Nikki Hamblin

Nikki Hamblin

September 16, 2016

One Month Later, Abbey D'Agostino Reflects on Rio, Her Olympic Fall and Her Rehab From a Torn ACL

D'Agostino said she had a sense, even before her race, that something special might happen. "I felt this affirmation that yeah, I really am going to be there for some reason other than this race performance."
August 16, 2016

Abbey D’Agostino & Nikki Hamblin Show the True Meaning of the Olympics as Almaz Ayana Leads Women’s 5,000 Qualifiers

Would you stop running  in the middle of the Olympics to help a total stranger? These two women did just that.
May 10, 2014

Live Results From 2014 Occidental Invy

Robby Andrews won the 800 in 1:46.35 and Nikki Hamblin won the women's race in 2:02.73.