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Hadd's Bio
February 27, 2008

If you can imagine the kind of individual who would be perfectly at peace on a deserted island, then you know Hadd already.

Hadd has been involved in running, coaching and race organization since the early 1980s.

Unwilling to believe that despite being full of piss and vinegar, logging up to 137 mpw of training, and having enough grit and determination to stop a locomotive he would never race faster than the average Joe, Hadd quit work, closed his home, and put himself through grad school; a man on a mission to find out why.


Graduating totally broke, owning only a pair of running shoes and a motorcycle, Hadd knew why he was destined to never make a single podium… but he didn’t like it!


Hadd has a fatal flaw; he cannot see someone doing something badly – yet with all their heart – and not want to do something to help.  Those who can, do; and those who can’t, teach. Right?


Hadd is a college lecturer in Sports Science but in his real life he coaches runners who want to improve; mega-talent not required, pig-ass stubbornness and an appetite for work the sole requisites.


In time he met a woman (as you do) and persuaded her to join him on all his training runs. Very soon she ran a 2:36 marathon and Hadd knew he'd found his soul-mate.  Best thing he ever did, despite the fact it meant he was no longer even the best runner in his own house.  Anyway, make that two for the desert island.


Hadd gained more notoriety than he could shake a stick at when he wrote a couple of threads on Letsrun some years ago. In them he outlined his basic approach to distance training; sometimes referred to as, “squeezing the toothpaste tube from the very end”.  Many people mistook that for the whole Hadd Approach, without realising it was only Phase I, so he thinks it’s time to write some more.  The desert island will have to wait a bit longer.


For several years Hadd has been hanging around online with a group of like-minded sorry-ass individuals who oughta know better.  Among them you’ll find everything from an over-40 ex-wrestler flirting with sub-2:00 for 800m, to others seeking that elusive sub-2:20 marathon.  None of them are interested in growing up anytime soon.


Growing old disgracefully, some things never change, Hadd still falls off motorcycles.

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