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Scott Anderson Named CEO of LetsRun.com
April 1, 2003

Scott Anderson of online journal fame has been hired as LetsRun.com's first CEO.

Anderson who chronicled in chilling fashion on LetsRun.com his unsuccessful attempt to qualify for the 2000 Olympic Trials, retired from the running world in 2000 to pursue the riches of the business world by enrolling at the University of Chicago business school. He soon became one of the top students in his class and got a gig writing online journals for Business Week.

Anderson of course with this resume would be flush with job offers by now, but has decided to return to his roots and take over the helm at LetsRun.com.

"Obviously those guys have no business plan.  They have a shoddy site design (editor's note: actually it's no site design), no business plan, and no strategic vision. Rumor has it, they were had not even legally formed a company when RunnersWorld threatened to sue them (editor's note: true, but we've got some great pro bono lawyers on the message boards). I will utilize my expertise to leverage the intrinsic opportunities available to them to increase cash flow, reduce the Cost of Capital (COC), raise the ROI, and diversify their risks (editor's note: sounds good we guess)."

No word yet, on how Anderson will pay off his business school loans with his all equity, no salary job. Apparently, however, the perks of being LetsRun.com CEO won him over to the job, "I'm not quite on the level of Lloyd Ward yet, but waking up at 10 am is priceless", said Anderson.

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