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Classic Emails #1: Conclusive Proof Lance Armstrong Dopes, AJ Acosta Is Not as Much an A**hole as You Think, and the #1 Email of All Time In the History of LetsRun.com Emails
by: LetsRun.com
September 15, 2006

A few years ago a friend of Wejo's from college, started sending out an installment of "Classic Emails" that had been sent from various members of his team while he was in college. Some of them we're pretty good, so we figured we'd start a "Classic Emails" installment on letsrun.com. We get quite a few emails at the site, most of them not too interesting, but occasionally we get a few gems.

We'll start off with the #1 email of all time at LetsRun.com. Names have been removed to protect the innocent unless we have permission to use the authors names.

Read LetsRun.com, Get Fired From Your Work, Have Problems With Your Marriage....

We all know how destructive letsrun.com can be. A while back there was the story of the guy who got fired from his work for spending his working hours on letsrun.com (if this person wants to contact us, we'd love to interview him). But the email below shows a new level of addiction. Rumor has it, that the American Medical Association recommends porn and online gambling, before you even think about going to letsrun.com:

    Not that this is of great concern to you, but I have decided to stop visiting the letsrun website. I haven't visited the site in over two weeks because it became painfully obvious to me recently that I am addicted to the message board. My personal boundaries became so blurry as a result of that addiction that I became a person on the board that I did not want to be. I was crude, mean, and egotistical. I created strife in my marriage because of all the time I spent on letsrun. I even jeopardized my career by talking about confidential client info occasionally. Due to these and other reasons, I came to the conclusion that I should stay away. It's a great message board with lots of great info, but my addictive personality can't handle it. I become far too enmeshed and overly-involved. I can't say I'll stay away indefinitely, but I'll definitely be a rare species on letsrun in the future.

    Thanks for the site, I enjoyed it.

The guy even had the decency to thank us for the site. Incredible.

100% Conclusive Proof That Armstrong Dopes
Below is an email we got from a grateful poster who was upset with the moderators of the message board. The poster's original email was not very constructive but said among other things, "I understand that the founds (sic) of letsrun.com come from a rich elitest (sic) white background but they need to understand that in the U$A it is quite diversified." Wejo wrote him back in response to his diatribe. Then we got this classic response that gives 100% conclusive proof that Lane Armstrong was a doper:

    I don't have chip on my shoulder because I'm contributing in changing society. Anything that your white moderators deem inappropriate is deleted. Many times Marion Jones was blasted, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying she is innocent or GUILTY but same goes for Lance Armstrong. We all know that he is dirty but because he is white, a texan and republican everyone redneck swells in american ignorance.

And we all know from Air America that there is nothing more evil in the world than being white, Texan, and Republican except of course unless you are white, Texan, Republican and RICH. We assume our beloved emailer knows Armstrong is rich. We'll pass the info onto WADA as soon as we can.

PS Armstrong is not a Republican but don't let facts get in the way when everyone except yourself is a racist.

AJ Nation Not as Arrogant as You Imagined
In case you missed it, AJ Nation, swept across America last year. AJ Acosta was the top high school runner in the country and thanks to a great slogan "AJ Nation", some cockiness on AJ's own behalf, dyestat, and the nature of 18 year old kids, all anyone wanted to do was talk about was AJ Nation.

We probably won't make you change your opinion on AJ too much (did you know his real name is Andrew?), as it is probably already made up. But after AJ missed going sub 4 in early July and we featured him with the quote of the day a couple of times, we got this email, and we're pretty impressed:

    AJ Acosta here and i just wanted to thank you personally for the support you showed over the past couple of days. You run an awesome site and i was very proud that i was worthy of being mentioned on your site, let alone make the headline! We set out for a goal and missed, but i gave it my all and i'm glad i had a lot of people in my corner rooting for me to do it. Again, thanks for all the support.... you run an awesome website and message board!

So there you have it, conclusive proof AJ is not as cocky as some of you thought. Letsrun.com is now officially piling on the AJ Nation bandwagon as it heads up to Eugene. "LetsRun.com, Endorsed by AJ Nation" (it's 50-50 Oregon will email us and tell us to remove the slogan).

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