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Day 2 Distance Recap of USATFs: Tim Broe Makes it Three in a Row, Katie McGregor Gets Her First USA Title in Exciting Women's 10k
June 24, 2005

The men's 5000m and women's 10,000m finals highlighted the distance races of day 2 of the USA champs. Recaps of those races plus the 800m semis and the women's steeple semi below.

Men's 5000m: Tim Broe Shows He's King, Dobson and Hall Break Through
If you still had any doubts on who is the best 3000/5000m runner in America, Tim Broe's performance on Friday night should put them to rest, as he won a competitive and fast 5000m at the 2005 USATF nationals in a meet record time of 13:12.76. Former Stanford teammates Ian Dobson and Ryan Hall were very impressive in their pro debuts and made Broe work for his victory, and were rewarded themselves with personal bests and world championships qualifying times, as they would finish 2nd and 3rd respectively. But for Broe, the victory represented his 3rd straight US 5000m title, and he has now only been beaten by an American outdoors once in 3 years (and he was coming off injury when it happened).

Tim Broe wasted little time in the final, showing he was serious about running fast as he went straight to the lead and led the field through a fast opening lap of 61 point, and 800m in 2:05.6. At 800, he had a five meter lead on the field led by Adam Goucher. Broe hit the 1600m in 4:15.3 and former Stanford runners, Ryan Hall (now with Asics) and Ian Dobson (now with Adidas) were leading the pack in pursuit.

Hall and Dobson would catch up to Broe by 2k (5:20.9). Hall would take the lead and push the pace the next lap (62.) and the halfway mark was reached in roughly 6:38-6:39, which was on pace to hit the World Championship "A" qualifying standard (13:21.5) which Hall and Dobson did not have coming into the race.

By 2800m Hall stepped to the outside of lane 2, hoping someone else would take the lead and Ian Dobson eventually did, as they passed 3k in 7:59.3. The chase pack led by Adam Goucher was 15-20 meters behind and it appeared to be a 3 man race for the win.

Dobson continued to lead through 3200 (8:32.2). At 3600 the pace slackened a bit (65.3) and Hall was back to the lead. 4000m was reached in 10:41.5 (13:21.8 pace) and it appeared that Hall and Dobson would hit the "A" standard if they had any kick left in them.

With 800m to go, Broe began his push for home. Hall tried to stay with him and a slight gap developed between Hall and Dobson. Broe reached 600 to go in 11:43.6 (61.8) and tightened the screws even further running 30 seconds for the next 200, opening a 5 meter gap on Ryan Hall at the bell with another 4 or 5 meters to Dobson. Broe wasn't done yet upping the tempo as he ran 29.6 the next 200, giving him a comfortable cushion with 200m left. Broe nonetheless ran 29 seconds the last 200m to win in a personal best and meet record time of 13:12.76. The battle now was for second and Dobson came up and passed Hall with 200m to go and held off Hall ,who beat him at NCAAs on the final stretch, to finish 2nd in a pb of 13:15.33, while Hall would get 3rd in a pb of 13:16.03.

Jorge Torres would win the very tight dash from the chase pack for 4th, finishing in 13:25.00 to Jonathon Riley's 13:25.04, with Matt Tegenkamp close by in 13:25.36 and Ed Moran of William & Mary in 13.25.87.

With Broe's win he has now won 3 straight USA 5000m titles (despite being injured for most of 2003 and 2004) and has only lost to an American once in 3 years outdoors (last year when he was coming off injury). Broe believes he is in shape to run 13:05 right now which would put him #3 all time in the US. Dobson and Hall, had tremendous breakthrough races on Friday in their professional debuts, and their coach, Andy Gerard could be seen still pumping his hands in the air in exaltation, 3 or 4 minutes after the race. Quotes from the top runners below:

Tim Broe, 3rd Straight 5000m title, in a pr and meet record of 13:12.76
On taking the lead early: "I'm not going to slow down (just) to let anyone get around me (and share the pace). But Ryan just made a big move (to catch up and then push the pace) and was anxious to push the pace. I was a bit surprised but quite happy (to have someone helping with the pace)."

On whether Hall and Dobson helped him out: "(It helped) big time (having them help with the pace). They looked like they kind of came in with a plan to run fast and heck man my hats off to the young talent. They're just not afraid and that's what we need. Those are the kind of guys we need. Those are the kind of guys we need representing us at the World Champs."

