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Shadrack Songock Wins the 10k at Nationals, Upsetting Galen Rupp, Lap Splits and Recap Below
June 7, 2007

Lap splits and recap below.

Flash Results, Inc. 
                        NCAA Division I 2007 Outdoor                         
                         Track & Field Championship                          
                   Sacramento,  CA  - 6/6/2007 to 6/9/2007                   
Event 8  Men 10000 Meter Run
 Final Only.  Two waterfall, one turn, start  (18 - 8)                       
    American:   27:13.98  5/4/2001    Meb Keflezghi, Nike                    
College Best:   27:22.47  6/11/1978   Henry Rono, Washington State           
   NCAA Meet:   28:01.30  6/1/1979    Suleiman Nyambui, Texas-El Paso        
 Hornet Stad:   27:36.49  7/9/2004    Mebrahtom Keflezighi, Nikle            
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points      
  1 Shadrack Songok           JR A&M-CC                28:55.83   10         
  2 Galen Rupp                JR Oregon                28:56.19    8         
  3 Josh McDougal             JR Liberty               28:58.28    6         
  4 Sean Quigley              JR La Salle              28:59.29    5         
  5 Tim Nelson                SR Wisconsin             29:00.75    4         
  6 Stephen Samoei            SR Texas-El Paso         29:08.30    3         
  7 Jeremy Johnson            SR New Mexico            29:09.01    2         
  8 Josh Rohatinsky           SR Brigham Young         29:12.64    1         
  9 Shadrack Kiptoo-Biwott    SO Oregon                29:13.43              
 10 Kevin Chelimo             SR Texas Tech            29:13.91              
 11 Mohamed Khadraoui         SO Iona                  29:14.15              
 12 David Kinsella            SO Portland              29:15.47              
 13 Jeff Powers               SR Central Michigan      29:19.38              
 14 Keith Bechtol             SR William & Mary        29:20.05              
 15 Jordan Horn               SR Cal State-Fullerton   29:29.48              
 16 Japheth Ng'ojoy           JR Texas-El Paso         29:35.50              
 17 Payton Batliner           SR Colorado              29:40.75              
 18 John Moore                JR Portland              29:50.61              
 19 Andrew Dumm               SR Virginia              29:52.90              
 20 Ian Burrell               JR Georgia               29:56.15              
 21 Trent Hoerr               JR Illinois              30:04.03              
 22 Antonio Vega              SR Minnesota             30:09.49              
 23 Christian Wagner          SO Wisconsin             30:10.93              
 24 Michael Kilburg           JR Portland              30:16.06              
 25 Brett Gotcher             SR Stanford              30:22.48              
 26 Andrew Middleton          SR Texas                 31:06.11              

Shadrack Songok wins 58 last lap, Rupp 2nd McDougal 3rd 28:55

200 to go here comes Songok they are shoulder to shoulder, Songok has gone buy
400 to go Rupp and McDougal 61.9, Songok on them has a chance
Rupp in lead with 1000 to go 62 from 1200 to 800, McDougal right on him
3 to go 66.0 songok in lead,they're lapping a guy, 5 guys still in it
8400m 4 laps to go Rupp moves up to 3rd, UTEP in 2nd, Songok still in lead 1 mile to go
8k 23:37 4:43 last 1600 70 for the lap
7600m 70
7200m Songock, Rohatinsky on him 71 for that lap 21:16 so about 20:41 at 7k
6800 71 Songok still leading lead pack of 17, Shadrock Kiptoo is with Rupp
6400m 18:54 (4:45 last 1600) 70 for the lap   18 guys in main pack, people behind are falling off. 24:46 with 1600 to go
17:44 for k (2:59 for the last k which is 30 minute pace), Rupp 13th, McDougal 14th but that means nothing. The race hasn't really started
14th lap 70 lap
73 for 13th lap Shadrack Songok to lead, Rupp chilling out in 10th, McDougal shadowing him
4:45 for last mile 14:09 at 4800m, 14:45 at 5k
71 11th lap
11:45 at 4k  (29:22 pace) 10th lap 69 Jeremy Johnson has been back in the lead for hte last few laps, 2 UTEP guys there, then Rohatinsky, Iona, only 1 guy has been dropped Andrew Middleton of Texas
9th lap 71
71 9:24 at 3200 (4:47 for that mile, that's 30 minute pace)
3k in 8:48
7th lap 71, Rupp in 8th with Breathe Right and Hamstring wrap
72 6th lap, pace is slowing and UTEP's Japheth Ng'ojoy leading 7:01 at 2400, Shadrack Songok  in 2nd
71 5th lap
69.5 4:37  at the mile Everyone bunched together, Johnson still leading, Rohatinsky 3rd
69.3 3:27 1200 Johnsom leading, McDougal 5th Rupp with the hamstring wrap 7th
68.8 2nd lap 2:18 Johnson still leading followed by Rohatinsky, 2 UTEP guys up there
69.8 1st lap Jeremy Johnson of New Mexico leading

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