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Day 2 of USATFs: Lagat Sprints By Tegenkamp For Thrilling 5k Win, Flanagan Dominates
June 22, 2007
by: LetsRun.com

Distance Races First
*Associated Press Recap

Mens 5k
The men's 5k certainly lived up to its pre-meet expectations.  Coming into the race, people expected ultimately to see a 2-man dual between Bernard Lagat and Matt Tegenkamp (We overheard two people asking each other for their predictions prior the gun going off and one guy replied, "I know who is going to finish 1st and 2nd, I just don't know the order"). That's exactly what they got and more so, as it ended up being an exciting 3-way finish.

The race started out on the slowish side which wasn't a surprise given the fact that the temperature was in the 70s (certainly cooler than yesterday). After an opening 400 of 68.99, 800 was reached in 2:15.7 and 1600 in 4:32.82. The pace stayed about the same through half-way (7:02-3) and 2800 (7:53.79). At this point, things got interesting. Kyle King took the lead and threw down for about 150 or so and then Ian Dobson took over and 3200 was reached in 8:55.54 (3k in 8:25.79), meaning the last lap was a 61.75. The pace would remain hot until the finish. The next lap was a 63.76 (9:59.30) as Ian Dobson led and was followed by Tegenkamp and Lagat. With 1100 to go, Tegenkamp made the move he needed to make if he was going to have a shot at beating the great miler Lagat.

Tegenkamp shot to the lead as 4k was reached in (11:04.24, 64.94) but really he had just started running as 4400 was hit in 12:03.41 (59.17). Coming into the bell (12:32.67 hand-time the other times were FAT), Tegenkamp had almost a 2-second lead on Lagat (12:34.51). With 300 to go, his lead was just a bit bigger (12:47.18 versus 12:49.23) and I'm sure the crowd began to wonder if maybe Lagat was beaten and content to jog it in for 2nd.  Well, the option of jogging it in for 2nd was now over as Goucher, who had moved his way up from next to last early in the race, was in the mix just behind Lagat and charging like a madman.

One elite male steeplechaser described Goucher's race best, "He started out in dead last practically. Whenever the field was whittled down, he'd move and hang onto the back. He's just so tough. (Goucher had appeared to almost fall off when Dobson first pushed the pace)"

With about 260 to go, Goucher pulled up next to Lagat, who responded, and the two of them went after Tegenkamp as they entered the final 200. At 200 (12:32.67 for Teg (59.26) and 12:34.51 for Lagat (HT)), everyone could sense the race was Lagat's and the crowd's premonition was proven correct as Lagat's final 200 was simply sensational (unofficial 26.84) and he got a thrilling victory. Lagat passed Tegenkamp in the final 100 and the crowd noise was so loud that it seemed as if Tegenkamp might also get beat by Goucher as often a runner will sort of pack it in once he realizes he's beaten. We're not sure if Teg knew Goucher was there but he ran hard all the way to the finish and held off the fast charging Goucher who yet again rose to the occasion at US nationals as his 2007 track season had been a struggle up to this point.

It really was a sensational race and thrilling last 400. A 3 way battle that got the crowd on its feet.  Lagat's final 400 of roughly 56 flat (my HT To FAT conversion gives him a 55.98) gave him the win. The last 1k was at least 2:26 for Lagat whose last 1600 was in the 4:03 range. Great stuff!!

Jonathon Riley ended up in 4th and likely will end up in Osaka at the world champs as Lagat has indicated he'll only run the 1500 at worlds.

If you listen to our post-race audio broadcast from Indy (You can listen in your browser or download it to your mp3 player), you'll hear Tegenkamp talk about his move with 1100 to go as well as hear Bob Kennedy tell whether or not he thinks his American record will fall. Click here to listen to the audio (the interviews appear near the end of the show).

Tegenkamp said, "At some point it was like 'Ok time to take it' and 1100m came around and it was like 'OK There is no turning back now'...It was tough, but overall competing against Bernard is a great experience (for Worlds)... I know right now I don't have the closing speed I will have in 2 months."

