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2007 NCAA XC Contest Recap: We Have a Repeat Winner
 by: LetsRun.com
December 7, 2007

*Scores and Top Picks Here

Yesterday we told you about the amazing story of the Maclay school PE class that dominated our $100,000 2007 Olympic Marathon Trials Prediction Contest, which was won by 8th grade soccer player, Lizzy Z, who picked the top 4 perfectly correctly.

Today we're recapping our 2007 NCAA XC prediction contest and have an amazing feat of a different sort- a repeat winner in one of our of prediction contests.

Team Prediction Winner
Our NCAA prediction contest had what we believe to be a first, a repeat winner. Most people spend their entire lives trying to triumph in one of our contests, but now Tim Goldsack, aka Timo, has triumphed in 2 of our contests in the last 3 years. This year Tim won the Team Prediction contest. He picked the top 2 on the men's side perfectly, and picked the top 4 teams on the women's side perfectly. Tim's picks are here and as you can see he's a well deserved winner.

Tim clearly knows his cross country as he also won the 2004 NCAA XC contest. Compared to the 8th grade neophyte that won our Marathon Trials contest, the fact that Tim won isn't all that surprising as Time is a diehard track and field/xc fan - he even writes a blog on trackshark.com. In looking at his blog, we're pleased to see that he has a little of the letsrun.com attitude as if you look at the blog now his headline says, "Still Got It" and links to the LetsRun.com XC Contest results. Well done Tim.

Individual Prediction Contest
The winner of the Individual Prediction Contest was John Kenworthy from our neck of the woods -Gloversville, NY (upstate NY). John had an unfair advantage in the contest as he raced against Josh McDougal in high school, so he had to pick the NY star for the win. But his picking prowess didn't stop there as he picked the top 3 on the men's side and top 2 on the women's side perfectly, and had 8 of the men's top 10 and 8 of the women's top 11 in his top 10. Pretty damn impressive.

Overall Winner
Top 4 Men, Top 2 Women Picked Perfectly Plus Top 3 Women's Teams and Top 2 Men's Teams

The overall winner of the contest was Caleb Morgan, a 20 year old who runs for NAIA school, Lee University. Morgan's picks were truly sensational. In the team's contest he picked the top 2 men's team perfectly and the top 3 women's team perfectly. Then he followed that up by picking the top 4 men perfectly and the top 2 women perfectly. (His picks are here).

Caleb's picks are so good we've decided to award him a RoadRunner Sports Gift Certificate as well. (To Save 10% at RoadRunner Click Here). Officially, the winner of the individual contest and the winner of the team contest were only supposed to get gift certificates. But because we at letsrun.com like to reward greatness and are kind souls we're giving Caleb a gift certificate as well.

And after our story on the amazing Lizzy Z yesterday, we saw this thread on the dominance of women in our contests where Fou says she won our 2004 Olympic Trials Contest and did not get her gift. We were surprised but told her to email us and she did. Fou is Hilary Richards and she showed she did win the contest (but did not register with an email address). She said she did not need her prize, but we're in the holiday spirit and men of our word so of course we're sending her a RoadRunner Gift Certificate. as well.

Lastly, we'll briefly give you a recap of the our 2007 World Champs contest which we never did a recap on. As you can see, we're trying to tidy up all of our past unfinished business. The contests are fun but recapping them adds to the enjoyment so from now own we pledge to recap them within a week of them finishing.

Winners (Including a Rocket Scientist) of Our World Champs Contest That We Never Did a Recap On:
Winner- Zach Frohling runs for 2000 Olympic Marathon Team Member Rod DeHaven at South Dakota State
Others Prize Winners
Brad Poore- Men's Olympic Trials Marathon runner (86th place in 2:29:14) who went to Kenya over the summer to train but got malaria. Graduates from law school this May and is looking for a law firm to hire him that will still let him train (email us if you're interested in hiring him)
Mike Mennsen- a very big fan of the sport who gets 95% of his info from letsrun.com. Clearly, he does given his top 5 finish.
Ryan Ogliore- a true rocket scientist. We quote, "I have a physics PhD from Caltech, currently I'm working in planetary science at UC Berkeley."
BlueHen- if you're out there we never were able to get in touch with you so please email us

Thanks everyone. Remember it's not too late to get in our Footlockers Prediction Contest.

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