Deena Kastor (71:57) just misses Collee De Reuck’s US Masters Half Marathon Record by 7 Seconds in Windy Conditions in Dallas

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March 23, 2014

Deena Kastor‘s bid for the Colleen De Reuck’s US Masters Half Marathon record of 71:50 came up just short as Kastor ran 71:57 today at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Dallas Half-Marathon today.

Windy conditions hampered Kastor who after the race tweeted:

Weatherunderground shows the wind was roughly in the 15mph range during the race which started at 8 am local time.

Quick Take #1: Kastor did pick up at least two consolation prizes along the way as she went through 10 miles in 55:14 – 22 seconds under the old US record of 55:36. says her 20km split was 68:18 which was 29-seconds faster than the rold US record of 68:47.

That being said, those records are kind of artificial as presumably De Reuck ran faster than both times herself when she ran her 71:50 half-marathon.In the men’s race, Julius Kiptoo edged former Oklahoma State star Colby Lowe 66:02 to 66:04.

MB Discussion: *2014 Rock ‘n’ Roll Dallas Half Marathon – Kastor misses US Masters mark by 7 seconds – Colby Lowe 66:04

Top Men’s Results

1#4Julius Kiptoo01:06:0205:0505:03 min/mile
2#16200Colby Lowe01:06:04+00:02.4405:0105:03 min/mile
3#12Enoch Nadler01:06:58+00:56.1905:1105:07 min/mile
4#9Barnabas Kirui01:07:06+01:04.5805:0805:08 min/mile
51#2Evan Gaynor01:07:38+01:36.1405:0405:10 min/mile
61#11Logan Sherman01:08:31+02:29.3505:0605:14 min/mile
71#3744Derek Yorek01:10:32+04:29.9605:1705:24 min/mile
81#5Glenn Randall01:11:01+04:59.2405:1805:26 min/mile
9#1656Jason Trevino01:11:02+04:59.9605:1405:26 min/mile
102#10Agustin Hernandez01:11:07+05:05.1205:1705:26 min/mile

Top Women’s Results

PlaceBibNameTimeLeader DiffPaceAvg. Pace
1#101Deena Kastor01:11:5705:2405:30 min/mile
2#108D’Ann Mineo01:18:28+06:30.9205:5506:00 min/mile
3#103Emily Field01:18:49+06:51.9605:5606:01 min/mile
4#107Stefanie Slekis01:22:42+10:45.3706:1806:19 min/mile
5#1387Megan Rosa01:23:23+11:26.0106:1706:22 min/mile
61#1297Lauren Salisbury01:23:49+11:52.6306:1306:24 min/mile
71#125Jena Kincaid01:24:07+12:10.4606:2206:26 min/mile
8#105Mary Alico01:25:03+13:06.2906:3006:30 min/mile
9#1093Marie Thompson01:25:18+13:21.4206:1106:31 min/mile
101#1184Amanda Mangelsdorf01:26:53+14:56.7106:1906:38 min/mile

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