American record holder Bob Kennedy is also on the LetsRun.com post-race podcast and talks about his American record and Tegenkamp's run. Kennedy feels his record will fall this year but he's not sure who will break it. ""I feel like it will be either Matt or Bernard," Kennedy says. (Kennedy and Teg are 2/3 of the way through the interview)

Men 5000 Meter Run
       World: W 12:37.35  5/31/2004   Kenenisa Bekele, ETH
    American: A 12:58.21  8/14/1996   Bob Kennedy, Nike
        Meet: M 13:12.76  6/24/2005   Tim Broe, adidas
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals
  1 Bernard Lagat                Nike                  13:30.73
  2 Matt Tegenkamp               Nike                  13:31.31
  3 Adam Goucher                 Nike                  13:31.50
  4 Jonathon Riley               Nike                  13:33.56
  5 Edward Moran                 Nike                  13:36.50
  6 Bolota Asmerom               unattached            13:38.26
  7 Chris Solinsky               Nike                  13:39.83
  8 Sean Graham                  Oregon TC             13:44.06
  9 Ian Dobson                   adidas                13:45.36
 10 Seth Summerside              adidas                13:48.84
 11 Kyle King                    Zap Fitness           13:49.60
 12 Rod Koborsi                  Reebok                13:52.33
 13 Matthew Gabrielson           Reebok                13:53.17
 14 Ryan Kirkpatrick             Reebok                13:53.45
 15 Stephen Haas                 New Balance           13:53.77
 16 Andrew Carlson               adidas                13:55.22
 17 Thomas Morgan                Zap Fitness           13:58.32
 18 Scott Bauhs                  California S          13:59.42
 -- Giliat Ghebray               California                 DNF
 -- Galen Rupp                   Oregon                     DNS
 -- Alan Culpepper               Nike                       DNS
 -- Abdi Abdirahman              Nike                       DNS
 -- Dathan Ritzenhein            Nike                       DNS
 -- Ryan Hall                    Asics                      DNS

Womens 5k
Shalane Flanagan continued her 2007 prowess on the track Friday night at the AT&T USATF Track and Field Champs, as she easily captured the 5000m title, adding that to her 3000m American indoor record and her 5000m outdoor American record.

Flanagan ran with the pack for most of the first mile, but 1400m into the race she took off and by 2500m she had a 10 meter lead. She reached 3000m in 8:56 and the chase pack was at 9:00. The chase pack of 3 consisted of 2 time Olympian Jen Rhines, last year's champ Lauren Fleshman, and recent NCAA champ and the newest sensation on the scene Michelle Sikes. The 3 were battling for the 2 remaining World Champ spots.

As Flanagan extended her lead over the final mile on her way to the comfortable victory in 14:51.75 (only 7 seconds off her American record and today's race was run in warm conditions), Fleshman surprisingly was the first one to crack. Fleshman just stopped running 4000m into the race and stood there in lane 2, appearing to have dropped out. It looked like she was coughing as well. And just when you thought she was going to drop out after standing and walking for 15 seconds, she started up again in a full sprint. She appeared to be running much faster than before. She repassed Arianna Lambie who had passed her and went on to finish a comfortable 4th in 15:24. It was one of the more bizarre things any of us has ever seen at a track meet.

After the race, other reporters told us that Fleshman said a "little voice" told her to stop running. But then she remembered back to when she first dropped out of a race last year and she vowed to never do it again. She said her dad says she has "balls the size of Texas" and is a "scrapper". That is why she started running up again at full force after appearing to be on the verge of dropping out.

Once Fleshman stopped, Rhines and Sikes were assured of their World Champs spots but the question was who would come out on top in their personal battle. The veteran Rhines outsprinted the upstart Sikes, but both will be going to the World Champs.

Women 5000 Meter Run
       World: W 14:16.63  6/15/2007   Meseret Defar, ETH
    American: A 14:44.80  4/13/2007   Shalane Flanagan, Nike
        Meet: M 14:45.35  7/21/2000   Regina Jacobs, Mizuno
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals
  1 Shalane Flanagan             Nike                  14:51.75
  2 Jennifer Rhines              adidas                15:08.53
  3 Michelle Sikes               Nike                  15:09.28
  4 Lauren Fleshman              Nike                  15:24.60
  5 Arianna Lambie               Stanford              15:38.83
  6 Catherine Ferrell            Oregon TC             15:43.69
  7 Julia Lucas                  N C State             15:55.36
  8 Mandi Zemba                  New Balance           16:06.02
  9 Amy Hastings                 adidas                16:08.71
 10 Whitney McDonald             unattached            16:12.19
 -- Renee Metivier               Nike                       DNF
 -- Sara Slattery                adidas                     DNF
 -- Melissa Cook                 New Balance                DNS
 -- Kara Goucher                 Nike                       DNS

