Tom Walsh

Tom Walsh

April 26, 2018

Relays Weekend Preview: Jenny Simpson Goes for 2-Mile AR, Sydney McLaughlin Set for 400H Debut, & Andre De Grasse Is Back

It's relays week - normally one of the greatest weekends of the year for college track fans - but this year's calendar has us a little depressed as the big guns aren't competing with each other. Instead of everyone going to Penn or Drake, some are now going to Arkansas, others to LSU and others aren't going anywhere. Still, there are a few amazing races that we are really excited about but most of them are individual races ironically.
April 03, 2018

Week That Was: Jake Robertson, Ce'aira Brown, Nijel Amos, Sydney McLaughlin, Cruz Culpepper, Tom Walsh Impress Plus More Proof Galen Rupp is Very Fit

Sports Gene gets a boost this week and John Calipari is talking track not basketball.
March 24, 2014

Week That Was: Moses Kipsiro Speaks Out, Random Shot Put Videos, Frank Shorter On Jason Hartmann, Masters Runners And More

This week we praise Mark Wetmore and Colorado for helping stop the rise in college tuition and Moses Kipsiro for having guts, get pumped up about random shot put videos, tell you why a 1:54 800 is good for an NCAA champ as Frank Shorter tells you Jason Hartmann is too big for the marathon, and decry sexism in Africa and 30-year-old Masters competition in the US.