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Commenting Live On The Boston Marathon Broadcast
April 20, 2009-

This is the impressions as LRC watched the race. Considering every year one of our biggest pet-peeves is how the announcers at Boston miss seemingly everything of importance to the LRC community, we thought we'd give you the key things as they happened. Start at the bottom and scroll up. We give you a ton of mile splits that you wouldn't get.

12:29 Here are the Hanson Runners and their finishes. Brian Sell 14th 2:16:31, Pat Rizzo 15th 2:17:05, Luke Humphrey 16th (2:18:48), Todd Snyder 18th (2:19:55), Kyle OBrien 19th (2:20:55) and Fred Joslyn 35th (2:27:10).

Top 15 On Men's Side

1 4 Merga, Deriba 2:08:42   ETH  
2 5 Rono, Daniel 2:09:32   KEN  
3 2 Hall, Ryan 2:09:40 CA USA  
4 19 Kebede, Tekeste 2:09:49   ETH  
5 7 Cheruiyot, Robert 2:10:06   KEN  
6 9 Asfaw, Gashaw 2:10:44   ETH  
7 11 Molla, Solomon 2:12:02   ETH  
8 3 Cheruiyot, Evans 2:12:45   KEN  
9 10 Kiogora, Stephen 2:13:00   KEN  
10 12 Cherigat, Timothy 2:13:04   KEN  
11 103 Koskei, James 2:14:52   KEN  
12 17 Andreev, Grigoriy 2:16:17   RUS  
13 14 Troop, Lee 2:16:21   AUS  
14 16 Sell, Brian 2:16:31 PA USA  
15 29 Rizzo, Patrick J. 2:17:05 MI USA

Top 15 Women's

1 F4 Kosgei, Salina 2:32:16   KEN  
2 F1 Tune, Dire 2:32:17   ETH  
3 F8 Goucher, Kara 2:32:25 OR USA  
4 F3 Bekele, Bezunesh 2:33:08   ETH  
5 F5 Kirop, Helena 2:33:24   KEN  
6 F6 Grigoryeva, Lidiya 2:34:20   RUS  
7 F7 Habtamu, Atsede 2:35:34   ETH  
8 F103 De Reuck, Colleen S. 2:35:37 CO USA  
9 F9 Timbilili, Alice 2:36:25   KEN  
10 F102 Ivanova, Alina 2:36:50 FL USA RUS
11 F20 Piers, Sheri 2:37:04 ME USA  
12 F11 Dryer, Elva 2:38:50 CO USA  
13 F21 Akor, Mary 2:41:09 CA USA  
14 F27 Westerling, Heidi 2:43:11 NH USA  
15 F104 Averkova, Anzhelika 2:44:19 FL USA UKR

12:24 pm: Merga's post race interview. He said coming into the race he planned on going at 35km but once in the race made his move at 28km.

12:17 pm: Ok the post race interview with the women's winner is pretty funny. Larry Rawson just asked her something to the effect of, "At one point did you feel like you were going to win the race?" Uh. it was a sprint finish. Additionally, he just asked her something close to "Was this more important to you than finishin 10th in the Olymipcs?" Are you serious. Winning Boston or finishing 10th in the Olympics.

12:09 Merga is the deserved winner and yet again they show the winner talking to his agent or something instaed of at least a split screen of the actual race. Rono is2nd in 2:00"32. Hall is 3rd in 2:09:40ish.

12:08 Tv Commentators say again "Ethiopia for the sweep". Not true. Hall is charging for 2nd. He's in 3rd now.

12:07 PM- They finally show the men's race and they show Merga for the first time in 10 minutes. They say, "It's Ethiopia on the women's side and on the men's side." Not true. A Kenyan just won.

12:05? They are barely excited. That was one of the greatest finishes ever. Salina Kosgei. Tune collapses at the line. What a sprint finish!!!

I guess the men's race was cancelled. We haven't seen them in 10 minutes. I knew they would go to post-race shots instead of the mens' race. HOW ABOUT A SPLIT SCREEN OR HOW ABOUT STARTING THE RACES 45 MINUTES APART?

2:30 and we can't see what is happening. Unbelievbale...

2:27:56 gives up lead for the first time.
Commentators: Are they leaving her behind? No. Oh maybe they are.

11:59 - Hall is 1:08 back from a buddy who is on the course.

11:58- Goucher has a chance. Tune went for water Goucher didn't. Just over a mmile to go.2:25:58 at 25 miles.

11:57 - We are 10 minutes from the finish of both races and I haven't seen a man in 5 minutes. How about a split screen?
11:55 - supposed 5:11 last mile for the women.