Men's Steeple Semis
In the men's steeplechase, nothing unusual happened as most of the big names advanced to Sunday's final. The only 'name' casualty was former Ohio State star Brian Olinger. Olinger who ran 8:19 a few years back came into the meet with the 7th fastest qualifying time of 8: 31.56 but did not advance today when he ran 8:42.

The first heat started out slowish and then picked up after two laps. Anthony "Fam" Famiglietti went to the lead with 2.5 laps to go and looked fine in his first steeple of the year.

The 2nd heat started faster. After 2 laps they were about 5 seconds ahead of the first heat. On the 5th lap, Daniel Lincoln went to the lead and extended it to about 5 meters lead which Slattery slowly closed. In the last 200, Slattery ran up next to Lincoln (was he making a point for the final was our thought?) and they crossed the line side by side. Lincoln looked very good throughout.

Lincoln didn't make himself available for post-race interviews as he wanted to get an ice bath in right away. We caught up to Steve Slattery after the race and asked him what his plan was for the race. "

"(Prior to the race), Lincoln and I were like 'We'll run exactly what Fam ran' and I think we were off by a second or two. When there are two of you, it's not like one of you gets stuck out there. But other people were willing to take the pace early so it was fine," said Slattery about his heat which was led by Ben Bruce for laps 2 through 4 after Slattery took the first lap.

Prior to the race, we talked to Danny Greene - an Arkansas assistant - and he said that John McDonnell is most definitely not retiring and that they are excited about next year. Additionally, he said that Lincoln, who is in medical school in Little Rock, has been in Fayetteville the last two months on a rotation so he has been able to train under the watchful of McDonnell, a coaching legend.

Leader Splits From Start Line (Outside Water Jump)
1st Heat - 74.53, 75.65, 73.00, 73.08, 72.22, 71.69, 68.10 + 5ish seconds to finish.
2nd Heat - 73.33, 71.88, 74.41, 73.74, 71.56, 72.38, 70.78 + 5.5ish to finish

Full Results

Men 3000 Meter Steeplechase
World: W 7:53.63 9/3/2004 Saif Saaeed Shaheen, QAT
American: A 8:08.82 7/14/2006 Daniel Lincoln, Nike
Meet: M 8:15.02 7/15/2004 Daniel Lincoln, Nike
Name Year Team Prelims
Heat 1 Preliminaries
1 Anthony Famiglietti adidas 8:34.85Q
2 Joshua McAdams New Balance 8:34.88Q
3 Aaron Aguayo Arizona State 8:35.04Q
4 Michael Spence Asics 8:35.78Q
5 Kyle Alcorn unattached 8:37.77q
6 Tom Chorny unattached 8:39.20q
7 Max King Oregon TC 8:39.62q
8 Brian Olinger Reebok 8:42.88
9 Ryan Warrenburg Zap Fitness 8:45.00
10 Jordan Fife unattached 8:45.42
11 Emory Mort Willow Street AC 8:52.95
12 Thomas Kloos adidas 8:55.52
-- Michael Nicks unattached DNS
Heat 2 Preliminaries
1 Steve Slattery Nike 8:33.65Q
2 Daniel Lincoln Nike 8:33.72Q
3 Corey Nowitzke Eastern Michigan 8:34.97Q
4 Benjamin Bruce Asics 8:35.26Q
5 Anderson Smith Reebok 8:36.94q
6 Kevin Davis California 8:38.02q
7 Thomas Brooks Oregon TC 8:39.54q
8 William Nelson Colorado 8:42.23
9 Todd Ptacek unattached 8:43.95
10 Lucas Meyer Oregon TC 8:45.72
11 Carl Moe unattached 8:47.39
12 Luke Watson adidas 8:55.89
13 Joseph Gray Oklahoma State 8:59.26

Men's 1500m Heats- Top 3 in each heat and next 6 times to final

All the favorites advanced to the finals with the two big favorites Bernard Lagat and Alan Webb each winning their heat.