On whether he was surprised to pr: "I was ready for it (a pr). I was 100% prepared to run under 13:20. I didn't know how fast I could go on my own, but like I said they (Dobson and Hall) helped out. And you know there was a little bit left in there (in his tank at the end). I was kind of hesitant. That's the fastest I've been through 3k in a 5k and it still isn't that fast so I was a bit hesitant with a mile to go, so I just held back (and didn't push for home until later)...I've known especially for the last month after those couple of good three ks that on my best day I can run 13:05 and after today I'm convinced I can. I've got 7 seconds in me. We were only 7:59 for 3k and ideally I'd like to be 7 seconds faster (at 3k)."

On being healthy at nationals: "This is the first time since 2001 that I've come in 100% prepared (health wise). It takes a lot off stress and pressure off you to come in and know your fit and not have to worry about what's happened in the past (with injuries). I haven't had to take a day off for injury in 18 months. Being in really good shape, I didn't really have to taper for the meet. I definitely sharpened up and got ready for it, but we're still really getting prepared for a month and a half for now"

On his 7:41 3k at the Reebok Grand Prix Meet: "I actually felt really rough there (at the 3k in NY). I was really expecting to run 7:36 to 7:37 and it was just one of those days I wasn't clicking. I think I trained too hard the week before, but to have an off day and run 7:41 against some pretty good guys on a kind of hot, humid day bodes well for the summer."

On his plans for the summer: "go back to Ann Arbor and do some fast stuff. I haven't done anything faster than 60 second pace. Get a 1500 (race) or two in, and a really good 5(k) in, in either Stockholm or London, and then just kind of train and get ready for World Champs 3 weeks out.

Whether his time, a meet record, was good enough for him: "2 more seconds and I would have been top 3 all time (in the US), it kind of irks me"

Ian Dobson, 2nd place in pr of 13:15.33
On his race:

"It was definitely the most exciting race of my life. I've said it a hundred times this season, that Ryan and I work better than any two people I've seen. It paid off tonight. Any other guy (up there with me) and I wouldn't have gone to the lead, but it was Ryan so I knew we had to help each other out, so I took it. 'Stop thinking, just run.(was his thought process)' I said after NCAAs I think we can run 13:10, and I really think we can."

On his training: "We don't start turning the legs over too early. We do strides throughout the year. But as for hard miles we just started doing that last week. A lot of threshold this year, that builds the base."

"I've come a long with Andy (Gerard his coach at Stanford the last 2 years). This year has been more of a challenge than last for Andy and I. We got along real well last year, (and don't get me wrong) we get along personally great (this year). We've had a little more, not clashing, but I've had more input this year which is great. He listens to it, he's a coach who is not afraid to say let's reconsider and think of something new. So I have a lot of respect for him""

Ryan Hall, 3rd place in a PR of 13:16.03:  Hall was proud to introduce his girlfriend Sara Bei, as his new fiancee. Its been a hectic few weeks for Hall as he got his NCAA win 2 weeks ago, saw Sara graduate from college that same weekend, then got engaged last weekend, decided to turn professional the next day, qualified for the World Champs on Friday, and is watching his brother get married tomorrow.

On his decision to turn pro:
"I was totally planning on it (coming back), but Sara was going to turn pro (her eligibility is up), so I wanted to do it (turn pro) with her. With NCAAs going so well, I was thinking, 'what makes sense for next year.' I was excited about it and excited to do it with Sara."

On his great race and pushing the pace with a 62.3 lap in the middle: "Sara told me before the race, 'Be Bold'"

Adam Goucher, 8th place in 13:27.65:
"Bottom line is I let them gap me, then I ran over half the race breaking the wind for everybody. What are you going to do? You can't do that, you can't get gapped. They ran a great race. (Sighs) Anyway, back to training."

Results and lap by lap recaps below (plus women's 10,000m recaps and 800 meter semi recaps)

  1 Tim Broe                     adidas                13:12.76
  2 Ian Dobson                   adidas                13:15.33
  3 Ryan Hall                    Asics                 13:16.03
  4 Jorge Torres                 Reebok                13:25.00
  5 Jonathon Riley               Nike                  13:25.04
  6 Matt Tegenkamp               Nike                  13:25.36
  7 Edward Moran                 Unattached            13:25.87
  8 Adam Goucher                 Nike                  13:27.65
  9 Matthew Gonzales             Unattached            13:36.85
 10 Chris Solinsky               Unattached            13:37.55
 11 Stephen Haas                 Indiana               13:48.27
 12 Rod Koborsi                  Unattached            13:49.10
 13 Joshua Rohatinsky            Unattached            13:50.11
 14 Eric Logsdon                 Oregon                13:51.10
 15 Andrew Carlson               Minnesota             13:54.03
 16 Kyle King                    Zap Fitness           13:54.48
 17 Neftalem Araia               Stanford              14:01.25
 18 Ian Connor                   Nike                  14:02.90
 19 Tim Nelson                   Unattached            14:08.40
 20 Thomas Morgan                Unattached            14:21.79
 -- Christopher Emme             Stanford                   DNF
 -- Bolota Asmerom               Nike                       DNF
 -- Eric Savoth                  Nike Farm Team             DNF
 -- Sean Graham                  Nike Farm Team             DNF