11:51- OK the35km splits are online and the telecast is again wrong. Hall is 36 seconds back. That's not good as he needs a blowup. Daniel Rono is 7 seconds ahead of hall at 35k. Hall is running with Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot. 4:53 ro 4 ro Merga last mile so he's doing well.

1:51 - They say Hall is 22 seconds back. He's not gaining if that's true but he's not losing. Merga looks good now that they are going downhill and he's not looking back.

11:49 - Once the 35k split pops up. We'll know if Hall has a chance or not.

11:47 - 1:46:22 for 35k for Merga so that's a 15:22 roughly.Merga keeps looking back.

11:44: 2:11:40 and Goucher goes to the lead.

5:08 up heartbreak for Merga. Merga keeps looking back and Hall is only 23 seconds back.

11:42 - Merga is looking over his shoulder. He has another 25 minutes to run.  He looks good and is clear but that can't be a great sign.

11:36- At 30km. Cheruiyot is done. He's 52 seconds behing. Ryan Hall is 24 seconds back of Merga. If Merga blows up, Hall could do it!!

11:33-The women's race is still being led by a 45 year old.

11:31 1:31:00 at 30km. That's a 14:50 for the last 5km. Merga has thrown it down again.He's dropped Rono. Now we are watching the women jog.

11:27:00 Maybe hall isn't finished. He's right with Cheruiyot and Merga is known for blowing it too early. 1:28:00 at 18 and Hall is only 10 seconds back That mile is slightly up hill (50 feet) but they only ran 5:00.

17 miles 11:23:00. that was like a 4:38. That is INSANE IF OUR SPLITS OUR RIGHT AS THAT MILE IS WAY UPHILL. We're not trusting that split. Rawson still said it was 4:51 which makes more sense but that's really fast as it's uphill. Hall appears finished for the win.

11:20 : 4:44 for that last mile. 16th mile. A big part of that was downhill. Hall certainly looks to be in big trouble to us. He's moving up but this doesn't look like someone who is going to win the race. Well hall is passing guys but the problem is there are 8 ahead of him. It's Mola and Merga in the lead. Cheruiyot is in 4th. He's also been gapped. They are about to go up Hearbreak. The top 3 are clear.

17 miles 1:23:00. that was like a 4:38. That is INSANE IF OUR SPLITS OUR RIGHT AS THAT MILE IS WAY UPHILL.

11:19 - Oh my god, the big move is happening on the men's race and they are showing the women's race. hall is at the back of the lead pack. Trying to hang on. Robert Cheruiyot is right on it!!! Hall is back on . Whew.

11:18 - Stephen Kiagora has gone big just past 25km and Ev ans Cheruiyot is chasing him.Will Hall respond?

11:17 - 15:46 for last 5k. That's very slow. 25k roughly 1:16:10.

11:14 : Looking for course elevation? Click here: http://www.csurun.org/maps/BAA/

Pace is so slow De Reuck has lead 1:42 into women's race!!! Go Colleen.

11:11 - 4:53 according to Lawson last mile. They are approaching 15 miles. The 16th mile is way downhill. Be prepared for a way downhill mile. According to Wejo who is at Boston, Robert Cheruiyot has pissed on himself in the race.

Luke Humphrey on 2:15:22 pace at half-way.

11:07 - Hanson's updates. Ok. Sell is having a disaster. He just ran 16:13 5k to 20k and is on 2:13 pace. Joslyn is on 2:18:50 pace.

11:04 - 1:03:39 at the half. Yet again, they don't announce it. that's 2:07:18. 12-13s till in the lead pack.

11:03 - Brian Sell is on 2:11:52 pace at 15km.

11:01: Ok. I really really hope that Hall does well as I don't awant to hear how Hall's first 5k was stupid if he doesn't do well. It wasn't stupid. Merga to the lead.

10:58 - 58:06 at 12 miles for the men. Rawson just said 58:15 not true.

10:56 - Ok, the men's pace isn't too hot as there is a guy with a non-elite big still with the lead pack and we are in nearing 1 hour into the race. #103 is 40 year old James Koskei. Koskei iran 2:14:02 in Dubai last January. A 27:35 guy 10 years ago. Also 13:04.

10:51 - They finally showed a useful ting on the telecast. 44:44 at 15km this year for them as compared to 44:51 when Cheruiyot got the course record (that year they went out really slow for 5k and then hammered).

10:48 - 1:14:15 for 20k for the ladies (according to us not them). 18:34 for the last 5k. Still slow. They just said they are past the half-way mark. Last time we checked the m arathon halfway mark was 21.1 km.