In heat 1, Pat Tarpy took it out in a quick 57.0 and was followed by Bernard Lagat and Jeff See. The paced slowed to 60.3 the 2nd lap with Tarpy in the lead with Lagat stalking him. Lagat took the lead at 1200 in 2:57.9 (60.5) and looked good as he put a little distance on the field on the final turn. 2005 World Championship team member Chris Lukezic stayed close on the turn with former NCAA champ Leonael Manzano on Lukezic, as they appeared to have the 3 automatic spots for the final. Manzano came up on the final straight for the win but Lagat was conserving some energy for a possible 5000m final 2 hours later.

In heat 2, Steve Sherer was the guinea pig. He took it out in a super quick 56.1, hoping that he could get one of the 6 time qualifying spots for the final (we think it is time that distance events go solely on place for the final or at least with the vast majority of final places based on place, not time. Qualifying heats are not time trials.). The pace slowed the 2nd 400, and 800m was reached in 1:58.6. Said Ahmed, formerly of Arkansas, now with Nike, lead at the bell with Alan Webb dropping back to fifth as a lot of people went around him on the first turn of the final lap. Webb moved up to 4th on the turn and then passed everyone the final 100m to get the win but it did not look super, super easy. Afterwards, we overheard Webb tell ESPN's Lewis Johnson that he thought the top 4 made the final automatically so he was willing to cruise in in 4th until he heard the track announcer say only the top 3 were automatic. 2000 champion and runner-up Gabe Jennings, moved way up the final 100m to nab 2nd. Perhaps like last year he is peaking at the right time.

Men 1500 Meter Run
       orld: W 3:26.00  7/7/1998    Hicham El Guerrouj, MAR
    American: A 3:29.30  8/28/2005   Bernard Lagat, Nike
        Meet: M 3:34.92  6/20/1982   Steve Scott, Sub 4 TC
    Name                    Year Team                   Prelims
Heat  1 Preliminaries
  1 Leonel Manzano               Texas                  3:39.29Q
  2 Bernard Lagat                Nike                   3:39.40Q
  3 Christopher Lukezic          Reebok                 3:39.55Q
  4 Andrew McClary               unattached             3:39.94q
  5 William Leer                 unattached             3:40.06q
  6 Garrett Heath                Stanford               3:40.12q
  7 John Jefferson               Oregon TC              3:40.60q
  8 Jeff See                     unattached             3:40.95
  9 Stephen Pifer                Colorado               3:41.83
 10 Aucencio Martinez            Adams State College    3:41.93
 11 Sean O'Brien                 Oregon TC              3:41.93
 12 Patrick Tarpy                Reebok                 3:45.35
 13 Brendan O'Keefe              Zap Fitness            3:48.12
Heat  2 Preliminaries
  1 Alan Webb                    Nike                   3:39.33Q
  2 Gabriel Jennings             Saucony                3:39.59Q
  3 Rob Myers                    Reebok                 3:39.60Q
  4 Said Ahmed                   Nike                   3:39.78q
  5 Russell Brown                Stanford               3:39.82q
  6 David Torrence               California             3:40.80
  7 Ben True                     unattached             3:41.16
  8 Jason Jabaut                 Carrboro Ath           3:41.74
  9 Jordan McNamara              unattached             3:42.31
 10 Sean Jefferson               Oregon TC              3:42.91
 11 Blake Boldon                 Saucony                3:42.96
 12 John Richardson              Kentuckey Mi           3:45.76
 13 Steve Sherer                 unattached             3:50.28
 -- Thomas Morgan                Zap Fitness                DNS


Women's 800 - Heat 1 - In the 800s, it was the top 4 qualify and no time qualifiers.

In the first heat, there was no drama as the top 4 were clearly the class of the field as 4th was a full 2 seconds ahead of 5th. High schooler Chanelle Price didn't look like an amateur at all as she led the field the first 600 through splits of 27.6, 57.94, and 1:30.3.

The big drama in the first heat was that former US star Nicole Teter dropped out. We didn't see where but know she didn't make it 500 meters.

Heat 2- Hazel Clark had a big early lead as she took things out in 27.7. At 400, Clark, NCAA champ Alsia Johnson and recent Cornell graduate Morgan Uceny had 3 meters on 4th as Clark hit 400 in 58.29. 600 was reached in 1: 30.6 for Clark as like in the first heat, the top 4 were clearly the class of the field.