Broe wins it 13:12 Meet Record!!! 13:15.33 Dobson. 13:16.03 Hall. Top 3 Get A Standard!! Torres gets 4th. 13:25.00 Riley 13:25.04
5k Wejo says "Broe is a badass. He's got it. Dobson passes Hall with 200 to go.
12:43.6 wiht 200 to go.
4600 12:13? Broe has 5 meter leads on Hall, then 4 meters to Dobson.
4400: 61.8 for that one. Broe is pushing 11:43.6
800 to go Broe takes the lead. Hall is with him. Small gap to Dobson.
4k: 10:41.5 (13:21-2 pace so we should get an A standard if they kick). Hall now leads. Top 3 still together. Goucher 3th, Riley, Moran, Teg adn then gap to Gonzalez in 3rd pack
3600: 65.3 Dobson still leads. Pack is rouhgly 5 seconds behind the top 3.
3200: 8:32.2 Slower on that lap. They were on 13:18-19 pace at 3k. After top 3 it's Torres, Riley, Goucher, Teg and Moran?
3k right around 8 flat. 7:59.3 Dobson lead. Pack is 15-20 Meter behind.
2800: 7:27.6 Hall is trying to move out to let somoene else lead but the others aren't having anything to do with it. 1st 3 are getting clear of everyone else. Well now Dobson takes it.
2500 halfway roughly in 6:38-9. On A Standard Pace
2400: 6:23.3 Hall, Broe, Dobson then small gap to Goucher, Torres, Riley.
2k: 5:20.9 Hall and Dobson have caught Broe. Hall now leads. then slight gap to Goucher/Torres/Moran, Bolota, Tegankamp and then a big gap to everyone else.
1600: 4:15.3 Broe still leads then Hall/Dobson, then Riley then Moran.
1200:3:10.7 Broe is 5 meters ahead then Goucher, Dobson, Torres, Hall, Riley.
1k: 2:38 (13:10 pace) Goucher 5 meters behind Broe.
800: 205.6 Broe is taking it out hard. Broe is a man!! Broe is 3 yards ahead and then it's single file.
400 62 point.

Women's 10,000m: Katie McGregor Triumphs in SuperCompetitive Women's 10,000m

Everyone's attention in the women's 10,000m was on Athens Olympic marathon bronze medallist Deena Kastor, who was making her 2005 debut, coming off of a stress reaction. Kastor stayed with lead pack of 4 throughout the race in what was a very competitive women's 10,000m final. Over the final lap, Kastor was not in contention and it was a sprint amongst Katie McGregor, Blake Russell and Jen Rhines for the US title and the World Championship qualifying spots. Katie McGregor, NCAA XC champ in 1988, was strongest over the final 200m as she would pass Russell for her first USATF outdoor title, but Russell would hold on for second and also got the crucial world championship qualifying time. Rhines already had the time, and would finish 3rd, while Kastor would get 4th.

A lead pack of 8 (McGregor, Russell, Rhines, Kastor, Sylvia Mosqueda, Elva Dryer, Laura O'Neill, and American junior record holder Lindsey Scherf) emerged from the field of pretenders on the first lap. The 1600 was in approximately 5:06 and 2k in 6:21 (31:45) so the women were close to the World Championship qualifying pace (31:40). Scherf was in over her head at this pace and was the first to drop. Black Russell continued to do most of the leading as she unlike McGregor, Rhines, Kastor, and Dryer did not have the qualifying standard. 3200 meters were reached in 10:07.3 (5:01 2nd 1600), 4800 in 15:11.9 (5:04.6), and halfway in 15:50, right on pace for the 31:40 "A" standard. Mosqueda dropped off the fast pace by 5k, and the bigger surprise was that around 4 miles (Russell in lead at 20:19 (5:08 for 4th mile)), Elva Dryer, who had the fastest time this year of the runners in the field, was dropped.