10:45 - 44:45 for 15k it looks like so that's a 15:15 last 5k. That's 4:55 mile pace for the last 5k.

10:42 - Ok, this is going to be a problem. The men and women are going to finish very close together. It always drives us nuts as the men's and women's race hit the key parts of the race at the same time. They should do it 20 minutes apart as in the old days.

10:39: They missed the 8 mile split for the men.

10:35: Women are on 2:36:45 pace at 15k. Men are on 2:04:27 pace at 10km. That isn't unreal fast as again the thing is way downhill. Compared to London, the pace is actually probably slow for Hall.

10:34:  33:21 at 7 miles for Hall. Another mile just over 4:50 from what we can tell.

10:30 - 29:28 for 10k. CLose to another 4:50 if my bad math is ok. The pace isn't that hot for Hall. I mean the start is way, way downhill.

10:27 - Women' went 18:59 for 5k and then 18:07 for 2nd 5k. Now 18:35 for 3rd 5k.

10:25 - 5 miles at 23:38. That's a 4:50 and Larry is talking about rice husks. 13 guys in th lead pack. Ok they are saying 4:49, they actually are getting the split right now.

10:22 If you want to track atheltes, by bib number and get real splits, we recommend the following site: http://www.bostonmarathon.org/2009/cf/Public/TrackingIndividual.cfm?mode=multiple&LimitReached=1&IDList=%3D(P7%20W%2C0520D%25W^%2C72ZC%20%23\S%40R]*8!1%3EU%3A1D%2BQ%20P%20%0A

10:19-18:48 for 4 miles. LRC giving you all the mile splits while Larry Rawson misses them all. The 5k split was 14:33. When they got the course record it was 15:23. I'm not buying that the fastest split ever though at 5k was 15:23 as the first 5k is way down hill.

10:16 - Ok rawson claims it's 4:44 for the 3rd mile. No idea if he's telling the truth.

10:15- Ok we've missed seeing the women's 10k split and the men's 5k split. We ahd to watch some Dartmouth hack win the 5k in 14:35 instead.

10:10 - 9:21 at 2 miles. Larry missed it again. Now he falsely claims the split was 4:29. It was 4:39.

10:05 - 2:50 for first k and 4:39 for 1st mile. At least they showed the split. Rawson wasn't observant enough to see it. Now he faslely is claiming it's 4:48. What an idiot.

10:04 - Larry Rawson has finally said the first useful thing, "Ryan Hall isn't fooling around."

10:02 - The men have started. What the hell is Ryan Hall doing? This is crazy. He's powering to the lead.

9:54 Oh god. They are about to start the men's race and it's dawning on me the women are giong to finish about 7 minutes before the mena nd they'll probably show some stupid-post race shot of the women's winner instead fo seeing the decisive moments of the men's race. I'm just getting ready for it.
19:00 minutes in and Larry says falsely they haven't run 3 miles yet. This is unbelievable. In the first 20 minutes of the race, we've missed seeing all 3 mile spltis and had 1 minute spent on the wheelchair race and 3-4 minutes on some Goucher interview. 5:49 for 3rd mile.

9:51 Back from the wheelchair vignette and we've missed seeing the #3 thing I've wanted  to see - the 3 mile split.

9:50 - Oh my god. Here we go. I was fearing they'd give attention to the wheelchair event and sure enough they are doing it.

9:46 am - Somehow they missed the 2nd thing that I wanted to see. The 2nd mile split. Ok, at least they told it to me. It's 6:05.

Now the idiot Larry Rawson is saying that the slow pace helps Goucher as she has more 'speed' than everyone else in the race. Does he understand how the marathon works? It doesn't come down to who is the fastest but who has the most in the tank.

9:45 We have to watch some Kara Goucher vignette. I guess it's not that bad but do they do this stuff in the middle of the Tour de France? I don't think so. They certainly

9:40 back from commercial and Larry Rawson is proven to be incorrect as he falsesly said the first mile was going to be between 6:30 and 7:00 and it's 6:25.


9:33 "Oh shit. Larry Rawson is commentating. I was praying for a Brit or even Ed Eyestone.
1st mile: Larry Rawson has just falsely said the course record is out because they ran the first mile too slow. Does he know anything? Rojo paced Catherine Ndereba to the world record and she was more than 20 seconds per mile slow for at least 5k - that's a minute right there.

"9:20 am- 9:32 "What the ** is wrong with this computer or Universal sports website. Why is it always so hard to get this thing to work?"



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