Women 800 Meter Run
World: W 1:53.28 7/26/1983 Jarmila Kratochvilova, CZE
American: A 1:56.40 8/11/1999 Jearl Miles-Clark, Reebok
Meet: M 1:57.04 6/17/1996 Meredith Rainey, Foot Locke
Name Year Team Semis
Heat 1 Semi-Finals
1 Alice Schmidt adidas 2:02.87Q
2 Nikeya Green Reebok 2:02.97Q
3 Lauren Austin unattached 2:03.00Q
4 Chanelle Price United Stars 2:03.09Q
5 Julian Clay Nike 2:05.14
6 Mishael Berger unattached 2:05.46
7 Georganne Way unattached 2:07.80
-- Nicole Teter Oregon TC DNF
Heat 2 Semi-Finals
1 Hazel Clark Nike 2:02.59Q
2 Alysia Johnson California 2:02.87Q
3 Morgan Uceny Cornell 2:03.04Q
4 Geena Gall Michigan 2:03.33Q
5 Trisa Nickoley Missouri 2:04.07
6 Nicole Cook Reebok 2:05.09
7 Becky Horn unattached 2:07.09
-- Mackenzie Pierce California DNS

Mens 800
Khadevis Robinso
n was ready to run when the gun went off as he took it out alone in 24.0, way clear of the field. At 400, KD was still 4-5 meters up on the field as he hit 51.74. At 600, the field had caught up to KD who appeared to coast a bit from 300 to 600, but KD threw it into another gear and had a huge lead by 700 and coasted in for the win.

The four who broke 1:47.00 all got in automatically.

Heat 2- Of the four 800 heats tonight, this was the only one with a good amount of drama. In the previous three, the top 4 appeared to be the class of the field. In this heat, 2004 Olympian Jonathan Johnson took it out in 25ish before hitting 400 in 51.18. At 600 (1:18.3), it was Johnson, Burley, Krumennacker and Solomon in the top 4, but the last 200 was very exciting. Nick Symmonds, who ran in last for the first 400, was 6th entering the homestretch but he would power home to get the win. Duane Solomon, Johnson and Kevin Elliott appeared to have 2-4 locked up but Trent Riter came from way back in the last 50 to get 3rd, leaving Johnson to battle it out and edge Elliott for the qualifying spot.

Former world indoor gold medallist David Krummenacker did not advance.

Men 800 Meter Run
World: W 1:41.11 8/24/1997 Wilson Kipketer, KEN
American: A 1: 42.60 8/28/1985 Johnny Gray, Santa Monica T
Meet: M 1:42.80 6/24/1992 Johnny Gray, SMTC
Name Year Team Semis
Heat 1 Semi-Finals
1 Khadevis Robinson Nike 1:46.17Q
2 Floyd Thompson Santa Monica T C 1:46.65Q
3 Lopez Lomong Northern Arizona 1:46.70Q
4 Golden Coachman unattached 1:46.79Q
5 Elliott Blount Oregon TC 1:47.03
6 Neville Miller New York A C 1:47.25
7 Brandon Shaw Oregon TC 1:47.98
8 Mark Wieczorek unattached 1:49.44
Heat 2 Semi-Finals
1 Nicholas Symmonds Oregon TC 1:46.53Q
2 Duane Solomon U S C 1:46.57Q
3 Trent Riter unattached 1:46.62Q
4 Jonathan Johnson Reebok 1:46.71Q
5 Kevin Elliott Oregon TC 1:46.73
6 Kevin Hicks Nike 1:47.28
7 David Krummenacker adidas 1:47.64
8 Samuel Burley Asics 1:48.47


Women's 100m
World Champ Torri Edwards
ran 11.02 into the wind to easily defeat Lauryn Williams.

Mens 100m
Tyson Gay looked incredible running 9.84 into a .5 mps wind, winning by .23 over LSU's Trindon Holliday. NCAA sensation Walter Dix was 3rd as maybe he is tired from a long NCAA season.

Mens 400m Semis

American domination in the 400m should continue if the semis are any indication.

In heat 1, Angelo Taylor the 2000 Olympic champ in the 400m hurdles, continued his incredible 2007 season as he ran a very relaxed 44.63 in the first semifinal.

