Who are the betting favorites at the US Olympic Track and Field Trials?

Somehow you can bet on the Cornhole League, but not on the US Olympic Track and Field Trails. (If you see betting odds, email us letsrun@letsrun.com).

So the next best thing is to see who the fan favorites are from the BetterRunningShoes.com Prediction contest.

We’ve tabulated the results and present to you the favorites in each event. Voting locked before the 1st round of each event.

Who wins Men’s 100m?
Noah Lyles adidas 78.1%
Christian Coleman NIKE 18.3%
Fred Kerley Jr. ASICS 2.2%
Christian Miller St. Johns Striders 0.7%
Kenny Bednarek NIKE 0.6%
Brandon Hicklin Louisiana State University 0.1%
Kendal Williams adidas 0.1%


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Who wins Men’s 200m?
Noah Lyles adidas 91.5%
Kenneth Bednarek NIKE 6.7%
Courtney Lindsey NIKE 0.7%
Erriyon Knighton adidas 0.5%
Fred Kerley Jr. ASICS 0.4%
Christian Coleman NIKE 0.1%
Kyree King NIKE 0.1%


Who wins Men’s 400m?
Michael Norman Jr. NIKE 92.3%
Bryce Deadmon NIKE 3.7%
Vernon Norwood New Balance 1.5%
Chris Bailey 1.4%
Quincy Hall adidas 0.6%
Johnnie Blockburger University of Southern California 0.3%
Auhmad Robinson Texas A&M University, College Statio 0.1%
Other 0.1%


Who wins Men’s 800m?
Bryce Hoppel adidas 97%
Isaiah Jewett NIKE 1.4%
Shane Cohen University of Virginia 0.6%
Brandon Miller Brooks / BROOKS Beasts TC 0.4%
Isaiah Harris BROOKS Beasts TC 0.3%
Clayton Murphy NIKE 0.2%
Hobbs Kessler adidas 0.1%
Wes Ferguson University of Nebraska at Kearney 0.1%


Who wins Men’s 1500?
Yared Nuguse On Athletics Club 85.1%
Cole Hocker NIKE 14.2%
Hobbs Kessler adidas 0.5%
Cooper Teare NIKE 0.1%
Craig Engels NIKE 0.1%
Joseph Waskom University of Washington 0.1%


Who wins Men’s 5000m?
Grant Fisher NIKE 82%
Cooper Teare NIKE 6.6%
Nico Young Northern Arizona University 2.7%
Abdihamid Nur NIKE 2.2%
Cole Hocker NIKE 2.2%
Yared Nuguse On Athletics Club 2.2%
Woody Kincaid NIKE 1.8%
Graham Blanks New Balance 0.1%
Parker Wolfe University of North Carolina, Chapel 0.1%
Paul Chelimo American Distance Project 0.1%
Sean McGorty NIKE / Bowerman Track Club 0.1%


Who wins Men’s 10,000m?
Grant Fisher NIKE 76%
Woody Kincaid NIKE 16%
Nico Young Northern Arizona University 6.2%
Paul Chelimo American Distance Project 1.3%
Conner Mantz NIKE 0.3%
Emmanuel Bor U.S. Army 0.1%
Sam Chelanga 0.1%


Who wins Men’s 110 m Hurdles?
Grant Holloway adidas 99.2%
Daniel Roberts NIKE 0.4%
Dylan Beard 0.3%
Cordell Tinch NIKE 0.1%
Trey Cunningham adidas 0.1%


Who wins Men’s 400 m Hurdles?
Rai Benjamin NIKE 98.9%
Caleb Dean Texas Tech University 0.7%
Christopher Robinson University of Alabama 0.3%
Trevor Bassitt 0.1%
Khallifah Rosser NIKE 0.1%


Who wins Men’s Steeplechase?
Hillary Bor HOKA / American Distance Project 55.3%
Kenneth Rooks NIKE 42.9%
Matthew Wilkinson Under Armour / Dark Sky Distance 0.6%
Anthony Rotich NIKE / U.S. Army 0.3%
Mason Ferlic adidas 0.3%
Nathan Mountain University of Virginia 0.1%
Isaac Updike Under Armour / Dark Sky Distance 0.1%
Evan Jager NIKE / Bowerman Track Club 0.1%
Parker Stokes Georgetown University 0.1%
Benard Keter NIKE / U.S. Army 0.1%
Other 0.1%
Alec Basten Under Armour Mission Run Baltimore 0.1%


