Sebastian Coe

Sebastian Coe

July 31, 2023

Sebastian Coe on UK Athletics Snubs, the Bye at Worlds, and How He'd Race Jakob Ingebrigtsen

Coe suggested changes could be coming after the 2023 Worlds. "There will be a laser-like focus on a lot of these questions, and particularly about the quality of product and having the athletes out there competing more."
December 16, 2022

Seb Coe on Sydney & Athing, the Diamond League, & a New Global Event in 2026

Coe didn't share full details about the new event but said a focus will be on prize money and keeping the spotlight on the stars during the off year of 2026.
December 10, 2019

Sebastian Coe Shares His Vision For The Future, Explains Diamond League Cuts, & Says Track & Field Has "A Lot of Work to Do" in the US

Last month, Seb Coe spent 45 minutes discussing the Diamond League and his vision for the sport with Find out what he said here.
July 27, 2018

IAAF Unfreezes Transfer of Allegiance Process, Wants to Fix Problem of Identical Kits, Russia Still Banned, & Budapest 2023?

We've got great news coming out of the IAAF Council meeting in Argentina. The IAAF agrees with us - runners should not wear identical uniforms in DL competitions and Haron Lagat - a US citizen who has lived here for 16 years - will be allowed to represent Team USA. Plus it looks like the 2023 Worlds are going to Budapest.