How to Watch The 2020 Airtel Delhi Half Marathon – Television and Streaming Info

You can watch the race which starts at 7:10 pm ET tonight live for free right here on this page.

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November 28, 2020

tThe 2020 Airtel Delhi Half Marathon takes place in a few hours. Race organizers told us The men’s race begins at 7:10 pm ET (7:10 am IST) and the women’s race will follow at 8:30 pm ET (8:40 am EST) but the link below says nothing starts until 8:30 so we will what ends up being true.

You can watch the race in the video player below. If for some reason that doesn’t work, go here.

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Here is an article on who will be competing for the $178,000 in prize money: Sunday’s Airtel Delhi Half Is Loaded, Will Race Records Of 59:03 And 66:00 Fall On Faster Covid-19 Course?

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