Russell would continue to lead the pack of 4 (McGregor, Russell, Kastor, and Rhines) until 1 lap short of 5 miles where Katie McGregor would take over the lead. McGregor continued to lead into the final mile. With 2 laps to go, a gap was starting to form between the top 3 and Olympic medallist Kastor, who clearly was not on top of her game.

With 800m to go, the pack needed a sub 2:28 800m to hit the World Championship qualifying standard which Blake Russell did not have. Russell busted the race open with 600m left, as she began her push for the win and the standard.  She led at the bell (74.2 for 400) with McGregor and Rhines still in contention. Russell would lead until the end of the final turn where Katie McGregor would summon up one final surge to pass Russell. McGregor would pull away down the stretch and get the win (31:33.82), while Russell got a much deserved second place (31:35.25) and World Championship qualifying standard while Rhines got a trip to Helsinki in 3rd.

Deena Kastor was a clear 4th (31:45) and Elva Dryer 5th, as five women were at 32:00 or better. Laura O'Neill was rewarded for staying with the lead pack with a pr in 6th, in a supercompetitive women's 10000m.

McGregor's win was some redemption for missing out on the Olympic team in 2004, but after the race she said she'd trade the win for a trip to the Olympics. For quotes from the women's 10,000m click here

  1 Katie McGregor               Reebok                31:33.82
  2 Blake Russell                Reebok                31:35.25
  3 Jennifer Rhines              adidas                31:37.20
  4 Deena Kastor                 Asics                 31:45.08
  5 Elva Dryer                   Nike                  32:00.91
  6 Laura O'Neill                Nike                  32:15.70
  7 Jennifer Crain               Wisconsin Ru          33:07.43
  8 Turena Johnson Lane          Unattached            33:22.69
  9 Casey Owens                  S W Missouri          33:32.51
 10 Lindsey Scherf               Westchester           33:35.91
 11 Nicole Hunt                  Moving Comfo          33:42.01
 12 Melissa Cook                 Reebok                33:49.77
 13 Anne Bersagel                Wake Forest           34:20.99
 14 Sabrina Monroe               Hansons Odp           34:29.51
 15 Megan Daly                   Impala Racing Team    34:40.59
 16 Melissa White                Hansons Odp           35:37.40
 -- Sylvia Mosqueda              Nike                       DNF
 -- Samia Akbar                  Unattached                 DNS
 -- Kimberly Fitchen-Young       Unattached                 DNS
 -- Amy Rudolph                  adidas                     DNS

Lap by Lap Recap:
400 74.3 McGregor, Russell, Rhines, Kastor, Sylvia Mosqueda, Elva Dryer, Laura O'Neill, and Lyndsey Scherf in lead pack
800 2:31.6 (77.3)
1200 78.5
1600 roughly 5:06
2000 6:21.1 (31:45 pace) Russell, McGregor in lead, Scherf gone
2400 75.2
2800 75.3 Russell
3200 75.7 10.07.3 (5:01)
3600 76.3
4000 76.3
4400 76.1 Russell still leading
4800 76. 15:11.1 (5:04.6)
5k 15:50
6000 19:02 3:51 for last 1200
6400 20:19.1 (76.2 400) and (5:08 last 1600)
6800 77.2 21.36 Russell leading, McGregor running outside of her, Deena and Jen Rhines behind them, Elvar Dryer is back now
7200 76.2
7600 75.8 McGregor in the lead now
8000 25:24.0 (75.6 and 5:04.9 last 1600)
8400 76.5
8800 76.1 McGregor, Rhines, Russell then Deena (deena was a couple meters back but it wasn't certain she was broken or giving them space)
9200 29:12 75.9 Deena 3 meters back
9400 Blake Russell into the lead as it quickens
9600 30:26.6 (74.3) Russell, Rhines, McGregor, Deena is out of it for sure
10000 31:33 67.0 McGregor overtook Russell on the final turn for the win.

Men's 800m Semifinal Recaps:

Women's 800m Semifinal Recaps:
Heat 1:
Hazel Clark
and Kameisha Bennett opened up a gap on the field with a fast opening 400m 59.15 and had no problem holding on to qualify for the finals with Clark running 2:02.47 the fastest time of the day. Sasha Spencer would get the 3rd auto spot but 5 runners in this heat would end up making the final.