But before anyone could think that was super impressive, LaShawn Merritt ran 44.44 in heat 2 for the win.

Heat  1 Semi-Finals
  1 Angelo Taylor                unattached               44.64Q
  2 Darold Williamson            Nike                     44.87Q
  3 Bershawn Jackson             Nike                     45.06Q
  4 Jamaal Torrence              unattached               45.19Q
  5 Calvin Smith                 Florida                  45.73
  6 Fernada Blakely              Asics                    45.74
  7 Obra Hogans                  unattached               46.55
 -- Jamel Ashley                 Reebok                     DNF
Heat  2 Semi-Finals
  1 LaShawn Merritt              Nike                     44.44Q
  2 Lionel Larry                 U S C                    44.67Q
  3 Derrick Brew                 Reebok                   45.02Q
  4 David Neville                Nike                     45.24Q
  5 Andrew Rock                  adidas                   45.40
  6 Greg Nixon                   unattached               45.70
  7 Reggie Witherspoon           unattached               45.82
  8 Erison Hurtault              Columbia                 45.97

Women's 400m Semis
Sanya Richards
won her heat by over a second in 50.02 and Dee Dee Trotter won hers in 50.70.

Women 400 Meter Dash
       World: W 47.60  10/6/1985   Marita Koch, GDR
    American: A 48.70  9/17/2006   Sanya Richards, Nike
        Meet: M 49.27  6/24/2006   Sanya Richards, Nike
    Name                    Year Team                     Semis
Heat  1 Semi-Finals
  1 Sanya Richards               Nike                     50.02Q
  2 Mary Wineberg                Nike                     51.06Q
  3 Monique Hennagan             Nike                     51.46Q
  4 Shana Cox                    Penn State               51.72Q
  5 Ashlee Kidd                  Georgia Tech             52.09
  6 Demetria Washington          Nike                     52.28
  7 Kia Davis                    unattached               52.29
  8 Jessica Young                Richmond                 52.95
Heat  2 Semi-Finals
  1 De'Hashia Trotter            adidas                   50.70Q
  2 Natasha Hastings             South Carolina           50.72Q
  3 Monique Henderson            Reebok                   50.97Q
  4 Moushaumi Robinson           Nike                     51.66Q
  5 Debbie Dunn                  unattached               51.69
  6 Angel Perkins                unattached               51.73
  7 Jessica Cousins              Arkansas                 52.44
  8 Chauntae Bayne               unattached               53.67

Men's 400m Hurdles Semis

Michael Tinsley edged Kerron Clement in heat 2 in 48.02, the fastest time of the year in 2007. James Carter won heat 1.

Men 400 Meter Hurdles
       World: W 46.78  8/6/1992    Kevin Young, USA
    American: A 46.78  8/6/1992    Kevin Young, Foot Locker AC
        Meet: M 47.03  6/21/1998   Bryan Bronson, Nike
    Name                    Year Team                     Semis
Heat  1 Semi-Finals
  1 James Carter                 unattached               48.91Q
  2 Derrick Williams             Reebok                   48.97Q
  3 Rickey Harris                adidas                   49.06Q
  4 Reuben McCoy                 Auburn                   49.27Q
  5 Brian Derby                  unattached               49.81
  6 Justin Gaymon                Georgia                  49.91
  7 Orentheus Hutcherson         unattached               50.12
  8 Brandon Johnson              U C L A                  50.23
Heat  2 Semi-Finals
  1 Micheal Tinsley              adidas                   48.02Q
  2 Kerron Clement               Nike                     48.08Q
  3 Kenneth Ferguson             adidas                   49.25Q
  4 LaRon Bennett                unattached               49.27Q
  5 Ben Clark                    unattached               49.79
  6 Eric Dudley                  unattached               49.85
  7 Andrew Peresta               unattached               49.90
  8 Joey Woody                   adidas                   50.95

Men's Long Jump
Olympic and World Champ Dwight Phillips got the win over Miguel Pate.

Men's Pole Vault
2005 World silver medallist Brad Walker got the win and 39 year old American record holder Jeff Hartwig booked his ticket to Worlds by finishing 2nd as 8 guys went over 18 feet.
*Associated Press Recap

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