Update: LetsRun.com Visitor with COVID-19 Continues to Recover, His Fever Is Gone

by LetsRun.com
March 23, 2020

Last Friday, long-time LetsRun.com visitor “justthefacts,” who wishes to remain anonymous, shared his story of getting COVID-19 and being in the hospital with it. A former 17 minute 5k runner, he warned fit runners to take coronavirus seriously and to limit contact with others.

Last Friday, “justthefacts” appeared to be on the mend as he was out of the hospital and in isolation in the Southeastern United States, but he had a persistent and strong cough when speaking to him on the phone.

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We checked in with him today via text to see how he was doing. He then called us and immediately sounded like he was doing much better. His voice was stronger and his cough non-existent at the start of the call (but it appeared sporadically throughout).

“I’m feeling much better. My fever has gone away and I can talk much better today. I really feel I went through a very serious mess and came out the other side,” he said.

He said he was also pleased to learn that no one at his office was showing signs of infection as he works in close proximity with one co-worker in particular.

He encouraged fellow Americans to keep “self-isolating as much as possible” to try and limit a spike of new cases. He also said that “the kindness has really come out in people” as his building has offered to get him groceries and in general people have been very friendly remotely to him.

As for his whole medical ordeal, he said finding out he had COVID-19 was almost a relief because he was suffering so much and in the hospital, it was at least reassuring to have a diagnosis.

“Hell yeah it was scary but part of being a man is admitting I was scared” he said.

We’ll check in with him later this week on his recovery.

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