Friday 15: Cinderella Keira D’Amato Ready for Houston, Craig Engels Gets 9-Year Contract, But Will He Even Make an Olympic Team?

The crew breaks down Keira D'Amato's sub 2:20 chances in Houston and Craig Engels new contract.  (Podcast and video) Available only to Supporters Club members as part of the Friday 15!

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January 14, 2021

On this week’s Friday 15, we break down this weekend’s Houston Marathon where Keira D’Amato could possibly be chasing a sub 2:20 marathon and maybe even Deena Kastor’s American record.

Craig Engels has a new reported 9-year contract with Nike, but will he ever make an Olympic team?

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Plus, what are Galen Rupp and Eliud Kipchoge going to do this fall?  What is the best beer that comes in a 30 rack? and is the Rojo personal a total fraud?

Podcast is in your supporter’s club feed but if you want video it is below. (Audio is better on podcast)



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