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Recap of Round 1 Of Women's 1,500
by: LetsRun.com
August 18, 2009
Berlin, Germany 

The women's 1,500m heats featured 2 falls, including one in heat 1 that featured American Shannon Rowbury, who was 7th last year in  Beijing. Perhaps the ladies weren't used to the tight packs and a slow pace. Last year in Beijing, there were only 2 rounds with 11 people in a heat. This year there are 3 rounds and there were 14 in each heat on Tuesday.

Heat 1: Rowbury Goes Down
The fall in heat 1 came 200 meters in. Rowbury went down and quickly got up and after losing 15 meters sprinted to rejoin the pack. She caught back up by 400 meters (this is all second hand info, by the time LetsRun.com's Wejo started watching the race 400 in, Rowbury was with the pack). Russia's Oksana Zbozhek, a sub-2:00 800m runner who moved up to the 1,500 this year, did the early leading. The pace was a modest 2:17.5 at 800.

Rowbury After The Fall (:31)

At the bell, there still was a big pack up front and Rowbury was in 9th with there being 6 automatic qualifying spots for the semis. By the time the horde sorted its way out down the home stretch, Maryam Jamal was in front as expected. The big casualties were Rowbury and Zbrozhek (who has run 4:00 this year). Rowbury in the interview to the right said she is really fit and hopes to get into the semis on appeal.

Editor's note: Update,
USATF appealed and Rowbury was put into the semis.

We only caught the end of it. Her full quotes from USATF: "I was running. It was pretty packed up. I got tripped up by the same girl. I fell down at 200, got up, got back to the pack and the same girl cut me off again. It was a little bit frustrating. After falling, I tried to be smart catching up again, but I was a little timid by the time I got going again. I'm pretty disappointed. But that's how it goes sometimes.
I'm hoping we will protest. I'm hoping to get another shot at it. That is definitely not what I am capable of. That's how it goes when it's a semi or a quarterfinal. You usually go slow and it's usually packed up. I tried to stay on my feet. But unfortunately today, I was unable to. I was on the outside of lane 1, where everyone wants to be. It was kind of a messy race, with a lot of people moving around in there. I hope I get a chance at going again. I hope I have a chance of making the finals."

1 184 Maryam Yusuf Jamal BRN 4:08.76 Q
2 305 Nuria Fernández ESP 4:08.79 Q
3 321 Meskerem Assefa ETH 4:08.86 Q
4 630 Mariem Alaoui Selsouli MAR 4:08.86 Q
5 937 Iryna Lishchynska UKR 4:08.95 Q
6 623 Irina Krakoviak LTU 4:08.96 Q
7 591 Viola Jelagat Kibiwot KEN 4:09.18 q
8 706 Lidia Chojecka POL 4:09.38 q
9 838 Oksana Zbrozhek RUS 4:09.84
10 407 Charlene Thomas GBR 4:09.91
11 1023 Shannon Rowbury USA 4:10.30
12 863 Marina Muncan SRB 4:15.18
13 629 Eliane Saholinirina MAD 4:16.63
14 250 Eva Pereira CPV 5:04.95 (PB)

Anna Willard (1:13)

Heat 2: Another Fall
If Heat 1's fall wasn't enough, heat 2 features an even more violent fall. Gelete Burka led through 800 in 2:16.8. Then 900m in Kenya's Irene Jelagat and France's Hind Déhiba Chahyd went down, with Jelagat going down hard. By the time Jelagat got up, it was way too late.

Burka would go on to win the heat in 4:07.75, just ahead of Natalia Rodríguez of Spain and Lisa Dobriskey of the UK. The US's Anna Willard, who has won the 1,500 in London and got the Golden League Paris 800m win, moved up late on the final stretch to finish 5th. She had been on the inside when the fell occurred and managed to avoid the wreckage.

1 326 Gelete Burka ETH 4:07.75 Q
2 312 Natalia Rodríguez ESP 4:07.84 Q
3 385 Lisa Dobriskey GBR 4:07.90 Q
4 788 Natalya Evdokimova RUS 4:08.06 Q
5 1038 Anna Willard USA 4:08.13 Q
6 634 Btissam Lakhouad MAR 4:08.21 Q
7 183 Mimi Belete BRN 4:08.36 q
8 695 Nikki Hamblin NZL 4:09.60 q
9 350 Hind Déhiba Chahyd FRA 4:11.41
10 952 Tamara Tverdostup UKR 4:13.36
11 922 Alemitu Bekele TUR 4:13.69 (SB)
12 664 Susan Kuijken NED 4:18.10
13 587 Irene Jelagat KEN 4:27.36
14 662 Aldy Villalobos NCA 4:50.55 (PB)

Heat 3: Christin Wurth-Thomas Avoids Trouble
In heat 3 the USA's Christin Wurth-Thomas, with her 3:59.98 clocking this year, did her best to avoid any falls by running from the front. She would remain there nearly the entire race. Her splits were 70.0, 2:18.4 and 3:21.3. She had the strained look on her face throughout but easily held on down the stretch to finish fourth as the top 8 would all make the final.

Russia's Anna Alminova got the win over last year's surprise gold medallist Nancy Langat of Kenya.

1 776 Anna Alminova RUS 4:08.13 Q
2 597 Nancy Jebet Langat KEN 4:08.16 Q
3 331 Kalkidan Gezahegne ETH 4:08.23 Q
4 1041 Christin Wurth-Thomas USA 4:08.23 Q
5 710 Sylwia Ejdys POL 4:08.59 Q
6 857 Sonja Roman SLO 4:08.65 Q
7 941 Anna Mishchenko UKR 4:09.26 q
8 307 Iris Fuentes-Pila ESP 4:09.71 q
9 663 Adrienne Herzog NED 4:10.10
10 633 Siham Hilali MAR 4:10.57
11 490 Deirdre Byrne IRL 4:12.19
12 408 Stephanie Twell GBR 4:18.23
13 655 Sladjana Pejovic MNE 4:28.67
14 238 Francine Nzilampa COD 4:30.56 (NR)


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