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LetsRun.com's 2009 USATF Coverage:  Day 2 Recap

Eugene, OR - Friday, June 26 - Here we recap the semifinal races from day 2 of the US championships.

Men's 800 Semis
The first heat was by far the most interesting of the two as it featured two known front-runner in Khadevis Robinson and Tevan Everett, as well as 2008 Olympian Christian Smith. All three of those guys have the talent to get top 3 in the final as well as hit the improved A standard of 1:45.40.

Everett did what we thought he'd do - take it out. Running into a 13 mph wind, he took it out in a 24.54 - slow by his standards - and only KD was with him as they were 5-6 meters up on the field. After 400 (51.96), Everett did what he always does, which is crawl the next 200. KD sensed the pace was dawdling and tried to pass Everett at the 550 mark, but then Everett did another thing he always does, which is refuse to cede the lead.

We seriously can't remember if we've ever seen someone start and stop so many times in an 800 as Everett does in virtually every race (Tevan if you are reading this, here is a tip: slow down the first 200 and press a little bit more from 300 to 600). At 600, the whole field had caught up and we had a race.

KD pulled away for an impressive win as 2006 Ryan Brown closed well to get 2nd. In the end, it wasn't a surprise that Christian Smith, who found a way to get 3rd at the Trials last year, found a way to get by Everett for the 3rd and final auto qualifing spot. In the end, Everett would get in on time.

Nick Symmonds was clearly the class of the 2nd heat. It was a bit of a surprise that the runners in heat 2 didn't get both time qualifiers as they knew they just had to break 1:48.00. The filed got out well for the first 600 - 1:19.07 for the leader compared to 1:20.65 in the first heat - but didn't close very well. Symmonds won the heat by closing in 28.20, whereas guys in the 1st heat were closing in the 26s.

*Lap-By-Lap Splits

Heat  1 Semi-Finals                                             
  1 Khadevis Robinson            Nike                   1:47.66Q
  2 Ryan Brown                   Asics                  1:47.81Q
  3 Christian Smith              Nike                   1:47.91Q
  4 Tevan Everett                unattached             1:48.00q
  5 Andrew Dawson                unattached             1:48.53 
  6 Sean Tully                   unattached             1:49.28 
  7 Dustin Emrani                Pride Products         1:49.89 
  8 Gered Burns                  N Y A C                1:51.23 
Heat  2 Semi-Finals                                             
  1 Nicholas Symmonds            Oregon TC Elite        1:47.50Q
  2 Karjuan Williams             unattached             1:47.94Q
  3 Tyler Mulder                 Northern Iowa          1:47.95Q
  4 Michael Rutt                 Connecticut            1:48.01q
  5 Golden Coachman              U.S. Army              1:48.74 
  6 Jonathan Johnson             Reebok                 1:49.14 
  7 Jeffrey Fisher               Santa Monica T C       1:50.47 
 -- Bernard Lagat                Nike                       DNS    

Women's 800 Semis
The big names all made it to the final.

In the first heat, Hazel Clark took the lead just before the bell and had it until just getting passed before the line by 2008 and 2009 NCAA champ Geena Gall and Tennessee's Phoebe Wright. The top 5 in the heat all advanced, as all 5 runners ran faster than anyone in heat 2.

In the 2nd heat, Pre Classic winner Maggie Vessey brought her A game today. A day after running 10 meters behind the field and nearly giving her fans cardiac arrest, she stayed closer to the action today. She ran in last for the 500 but wasn't gapped by the field. When she made her move on the backstretch it was impressive. By 700, she was in total control. Training partners Morgan Uceny and Katie Waits grabbed the other two spots. Uceny, who battled injury last fall and winter, looked a lot better than she did yesterday.

*Lap-By-Lap Splits

Heat  1 Semi-Finals                                             
  1 Geena Gall                   Michigan               2:01.99Q
  2 Phoebe Wright                Tennessee              2:02.11Q
  3 Hazel Clark                  Nike                   2:02.12Q
  4 Laura Hermanson              North Dakota State     2:02.44q
  5 Alysia Johnson               Nike                   2:02.86q
  6 Molly Beckwith               Indiana                2:05.04 
  7 Dominique Jackson            North Carolina         2:07.40 
  8 Aja Jackson                  Charlotte              2:07.85 
Heat  2 Semi-Finals                                             
  1 Maggie Vessey                unattached             2:03.49Q
  2 Morgan Uceny                 Reebok                 2:04.62Q
  3 Katie Waits                  Reebok                 2:04.65Q
  4 Brenda Martinez              Cal Riverside          2:04.85 
  5 Sara Vaughn                  adidas                 2:04.87 
  6 Latavia Thomas               L S U                  2:05.45 
  7 Heather Dorniden             Minnesota              2:06.00 
  8 Angee Henry                  Team Nebr/Brks         2:06.52 

Women's Steeple Semis
The Barringer/Willard showdown will be one of the highlights of the meet. Time to get ready for it. Advantage Barringer as she'll be fresh.

Heat 1- Two minutes in and Jenny Barringer and Nicole Bush probably had close to a 30-meter lead on the field. On the 2nd or 3rd water jump, Bush had some serious trouble and appeared to sprain her ankle. It didn't stop her from qualifying, but we'll see if it hurts her in the final.

Heat 2 - Not much to report.

