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Antonio Cabral's Bio
March 6, 2008

Antonio Cabral was born and lives in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. A Sagittarian, his motto is; "I always try my best".

His interests are wide-ranging: sports, philosophy, learning and teaching, experiencing different cultures and the arts.

Since a young man, Cabral has forever wondered about the bigger questions in life including the meaning of existence. It is fair to say that he has made this existential issue a prime focus of his life and doing so has proven to be the link between his eclectic interests.

Cabral took up running long ago – in the early ‘70s. He showed immediate promise and reached a good standard very quickly. Self coached; his interest and curiosity to understand training and the coaching process started as soon as he took up the sport. He innately felt the need to coach himself, and in time it seemed natural to coach others who approached him for advice.

Antonio CabralCabral achieved some very good performances in middle distance, but a serious injury set him back. On his comeback, he decided that he was going to focus on his two passions; to participate in road races, and to coach. He gave up track competitions and began to read and study and gain experience in a number of running spheres; amateur and professional – from top-class runners to mid-packers; from classical coaching to personal trainer; from advising distance runners to coaching triathletes; from coaching as a direct observer to coaching online.

He has experienced everything from advising and consulting on training to writing running and training articles.

Cabral is in his early-50s, but still feels it very important to be competitive and be fit enough to participate in competitions. As a masters runner, he still tries his best and sometimes can still manage to win.

The recent internet boom has opened a new channel worldwide for communication and the forging of new relationships; this has permitted the sharing of ideas that can only profit everyone. Letsrun.com is undoubtedly the number one running site and forum worldwide and thus the conduit for much of that exchange of training and coaching ideas.

Cabral writes articles on the web as well as reading and contributing to several message boards. He is always willing to take part in discussions on training and share ideas with everyone, irrespective of whether they are one of the world’s best coaches or just a normal Joe with an interest in running. A number of people have asked him to coach them by email.

From the average to the world class runner, most of the runners he coaches and advises have had a huge performance improvement. Among them are the Portuguese Olympian in the marathon Alberto Chaica (who was 4th at the World champs in 2003 in a 2:09:25 pr) and Portuguese Olympian at 5000m and 10,000m Fernando Couto (1988 Seul 5000m, 10000m in 1992 Barcelona. PB´s are: steeple 8:34.56; 5000m 13:24.25; 10000m 28:03.69)

Antonio Cabral

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