  1 Hazel Clark                  Nike                   2:02.47Q
  2 Kameisha Bennett             Nike                   2:03.16Q
  3 Sasha Spencer                Nike                   2:04.72Q
  4 Tanya Osbourne               L S U                  2:04.97q
  5 Mishael Bertrand             Unattached             2:05.05q
  6 Erica Sigmont                Arkansas               2:05.53
  7 Chloe Jarvis                 Cal-Berkeley           2:10.12
  8 Perry Fields                 Ehi                    2:11.14

Heat 2:
Frances Santin
who has had a tremendous 2005, led at the 400 with Alice Schmidt formerly of UNC in 60.18. 600 was reached in 1:31.6 with Santin and Schmidt still in front. Schmidt would get the win, but Maggie Vessey would move up the final straight to pass a fading Santin and nearly catch Schmidt. American record holder Jearl Miles Clark also caught Santin, but Santin would fortunately advance to the final on time.

  1 Alice Schmidt                adidas                 2:03.96Q
  2 Maggie Vessey                Unattached             2:04.02Q
  3 Jearl Clark                  New Balance            2:04.42Q
  4 Frances Santin               Santa Monica           2:05.08q
  5 Kristina Bratton             Nike                   2:06.74
  6 Sherron Rhetta               South Bay Tr           2:07.84
  7 Antoinette Gorham            Tennessee              2:08.75
  8 Ashley Patten                Missouri               2:10.12

Men's 800m Semis:
Heat 1:
200m was in 24.4 and at 400m in 51.53 and Khadevis Robinson was in the lead with Elliott Blount in second. At 600m it was Robinson with Christian Smith moving up into second followed by Timothy Dunne. NCAA runner-up Kevin Hicks was in 6th coming off the turn but would move up to get 4th and the final automatic qualifying spot.

  1 Khadevis Robinson            Nike                   1:47.53Q
  2 Christian Smith              Kansas St.             1:47.73Q
  3 Timothy Dunne                New York Ath           1:47.95Q
  4 Kevin Hicks                  Florida A&M            1:48.27Q
  5 Zachary Glavash              Illinois               1:48.69q
  6 Duane Solomon                Unattached             1:48.97
  7 Elliott Blount               Nike Farm Team         1:49.38
  8 Courtney Jaworski            Unattached             1:50.66
  9 Joel Legare                  Connecticut            1:53.56

Heat 2:
was reached in 25.3 and normal front runner Jonathon Johnson was not in the lead. Jeremy Mims and Sam Burley were 1-2 at 200m. They continued to lead at 400 in 53.6 where David Krummenacker moved up to 3rd. At 600m these top 3 were still 1-2-3. Jebreh Harris would move up well the final 200m for the win. The big news in this heat was that 2004 USATF champ and Olympian Jonathon Johnson, abandoned his front running tactics and did not advance.

  1 Jebreh Harris                Reebok                 1:48.89Q
  2 Jeremy Mims                  Nike                   1:48.95Q
  3 David Krummenacker           adidas                 1:48.99Q
  4 Derrick Peterson             adidas                 1:49.08Q
  5 Jonathan Johnson             Reebok                 1:49.34
  6 Samuel Burley                Asics                  1:49.77
  7 Joel Williams                Unattached             1:50.71
  8 Jeffrey Fisher               L S U                  1:51.50
  9 Richard Smith                Nike                   1:51.69

Women's Steeple Heats:
They ran 2 heats to eliminate 3 women. Briana Shook and Carrie Messner got clear of the field in heat one while the next 5 runners stayed in a pack and they all would advance.

Dawn Cromer did much of the leading in a slow Heat 2 but the runners knew they didn't have to do much to advance. These preliminaries were really a waste of time but were used to try and prepare the runners for the World Championships where this event will be held for the first time this year, and there will be rounds.

  1 Briana Shook                 Nike                  10:07.37Q
  2 Carrie Messner               Asics                 10:11.96Q
  3 Natalie Florence             Colorado              10:14.81Q
  4 Lisa Galaviz                 Unattached            10:14.87Q
  5 Jane Rudkin                  Kansas City Smoke     10:16.23q
  6 Kara June                    Unattached            10:19.69q
  7 Lucinda Hull                 Adidas Ralei          10:22.90q
  8 Kelly Siefker                Unattached            10:32.52q
  9 Andrea Parker                Michigan              10:35.51
Heat  2
  1 Rena Chesser                 B Y U                 10:17.81Q
  2 Dawn Cromer                  Unattached            10:23.32Q
  3 Elizabeth Jackson            Nike                  10:24.88Q
  4 Cassie King                  North Carolina        10:25.73Q
  5 Ann Gaffigan                 New Balance           10:26.06q
  6 Brianna Dahm                 Unattached            10:28.87q
  7 Lisa Antonelli               B Y U                 10:38.92
  8 Jinny Hanifan                Unattached            10:44.96

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