Editor's Note: We were wrong on this one. Apparently the water jump was set at the men's height of 36 inches instead of 30 inches causing problems. More info here

Heat  1 Preliminaries                                           
  1 Jennifer Barringer           Colorado               9:47.94Q
  2 Bridget Franek               Penn State             9:51.16Q
  3 Nicole Bush                  Michigan State         9:57.06Q
  4 Lisa Galaviz                 Nike                   9:59.74Q
  5 Kara June                    Asics Aggie           10:02.57q
  6 Kristin Anderson             RIADHA                10:02.94q
  7 Shauneen Garrahan            RIADHA                10:03.80q
  8 Erin Bedell                  Baylor                10:06.87q
  9 Sarah Pease                  Indiana               10:14.25 
 10 Patricia Loughlin            Duke                  10:21.77 
 11 Lois Keller                  unattached            10:30.54 
 12 Jennifer Donovan             New Balance Boston    10:37.40 
 13 Jane Rudkin                  unattached            10:48.90 
Heat  2 Preliminaries                                           
  1 Anna Willard                 Nike                   9:52.98Q
  2 Lindsey Anderson             Nike                   9:55.76Q
  3 Lindsay Allen                McMillan Elite         9:56.24Q
  4 Marie Lawrence               Washington             9:56.42Q
  5 Delilah DiCrescenzo          Puma                   9:59.97q
  6 Amanda Lorenzen              unattached            10:05.17q
  7 Sarah Madebach               unattached            10:17.76 
  8 Kristen Hemphill             Colorado State        10:19.88 
  9 Stephanie Garcia             Virginia              10:22.14 
 10 Andrea Parker                unattached            10:23.53 
 11 Mason Cathey                 Indiana Invaders      10:30.13 
 12 Danielle Bradley             Baylor                10:31.56 

Women's 400h Semis
We didn't make it in time to watch this race, but Rojo was pleased to see Sheena Tosta advance.

Heat  1 Semi-Finals                                             
  1 Lashinda Demus               Nike                     54.80Q
  2 Nicole Leach                 U C L A                  56.59Q
  3 Deserea Brown                Illinois                 56.85Q
  4 Latosha Wallace              Asics                    56.87Q
  5 Miriam Barnes                Nike                     57.12 
  6 Nicole Dumpson               LEMANS T C               57.58 
  7 Ti'erra Brown                Miami                    58.49 
  8 Meka Thompson                unattached               59.58 
Heat  2 Semi-Finals                                             
  1 Sheena Tosta                 Nike                     55.96Q
  2 Tiffany Williams             Reebok                   56.41Q
  3 Jennifer Grossarth           unattached               58.01Q
  4 Ebony Collins                unattached               58.22Q
  5 Fawn Dorr                    Penn State               59.00 
  6 Asia Washington              Virginia Tech            59.35 
  7 Danielle Brown               Western Michigan         59.78 
  8 Christine Spence             unattached             1:02.50                
Men's 400 Semis
The big news was that Xavier Carter - the X Man - didn't advance to the final despite running his best time of the 2009. The X man ran 45.55, an improvement on the 45.75 he ran in Australia in February. When we talked to him after the race, he said he thought he needed to stop jumping between events and pick either the 200 or 400 next year.
Heat  1 Semi-Finals                                             
  1 Kerron Clement               Nike                     45.08Q
  2 Gil Roberts                  Texas Tech               45.18Q
  3 Lionel Larry                 adidas                   45.35Q
  4 Calvin Smith                 Florida                  45.44Q
  5 Xavier Carter                Nike                     45.55 
  6 Bobby McCoy                  Tucson Elite A C         45.97 
  7 Jamaal Torrence              Nike                     46.03 
  8 Darius Law                   Charlotte                46.29 
Heat  2 Semi-Finals                                             
  1 LaShawn Merritt              Nike                     45.45Q
  2 Darold Williamson            Nike                     45.97Q
  3 Miles Smith                  unattached               46.08Q
  4 David Neville                Nike                     46.18Q
  5 John Bailey                  unattached               46.42 
  6 Antione Drakeford            Cincinnati               46.50 
  7 Jeremy Davis                 unattached               46.81 
  8 Reggie Witherspoon           unattached               46.88                

Women's 400 Semis
Sanya Richards
cruised as we thought she would.

Heat  1 Semi-Finals                                             
  1 Shareese Woods               adidas                   51.46Q
  2 Monica Hargrove              unattached               51.54Q
  3 Natasha Hastings             Nike                     51.59Q
  4 Keshia Baker                 Oregon                   52.10Q
  5 Moushaumi Robinson           unattached               52.35 
  6 Shana Cox                    adidas                   52.80 
  7 Nina Gilbert                 unattached               52.99 
  8 DeeDee Trotter               adidas                   53.84 

Heat  2 Semi-Finals                                             
  1 Sanya Richards               Nike                     50.96Q
  2 Debbie Dunn                  unattached               51.39Q
  3 Jessica Beard                Texas A&M                51.88Q
  4 Dominique Darden             unattached               52.27Q
  5 Leslie Cole                  Oklahoma                 52.76 
  6 Valerie Brown                unattached               53.02 
  7 Joanna Atkins                Auburn                   53.12 
 -- Monique Hennagan             Nike                       DNF                

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