List of American Athletes With Qualifying Standard for 2014 USA World Indoors in Poland

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February 17, 2014

The 2014 USA Indoor Track and Field Championships take place this weekend (mainly Saturday and Sunday but multi starts Friday). The meet serves as a qualifying meet for the 2014 World Indoor Championships in Sopot, Poland.

To compete at world indoors, you must hit the qualifying time which is as follows:

6.6510.15 (100m)60m7.3211.20 (100m)
3:41.00 /
3:58.00 (Mile)
3:34.001500m4:14.00 /
4:31.00 (Mile)
7:52.007:42.00 /
13:15.00 (5000m)
3000m9:02.008:38.00 /
15:00.00 (5000m)
No Standard4×400 RelayNo Standard
7.7413.50 (110mH)60m H8.1612.90 (100mH)
2.30High Jump1.94
5.75Pole Vault4.71
8.16Long Jump6.70
17.00Triple Jump14.25
20.30Shot Put17.80

The qualifying window began in January of 2013. Below we show you what Americans have the qualifying standard for Poland in the mid-d and distance events. No chasing of the standard is allowed so if you don’t have the standard or get it this weekend, you aren’t going to Worlds. Note, marks on oversized tracks aren’t allowed so ignored those marks.

We apologize that the formatting doesn’t look great below. It looks fine for us in excel. If you are aware of any omissions, please email us.

Men’s 800 (1:47.00 indoors/1:44.00 outdoors)
 Indoors last year 
101:46.98Casimir LoxsomNittany Lion12-Jan
 Outdoors last year
201:43.03Nick SymmondsVD6-Sep
301:43.27Duane SolomonNC23-Jun
401:43.84Brandon Johnson13-Jul
 Indoors this year
501:46.71Michael RuttHemery7-Feb
601:46.84Erik SowinskiPSD Bank30-Jan
701:46.98Brian GagnonHemery7-Feb
1500 (3:41/3:58.00 indoors, 3:34.00 outdoors)
 Last year indoors 
103:50.92Galen RuppTerrier26-Jan
203:51.21Lopez LomongMillrose16-Feb
303:51.34Matthew CentrowitzMillrose16-Feb
403:54.89Ryan HillMillrose16-Feb
503:55.55Garrett HeathMillrose16-Feb
603:56.25Riley MastersTyson Inv8-Feb
703:56.28Patrick CaseyRazorback26-Jan
803:56.35Will LeerBIG2-Feb
903:56.85Craig MillerBIG2-Feb
10Deleted Entry (Non-American)
1103:57.43Jeff SeeBIG2-Feb
1203:57.81Cory LeslieHilton Garden2-Feb
13 Deleted Entry (Non-American)
14Deleted Entry (Non-American)
1503:57.93Austin MuddNCAA9-Mar
Last year outdoors (duplicate Centrowitz ignored)
1603:33.14Leo ManzanoAreva6-Jul
1703:33.23David TorrenceRieti 20138-Sep
1803:34.00Jordan McNamaraBuyle6-Jul
This year indoors (none duplicates ignored)
3000 (7:52.00 indoors – 7:42.00/13:15.00 outdoors)
 Last year indoors
107:30.16Galen RuppXL-Galan21-Feb
207:34.71Bernard LagatIHM2-Feb
307:39.98Evan JagerMillrose16-Feb
407:40.41Andrew BumbaloughMillrose16-Feb
507:49.2Kirubel ErassaNCAA9-Mar
607:50.23Will LeerMillrose16-Feb
707:51.51Andy BayerNCAA9-Mar
807:51.61Zachary MayhewHoosier Hills9-Feb
Last year outdoors (duplicates Lagat, Rupp, Jager, Bumbalough ignored)
913:08.04Chris DerrickVD6-Sep
1013:09.53Dathan RitzenheinPre1-Jun
1113:11.59Ben TrueKBC13-Jul
1213:11.80Hassan MeadKBC13-Jul
1313:12.01Andrew BumbaloughKBC13-Jul
This year indoors (dupblicates Bumbalough, Lagat, Leer, Mead ignored)
1407:34.87Ryan HillNew Balance8-Feb
1507:37.40Garrett HeathNew Balance8-Feb
1607:46.55Ben BlankenshipNew Balance8-Feb
1707:49.05Craig MillerNew Balance8-Feb
1807:51.47Donn CabralNew Balance8-Feb
1907:40.78David TorrenceHanzekovic3-Sep
2007:51.52Maksim KorolevHarvard7-Feb
2107:51.57Will GeogheganDartmouth7-Feb


Women’s 800 (2:03.00 indoors, 1:59.00 outdoors)
 Indoors last year 
102:02.32Laura RoeslerNCAA9-Mar
202:02.47Charlene LipseyNCAA9-Mar
302:02.64Ajee’ WilsonNC3-Mar
402:02.93Chanelle PriceNC3-Mar
 Outdoors last year
501:57.91Brenda MartinezMoscow WC18-Aug
 Indoors this year (Duplicate Price, Roesler, ignored)
602:02.00Chanelle Pricev3Nat25-Jan
702:02.13Molly Beckwith-LudlowGladstein Inv25-Jan
802:02.15Stephanie CharnigoHemery7-Feb
Women’s 1500/Mile (4:14/4:31.00 indoors/4:03.50 outdoors)
 Indoors last year  
104:28.25Mary CainMillrose16-Feb
204:28.79Kate GraceMillrose16-Feb
304:29.86Emma CoburnMillrose16-Feb
404:30.03Abbey D’AgostinoMillrose16-Feb
Outdoors last year
504:00.48Jenny SimpsonHerc19-Jul
604:00.94Brenda MartinezHerc19-Jul
704:01.28Shannon RowburyHerc19-Jul
804:01.48Gabe GrunewaldHerc19-Jul
904:02.85Treniere MoserPre1-Jun
 Indoors this year (Duplicates Cain, D’Agostino. Moser ignored)
1004:24.54Kim ConleyNew Balance25-Jan
1104:26.28Amanda WinslowHemery7-Feb
1204:28.37Jordan HasayTerrier24-Jan
1304:29.62Sarah BrownNew Balance25-Jan
1404:30.14Heather KampfNew Balance25-Jan
1504:30.57Morgan UcenyNew Balance25-Jan
Women’s 3000 (9:02 indoors – 8:38/15:00 outdoors)
 Last year indoors
108:53.89Chelsea ReillyBAGP16-Feb
209:01.08Abbey D’AgostinoNCAA26-Jan
Last year outdoors
308:34.43Shannon RowburyDNG22-Aug
414:56.26Jenny SimpsonWK29-Aug
514:58.15Molly HuddleWK29-Aug
This year indoors (ignore duplicate D’Agostino)
608:38.35Kim ConelyMillrose16-Feb
708:53.87Gabriel GruenewaldMillrose16-Feb
808:54.30Jordan HasayNBIGP8-Feb
909:00.76Emily SissonHemery7-Feb
1009:00.84Nicole SchappertMillrose16-Feb
1109:01.57Brie FelnagleMillrose16-Feb

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