
1 David McNeill JR Northern Arizona 13:57.73Q
2 Elliott Heath SO Stanford 13:58.43Q
3 Brandon Bethke JR Arizona State 13:58.76Q
4 Galen Rupp SR Oregon 13:59.26Q
5 Shadrack Biwott SR Oregon 13:59.93Q
6 Michael Maag SR Princeton 13:59.96Q
7 Mark Steeds SR Georgia State 14:01.41q
8 Matt Leeder FR Florida State 14:02.57q
9 Jean-Pierre Weerts JR Auburn 14:04.70q
10 Jacob Kirwa JR New Mexico 14:09.45
11 Chris Rombough JR Minnesota 14:09.79
12 Ian Fitzgerald SR William & Mary 14:17.94
13 Matt Tebo SO Colorado 14:19.67

Heat 2 Preliminaries
1 Hassan Mead SO Minnesota 14:00.79Q
2 Tyson David JR Alabama 14:01.07Q
3 Chris Derrick FR Stanford 14:01.37Q
4 Emmanuel Bor JR Alabama 14:02.21Q
5 Alfred Kipchumba SO Portland 14:02.32Q
6 Ryan Sheridan FR Iona 14:02.44Q
7 Ryan Vail SR Oklahoma State 14:02.67q
8 Colby Lowe FR Oklahoma State 14:07.38
9 Diego Estrada FR Northern Arizona 14:09.69
10 Joseph Maina JR Eastern Kentucky 14:18.44
11 Lex Williams JR Michigan 14:19.49
12 Joe Macdonald JR Butler 14:20.30
13 Rory Fraser JR New Mexico 14:46.51
-- Scott Wall SR Oregon DNF

Other track action included semis of the 4 x 100, and round 1 of the 400s and 400 hurdles.

The team batle went largely as expected after Oregon's Ashton Eaton staved off disaster and got in a legal jump on his third an final jump of the long jump. He went on to have his biggest score after Day 1 of a decathlon.

*Full Results

Arizona State Thrower Sarah Stevens Going For Discus, Shot And Hammer Titles

Lananna Thrilled To Be In Hunt For Triple Crown nwanews.com
*Jenny Barringer Wins Honda Award For Track And Field
*Chris Bucknam Making His Own Name At Arkansas
*Sarah Bowman Going For Her Fifth And Final NCAA Title This Weekend

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