Who wins Women’s 100m?
Sha’Carri Richardson NIKE 95.4%
Aleia Hobbs adidas 1.5%
McKenzie Long University of Mississippi 1.5%
Jacious Sears University of Tennessee, Knoxville 1.4%
Melissa Jefferson NIKE 0.1%
Twanisha Terry NIKE 0.1%


Who wins Women’s 200m?
Gabby Thomas New Balance 69.1%
McKenzie Long University of Mississippi 20%
Sha’Carri Richardson NIKE 8.5%
Abby Steiner PUMA 1.6%
JaMeesia Ford University of South Carolina, Columb 0.3%
Tamara Clark adidas 0.3%
Tamari Davis adidas 0.1%
Brittany Brown adidas 0.1%


Who wins Women’s 400m?
Kaylyn Brown Purpose Driven NC Elite Track Club 73%
Rosaline Effiong University of Arkansas, Fayetteville 8.7%
Talitha Diggs adidas 7.5%
Shamier Little adidas 3%
Aaliyah Butler University of Georgia 2.2%
Other 1.2%
Quanera Hayes NIKE 0.3%
Isabella Whittaker University of Pennsylvania 0.3%
Lynna Irby adidas 0.1%
JaMeesia Ford University of South Carolina, Columb 0.1%


Who wins Women’s 800m?
Athing Mu NIKE 79.3%
Nia Akins BROOKS Beasts TC 16.6%
Sage Hurta-Klecker On Athletics Club 1.4%
Michaela Rose Louisiana State University 1.2%
Juliette Whittaker Stanford University 0.6%
Ajee’ Wilson adidas 0.3%
Addison Wiley adidas 0.3%
Raevyn Rogers NIKE / Nike Union Athletics Club 0.2%
Other 0.1%
McKenna Keegan NIKE / Nike Union Athletics Club 0.1%


Who wins Women’s 1500?
Elle St. Pierre New Balance Boston 93%
Nikki Hiltz lululemon 5%
Emily Mackay New Balance Boston 0.9%
Sinclaire Johnson NIKE / Nike Union Athletics Club 0.5%
Heather MacLean New Balance / New Balance Boston 0.2%
Cory McGee New Balance 0.1%
Addison Wiley adidas 0.1%
Elise Cranny NIKE 0.1%
Helen Schlachtenhaufen NIKE 0.1%


Who wins Women’s 5000m?
Elinor St. Pierre New Balance Boston 84.5%
Elise Cranny NIKE 11.7%
Parker Valby University of Florida 2.3%
Karissa Schweizer NIKE / Bowerman Track Club 1%
Katelyn Tuohy adidas 0.2%
Josette Andrews On Athletics Club 0.2%
Ella Donaghu Nike Union Athletics Club 0.1%
Allie Buchalski BROOKS Beasts TC 0.1%


Who wins Women’s 10,000m?
Weini Kelati Under Armour / Dark Sky Distance 79.8%
Parker Valby University of Florida 13.5%
Karissa Schweizer NIKE / Bowerman Track Club 5.9%
Keira D’Amato NIKE 0.4%
Natosha Rogers PUMA / Puma Elite Running 0.2%
Rachel Smith HOKA 0.1%
Elena Henes adidas 0.1%


Who wins Women’s 100 m Hurdles?
Nia Ali NIKE 51.4%
Tonea Marshall NIKE 23.8%
Kendra Harrison adidas 13.4%
Grace Stark University of Florida 8%
Alaysha Johnson More Sports MG 1.3%
Tia Jones adidas / The Buford Bailey Track Clu 1%
Masai Russell NIKE 0.5%
Christina Clemons 0.3%
Lolo Jones 0.1%
Amber Hughes 0.1%


Who wins Women’s 400 m Hurdles?
Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone New Balance 99.5%
Jasmine Jones University of Southern California 0.2%
Dalilah Muhammad NIKE 0.1%
Akala Garrett University of Texas at Austin 0.1%
Anna Cockrell NIKE 0.1%


Who wins Women’s Steeplechase?
Courtney Wayment On 55.3%
Valerie Constien NIKE 29.8%
Krissy Gear HOKA NAZ Elite 6.7%
Olivia Markezich 6%
Allie Ostrander 0.9%
Gabrielle Jennings adidas 0.7%
Kaylee Mitchell NIKE 0.3%
Other 0.1%
Lexy Halladay Brigham Young University 0.1%


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