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Column: Stop Pulling The Wool over Your Eyes
Roger Clemens - Drug Cheat and A Liar
by Robert Johnson

Not sure if you watched the Roger Clemens/Brian McNamee hearing yesterday but it was riveting television (that's not a joke). A few things are crystal clear to me. Roger Clemens is not only a cheat but also a liar.

A few key points if you missed the hearing:

1) The fact that Clemens lied to a Congress is clear. During the deposition phase, Clemens was asked three times if he'd ever had a conversation with Brian McNamee about HGH, and Clemens said no. Later, in the very same deposition, Clemens recalled a heated conversation with McNamee about HGH use after McNamee injected Clemens' wife with HGH. It was amazing to watch Clemens squirm and be evasive when confronted about this. The AP stated it accurately when their article said Clemens "struggled to find the right words under questioning during a congressional hearing Wednesday."

Chairman Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) said it best when he opened with the following statement: "We have found conflicts and inconsistencies in Mr. Clemens' account. During his deposition, he made statements that we know are untrue. And he made them with the same earnestness that many of the committee members observed in person when he visited your offices. In other areas, his statements are contradicted by other credible witnesses or are simply implausible." He correctly added that some of Clemens' statements are "simply implausible."

If Clemens never used performance enhancing drugs, he would have zero to hide, he would have nothing to be evasive about, and he would answer each question directly. He clearly didn't do this.

2) Andy Pettitte, Roger Clemens' good friend, stated that Roger Clemens admitted that he used HGH years ago. Andy Pettitte's wife confirmed that Andy told her about this years ago. Pettitte has admitted that Brian McNamee injected him with HGH and is the key witness giving McNamee credibility. When asked about the second conversation, Roger Clemens stated McNamee must have "misremembered" as he was talking about his own wife's HGH use. Small problem - the timing is off. Clemens stated that McNamee injected his wife in 2003, but the conversation Clemens was trying to cover up occurred before then. Nice try, Roger.

It's important to realize that Pettitte's statement that Clemens confessed to him was corroborated by a sworn deposition by Pettitte's wife, who stated that Pettitte in both instances told her at the time about the conversation he had with Roger Clemens. Mr. Pettitte also said that McNamee told him in 2003-2004 that Roger Clemens used steroids.

Remember, contemporaneous accounts can be used as evidence in a court of law.

Why in 2003-2004 before the feds came in would McNamee be making this up about a man who had been his long-time employer? Why would Pettitte be making something up to his own wife about a good friend at the time as well?

3) Roger Clemens had pain in his buttocks that resulted in him getting an MRI done which Congress obtained from Clemens (after much stalling). Congress then submitted the MRI to one of the nation's leading doctors who said it was much more likely that the damage came from a steroid injection than from a B12 injection. I have no idea why this evidence isn't being talked about as being a big deal (who says the NYTimes isn't then newspaper of record. Thankfully they seem to be the only ones writing about this). To me, it was the smoking gun. Clemens of course produced his own doctor's report that said the injury wasn't the result of steroid use. In my opinion, the doctor Congress gave the MRI report to has more credibility, since the doctor did not have any idea why they were asking for the evaluation.
*More from NY Times on Abscess

4) Clemens (in my opinion) tried to intimidate a witness.
For some reason, much was made of whether or not Roger Clemens attended a barbecue at Jose Canseco's house. It's not really relevant as nothing really happened at the barbecue, but several Congressmen made a big deal about it, I suppose because they felt it gets to who is more credible - Clemens or McNamee.

Anyway, Jose Canseco and Roger Clemens said Clemens didn't attend; Brian McNamee said Clemens did and claimed that Clemens' nanny would verify Clemens was there. So Congress asked Clemens for the nanny's number last week. Before he gave them her number, he had her over to his house for a conversation even though he hadn't talked to her since 2001. Suspicious? Not according to Clemens who said he just thought he was "doing Congress a favor" by getting them her contact info. (Congress even asked Clemens' lawyers not to contact the nanny until after Congress contacted her, but apparently this did not stop Clemens from contacting her).

