Chris Zablocki

Chris Zablocki

April 12, 2019

Saturday: Defending Champion Malcolm Richards And 2017 Chris Zablocki Ready To Challenge Each Other And The World Record At The Armory Indoor Marathon

Richards won last year in an indoor marathon WR of 2:19:01 while Zablocki ran 2:21:47 in 2017. 2:13:40 man Andrew Lemoncello is also racing. Stephanie Pezzullo (2:32 PB) and former Arizona State All-American Chelsey Albertson lead the women's race. *LRC Archives: Meet The Most Interesting Man In Running: Chris Zablocki’s Long Road To Los Angeles  
March 16, 2018

Armory NYC Indoor Marathon Storylines

Zablocki faces rivals Malcolm Richards (2:13 PB) and Brian Harvey (2:17 PB). $7000 prize money goes to the winner if they break the record.
March 16, 2018

The Armory NYC Indoor Marathon Is Tomorrow At Noon

They will be hoping to break the indoor marathon WR for the third straight year. The fields are lead by defending champ and current WR holder Chris Zablocki (2:21:48 indoor) and Lindsey Scherf (2:32:19 outdoor PB). The women's record is held by Finland’s Laura Manninen (2:42.30).
March 26, 2017

Chris Zablocki (2:21:48) And Laura Manninen (2:42:30) Break World Indoor Marathon Records At The Armory NYC Marathon

They each bagged $6,000 for winning the race and breaking the record.
February 09, 2016

Meet The Most Interesting Man In Running: Chris Zablocki's Long Road To Los Angeles

In his final high school race, he ran 11:07 for 3,200. As a college freshman, he was the worst guy on the team. But Chris Zablocki never gave up and on Saturday in LA, the Yuki Kawauchi of American distance running (13 marathons in 12 months), will be looking to take some serious scalps. *MB: LetsRun, Meet The Most Interesting Man in Running - Chris Zablocki