USA 10 Mile: Molly Huddle Crushes It, Sam Chelanga Gets First USA Title

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October 4, 2015

Molly Huddle continued her fabulous 2015, winning her 18th US title in 51:44, the fastest time by an American for 10 miles in a women’s only race (there is debate as to whether it is an American record. NYRR elite athlete recruiter David Monti says it is not, so we will go with him). Neely Spence was second and Alexi Pappas third.

Things were close on the men’s side as Sam Chelanga edged Tyler Pennel for his first USA crown after they, Ritz, Jim Spisak and Jon Grey ran together for much of the race. In his post-race interview, Chelanga was thrilled to have his first US title as he said, “It feels great, I’m really happy. This is great. … I’m going to celebrate this a little bit, my first US title. It means so much to me. I love America a lot and when you say, ‘This is it’, this is it for me. This is cloud nine.”

Results below.

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*Post-Race Interview With Molly And Sam
*Full Race Video

USATF 10 Mile Championships – Deeper results at Medtronic TC 10 Mile site
St Paul/Minneapolis, MN

Top 10 Men

1Sam Chelanga2000430M46:47+0:00
2Tyler Pennel2000527M46:48+0:01
3Dathan Ritzenhein2000132M46:53+0:06
4Jim Spisak2006524M46:59+0:12
5Jonathan Grey2001327M47:12+0:25
6Timothy Ritchie2000728M47:19+0:32
7Jacob Riley2001426M47:19+0:32
8Jared Ward2000327M47:29+0:42
9Brian Shrader2001124M47:33+0:46
10Abdi Abdirahman2000038M47:52+1:05

Top 10 Women

1Molly Huddle2015731F51:44+0:00
2Neely Spence2010625F53:03+1:19
3Alexi Pappas2010925F53:10+1:26
4Laura Thweatt2010526F53:14+1:30
5Alisha Williams2010733F53:28+1:44
6Brianne Nelson2010334F53:47+2:03
7Kellyn Taylor2010429F54:37+2:53
8Tara WellingF54:38+2:54
9Janet Bawcom2010137F54:45+3:01
10Maddie Van Beek2012924F54:52+3:08
11Kara Goucher2010037F54:54+3:10


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