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By David Monti
(c) 2009 Race Results Weekly, all rights reserved.
April 24, 2009

The final fields for the two-day Brutus Hamilton Invitational meeting, which kicks off this evening at the University of California at Berkley, have been released.  Invitational sections have been organized for the men's and women's steeplechase, 5000m and 10,000m on Friday and the men's mile on Saturday.  Here are the final fields from New York Road Runners' professional athletes manager, Sam Grotewold, in summary form, below (the complete fields are attached).

1 Mile Run Don Bowden Invitational
 1 Miguel Brisuela SR FMA
 2 Darren Brown NA Unattached
 3 David Torrence NA Unattached
 4 Tim Baley NA Unattached
 5 Tommy Schmitz NA Saucony/WRRT
 6 Mark Matusak NA Brutus Hamil
 7 Kevin Davis NA Nike
 8 Michael Coe SO Cal
 9 Jim Sorensen NA Unattached
10 Eric Lee SO Cal

5000 Meter Run Invitational:
 1 Tom Lancashire NA Nike
 2 Kevin Sullivan NA Reebok
 3 Sam Chelanga O= Liberty
 4 Yuichiro Ueno NA S&B Shokuhin
 5 Jorge Torres NA Reebok
 6 Robert Curtis NA Reebok
 7 Thomas Morgan NA ZAP Fitness
 8 Yosef Ghebray JR Cal
 9 Scott Bauhs NA adidas
10 Ben St Lawrence NA New Balance
11 Miguel Ordu–a SR FMA
12 Amado Garcia SR GUATEMALA
13 Isaias Haro SR FMA
14 Diego Alberto Borrego NA Mexico
15 Blake Boldon NA Boulder Runn
16 Jordan Horn NA adidas-McMil
17 Matt Clark NA adidas-McMil
18 Geoff Kerr SR U of Calgary
19 Kristopher Houghton NA Dukes Track
20 Jefferey Eggleston NA Brooks
21 Haron Lagat NA New Balance (pace)
22 Ed Torres NA Reebok
23 Jon Pierce NA Unattached (pace)

10,000 Meter Run Invitational:
 1 Juan Luis Barrios NA Nike
 2 Anthony Famiglietti NA Saucony
 3 Teodoro Vega NA New York Roa
 4 Ed Moran NA Nike
 5 James Carney NA New Balance
 6 Alejandro Suarez NA adidas
 7 Boaz Chemboiywo NA Nike
 8 Juan Carlos Romero NA Nike
 9 Fasil Bizuneh NA New Balance
10 Yuki Sato NA Nissin Group
11 Satoru Kitamura NA Nissin Group
12 Collis Birmingham NA New Balance
13 Michael Shelley NA Nike
14 Seigo Ikegami NA Honda Motor
15 Martin Fagan NA Reebok
16 Julio Cesar Perez NA New York Roa
17 Suehiro Ishikawa NA Honda Motor
18 Fernando Cabada NA Reebok
19 Andrew Lemoncello NA adidas-McMil
20 Mark Matusak NA Brutus Hamil
21 Josh Moen NA Team USA MN
22 Guor Marial JR Iowa State
23 Matt Gabrielson NA Reebok
24 Bolota Asmerom NA Nike
25 Haron Lagat NA New Balance
26 Sam Chelanga O= Liberty

3000 Meter Steeplechase Invitational:
 1 Brian Olinger NA Reebok
 2 Kyle Alcorn NA Nike
 3 Jacques Sallberg NA Unattached
 4 David Olson JR Weber

5000 Meter Run Invitational:
 1 Marina Muncan NA New Balance (pacer)
 2 Carrie Tollefson NA adidas
 3 Sara Slattery NA Nike
 4 Emily Brown NA New Balance
 5 Sara Hall NA Asics
 6 Shannon Rowbury NA Nike
 7 Kristen Nicolini NA Saucony
 8 Marisol Romero NA Mexico Inter
 9 Allison Grace NA ZAP Fitness
10 Jenn Donovan SR NB Boston
11 Maria Elena Calle NA Invicta

10,000 Meter Run Invitational:
 1 Philes Moraa Ongori NA Hokuren
 2 Katie McGregor NA Reebok
 3 Lisa Koll JR Iowa State
 4 Amy Hastings NA adidas
 5 Lara Tamsett NA adidas
 6 Desiree Davila NA Hansons-Broo
 7 Tara Storage NA Run Ohio
 8 Kara Storage NA Run Ohio
 9 Meghan Armstrong NA Strands
10 Kristen Nicolini NA Saucony
11 Margarita Tapia NA Mexico
12 Grace Kemmey SR Iowa State
13 Abbi Antablin NA NYAC
xx Teyba Naser, Unattached (pacer)

3000 Meter Steeplechase University/Open:
 1 Lesley Higgins NA NYAC
 2 Christa Avena SR Nevada-Reno
 3 Stasia Ploskonka SR New Mexico
 4 Alex Darling FR New Mexico
 5 Jodie Leal SR Sacramento S
 6 Ali Stoakley JR UC Davis
 7 Caitlin Fitzgerald SO UC Davis
 8 Jenni Eiremo SO Sacramento S
 9 Kristin Glen SR San Diego St
10 Anna Wheatley SR Santa Clara
11 Caprice Bradshaw JR Sacramento S
12 Mandy Russ JR Nevada-Reno
13 Natalia Jarawka JR Nevada-Reno

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