When talking to the nanny, Clemens repeatedly told her he wasn't at the party. The nanny said he was and Clemens was at least smart enough to tell her to “tell the truth” so he couldn't be indicted for witness tampering. Rep. Waxman basically implied Clemens might have been trying to influence a witness, and that led to an outburst from Clemens lawyer. (You can watch it, and read more about it here)

For someone to believe that Clemens is innocent, one has to believe all of the following:.
1) Andy Pettitte, Roger Clemens' good friend, is lying when he stated in a sworn deposition Roger Clemens told him he used HGH. (Well, maybe you don't have to believe he is lying; you could just believe that he "misremembered" both their conversations).
2) Brian McNamee injected Andy Pettitte, Chuck Knoblauch and even Roger Clemens' wife with HGH but not Roger Clemens.
3) Brian McNamee, Roger Clemens' former employee, is lying when he states that he injected Roger Clemens with illegal performance enhancing drugs but not lying when he says he injected Chuck Knoblauch, Andy Pettitte, and Roger Clemens' wife with illegal drugs – even though Clemens' wife, Knoblauch and Pettitte have all admitted what McNamee said is correct.

Not once has anyone come up with a reasonable motive as to why McNamee would lie in the Clemens case but not the Knoblauch and Pettitte cases.

Amazingly, hours went on before anyone asked the most obvious of questions. Finally, my hero for the day, Elijah Cummings (D-Maryland), asked, "Why would McNamee lie about you but not Pettitte and Knoblauch? and why would your good friend Andy Pettitte lie?" Clemens totally avoided the question in classic fashion. He responded with the following:

"Again Congressman, I am certain that when Andy Pettitte used HGH, why didn't he tell me he used HGH? I never learned about any of this. Andy and I are close friends. We were plane travel mates. If he misheard me on a subject I was talking about - some gentlemen using HGH for quality of life like I stated (earlier) - then he misunderstood that."

Watch Elijah Cummings Take it To Clemens

What? Please begin to try to answer the question rather than just try to talk about some non-sequitur.

I am the first to admit that McNamee has lied many times in the past, particularly to the press, about his role with  illegal drug use in baseball. To anyone that knows anything about illegal drug use in sports, this shouldn't be a surprise - no one admits it until confronted. But again, there is no reason why he'd lie about Clemens now. In fact, McNamee has 100% motivation to tell the truth here. If he lies now, he gets written up for perjury (plus Clemens was his long-time employer and very nice to McNamee so there is no reason why he'd want to take him down).

A Fox News television commentator stated it best. This is like a mob trial. The mob (baseball) backs each other and no one talks. Thus to take down a mob boss, you need a snitch who inevitably has some credibility issues - clearly that's McNamee.

In a court of law, would Clemens be convicted? Irrelevant.

This is the court of public opinion. It all reminds me very much of the Regina Jacobs situation. Lots of totally evasive and unconvincing explanations for everything and lots of age-defying performances.

It's clear that Roger Clemens has every reason in the world to lie, while Brian McNamee has none. Believe who you who want, but it's clear to me.

Comments? Send them to Robert at [email protected] or post them on our Message Board.

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Editor's Note: Robert Johnson, a.k.a. "Rojo", is best known for being the co-founder of LetsRrun.com as well as the men's distance coach at Cornell University. Robert has been running all of his life, but only started competing seriously since the Fall of 1997 as a series of injuries curtailed his high school career and prevented him from running in college. After returning to competitive running, Robert progressed quickly and just missed out on qualifying for the 2000 US Men's Olympic Marathon Trials by running a 2:23:11 marathon at the 2000 Las Vegas Marathon. Now he is lazy (and soon to be fat) maybe runs 30 miles a week.

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