2019 Pan American Games

2019 Pan American Games

August 12, 2019

5 Takeaways From Pan Ams: NCAA Stars Bounce Back (But Hoppel Struggles), Remember the Name Justin Robinson, & Why Did So Many Americans No-Show?

Redemption was sweet for Marco Arop and Carlos Villarreal, but where were US champs Donavan BrazierCraig EngelsTeahna Daniels, and more?
July 24, 2019

USATF's Unprofessionalism Continues, New Pan Am Team USA Roster Is Released But Press Release Fails To Mention 36.8% of Team Was Changed

The unprofessionalism many have come to expect from USATF continued today when they failed to admit that they messed up one of their major duties as an organization. An athlete’s right to participate in the Pan American Games is protected by US federal law. It’s one of four competitions covered by the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act. Shame on you USATF. *MB: USATF completely botches selection of 2019 Pan American Games team 
June 26, 2019

USA Track and Field Tries To Hide The Fact That They Messed Up BIG TIME, Quietly Names New Pan Am Team

Instead of issuing a press release admitting they butchered the national team selection for the Pan Am Games, USATF today took the unprofessional route and simply changed the names on the web page they published on Monday without telling anyone. Kind of like how they changed the qualifying criteria without telling anyone either. An emergency Section 9 arbitration hearing is taking place tonight.
June 25, 2019

USATF Makes It Up As It Goes Along (Again), Ignores Its Own Selection Procedures For 2019 Pan American Games

USATF said it was would pick the 2019 Pan Am team based on the 2019 US descending order list as of June 10, 2019. Then on June 20, it said it would actually use the 2018-19 list. Now the team is out and we have no idea what criteria they used.