Matthew Centrowitz is going to try to break Alan Webb’s 3:46.91 American mile record on Saturday night

July 23, 2021

Reigning Olympic 1500 gold medallist Matthew Centrowitz has accomplished an awful lot during his career, but there is one thing he’s never done or really even tried to do: break a major American record.

That will change on Saturday night when he will attempt to break Alan Webb‘s 3:46.91 American record in the mile at 9:10 p.m. Pacific time (12:10 a.m. Sunday ET) at Jesuit High School in Portland, Oregon.


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Considering that Centrowitz’s mile pb is 3:50.40, the record may seem like a stretch but it shouldn’t be viewed as untouchable. Why not? Because Webb’s record converts to a 3:30.06 for 1500 meters according to the 1.0802 conversion preferred by LRC stats guru John Kellogg and 3:30.24 according to the World Athletics scoring table. Matthew Centrowitz’s 1500 pb is pretty close to that — 3:30.40 — and that was run in 2015 when the super spikes weren’t in existence.

Of course, that 3:30 came in Monaco with great rabbiting and competition — Centrowitz was only 10th in the race.

On Saturday night, Centrowitz will likely not have anyone near him at the finish but he does have good rabbits. BTC teammates Amos Bartesmeyer, the German Olympian who has run 3:35.24 twice this year, and Josh Thompson (3:35.88 this year, 3:34.77 pb) are going to rabbit and they are hoping to make it 1300 meters.

It remains to be seen if pacing lights will be used but the brains behind the Light Speed Pacing System, which we saw work perfectly in Virginia Berach earlier this year, has offered his services.

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