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LetsRun.com's Wejo to Race Again
Ending his days as a male escort
April 1, 2003

In a stunning development, LetsRun.com co-founder Weldon Johnson announced yesterday that he actually plans on running some races of his own in the upcoming year.

Many years ago "Wejo" (Weldon Johnosn) as he is affectionately known was one of America's up and coming distance runners. He enjoyed competing, had Olympic aspirations, and even started a website, LetsRun.com, promoting "where youre dreams become reality."

Apparently, for Wejo however, his dreams were not of the running variety.  Starting last year in Dublin, Ireland at the world cross country championships, it was noticed slowly over time that more and more Wejo was just showing up at international locations and not competing on his own.  Rumors on the circuit were that he was enjoying the night life a bit too much.

By the time of last year's Chicago Marathon, the rumors were more than confirmed when Wejo, following in his brother's footsteps went public as a male escort to the stars. Paula Radcliffe solicited his services in Chicago.  Once she declared them "splendid", Wejo overnight was the premier male escort in the world.

Wejo just in the last month has been spotted in Mexico, Las Vegas, France and Switzerland, but he swears he's serious about giving it all up - to try to run fast once again.  Many of the sophisticated viewers of the LetsRun.com message boards assumed Wejo had the best job in the world, but apparently that wasn't the case.

"I'm sick of being objectified for my sexy body.  I just want people to appreciate me because I can run fast" he said when contacted in an unidentified foreign location.

Wejo insists that his decision has nothing to do with the recent infusion of morality into the IAAF's policies with its threats to stamp out the male escort business all together. He actually welcomed the religious right's taking over the IAAF because he said they might be the only ones serious about tackling the "rampant drug problem" within the industry.

Wejo looks forward to returning to the days as living as a hermit in Flagstaff atop the mountain, and hopes he can start being a positive influence on his awestruck roommates.  "I hope I didn't corrupt them too much," he said when asked for comment.

Unconfirmed at this time are the reports that wejo's body double, Rojo, will try and get back into the escorting business.

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