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2005 USATF Track and Field Championships - Live Updates ofWomen's 5k/Men's 10k
June 23, 2005
*Recaps of these races with quotes can be found here

Men's 10,000 Live Updates
(Weldon says unfortunately the crowd has cleared out and there are about 100 people in attendance)
400 67.3
800 215.6
1k 2:48.6 Abdi and Meb 1-2 and are already beginning to pull ahead.
1200 3:21.6 Abid, Meb, a few meters to Graff then a gap to Kirkpatrick a gap to Donnelly and a gap to everyone else. The weather is nice and cool.
1600: 4:28.9 and Graff has caught up to top 3.
2k: 67ish. 2:36.2 Meb then goes to lead and is pushing
2400: 65.9 (6:42.1) Meb - Abdi and then gap to Graff.
2800: 7:49.1 Abdi in lead, with Meb. 10 yards to Graff who is by himself.
3200: 8:54.8 Abdi and Meb.
3600 10:03.9 Abdi and Meb. Graff is 5 seconds back and then there is a pack that is 4 seconds back of Graff.
4k: 11:11.3 68.8. Same top 2. Pack is getting closer to Graff.
4400: 12:19.6 68.3  Same top 2 and then roughly 80 meters to Graff who is 5 meters of pack.  Everyone is in pack except 3 guys (Sheehan of St. Francis is one of them not in it as is one Hansen guy).
5k 14:01.3 for 5k.  Meb and Abdi togther.  14:17 for pack. Graff is in back of pack.
5600: 15:43.4 Meb and Abdi are way in front then it's Hubbard and
Gildea and then 5 meter gap to Matt Lane who is with a big pack.
6000: 16:50.8 Abdi still leads. Meb with him.  9 laps left. Pack is 20 seconds behind.
6400: 18:00.4 Meb to the lead.
6800: 19:08.2 Only 3 guys still not with pack although Donnelly is now struggling to stay up.
7200: 20:14.6 Meb and Abdi. Pack is all together at 20:42, Donnelly is off. Steve Sundell is 5th (gratuitous Ivy League mention to spice things up)
7600 21:21.2 Meb and Abdi. Torres, who got into the meet via petition we believe, leads the "chase" pack or should we call it the dropped pack. 21:53
8k: 22:28.3
8400: 23:38 (?) with mile to go.
8800: 24:50.1 It's coming down to the end and they are slowing down (71) on that one.
9000: 25:25 Abdi starts to push it with 1k. Pack hits 9k in 25:57.
9100 Abdi slows it down.
9200: 25:59 with 2 laps remaining. Pack is going quicker 26:31.
9400: 26:36. Still waiting, looks like leaders are jogging. Carney making a big move in pack and Schoolmeister goes with him.
9600: 27:11 at bell. Back pack is blowing it open.
200 Just prior to 200, Abdi looks over his shoulder, they are dead even at 27:42.
10k: Abdi gets him in great finish (28:10)!!!! Meb 2nd. Downin is 3rd. Carney 4th.
They were neck and neck. Meb got ahead just barely with 60 to go and Weldon said "Meb has him" but Abdi came back and they were tied. Abdi pulled ahead with about 15 meters ago. Unreal finish evidently as they were never more than really 1 foot apart - 6 inches most of the time down to the finish. Downin 3rd in 28:34.
Meb is doing a victory lap wearing a volunteer's straw hat.
Full Results Appear below:

Men 10000 Meter Run Open
       World: W 26:20.31  6/8/2004    Kenenisa Bekele, ETH
    American: A 27:13.98  5/4/2001    Meb Keflezighi, Nike
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals
  1 Abdi Abdirahman              Nike                  28:10.38
  2 Meb Keflezighi               Nike                  28:10.57
  3 Matthew Downin               New Balance           28:34.65
  4 James Carney                 Big Sur DP            28:35.95
  5 Bret Schoolmeester           Colorado              28:37.56
  6 Joe Driscoll                 Zap Fitness           28:37.97
  7 Patrick Gildea               New York Ath          28:39.49
  8 Chris Graff                  Asics                 28:41.32
  9 Ryan Kirkpatrick             Unattached            28:43.44
 10 Matthew Lane                 Nike                  28:44.65
 11 Steve Sundell                Nike Farm Team        28:45.01
 12 Edwardo Torres               Reebok                28:46.67
 13 Josh Eberly                  Hansons Odp           28:50.07
 14 Jason Hubbard                Unattached            28:57.77
 15 Ryan Sheehan                 St. Francis           29:38.22
 16 Luke Humphrey                Hansons Odp           29:38.98
 17 Sergio Reyes                 Aggie Running Club    29:45.33
 -- Mike Donnelly                Nike                       DNF

Women's 5,000m
Full Results:
800: 2:33 (75 then 78) Flanagan leads.
1600: 4:54 Flanagan, Tollefson, Culpepper.
2k: 72 on that lap. Flanagan has 5 meter lead on Rudolph
2400: 72.4 Flanagan is 10 meters ahead. 8 people in chase pack.
2800: 72.2 Flanagan is 20-25 meters ahead now.
3k: 9:09.3 for 3k for Flanagan. Pack is at 9:17. Will she run away with it?
3200: 72.9
3600: 72.7 (10:58) Field is 10 seconds back. 8 girls still chasing.
4k: 73.2 (12:12.3) for Flanagan.
4200: 12:49 800 to go. Fleshman is 2nd (10.5 secs back), Rudolph 3rd.
4400: 73.4 for leader. Fleshman and Rudolph neck and neck - Culpepper dropped a bit - 4 meters behind them.
4600: 14:01 (72.1 for Flanagan). Fleshman and Rudolph are 8.5 back. Culpepper 7 years back in 4th for the final spot.
5k: 15:10.97 Flanagan runs away with it!!! Fleshman will get 2nd (15:16), Rudolph 3rd (15:18)in anti-climatic last lap. Culpepper (15:23), Tollfeson (15:24), Bei (15:24.7)
Full Results Appear Below.

Women 5000 Meter Run Open
       World: W 14:24.68  6/11/2004   Elvan Abeylegesse, TUR
    American: A 14:45.35  7/21/2000   Regina Jacobs, Nike
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals
  1 Shalane Flanagan             Nike                  15:10.96
  2 Lauren Fleshman              Nike                  15:16.80
  3 Amy Rudolph                  adidas                15:18.92
  4 Shayne Culpepper             Nike                  15:23.31
  5 Carrie Tollefson             adidas                15:24.13
  6 Sara Bei                     Unattached/Asics      15:24.74
  7 Amy Begley                   adidas                15:24.88
  8 Sara Gorton                  Colorado              15:32.05
  9 Nicole Aish                  Nike                  15:33.17
 10 Renee Metivier               Nike                  15:40.56
 11 Kara Goucher                 Nike                  15:41.27
 12 Melissa Buttry               Reebok                16:07.89
 13 Julia Lucas                  North Carolina St.    16:14.04
 14 Sharon Dickie                Nike                  16:18.17
 15 Katherine Newberry           Unattached            16:27.61

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