Galen Rupp Will Not Make the Olympic Marathon Team?! + Wejo’s Mother-in-law Podcast

January 8, 2020

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Who says nothing is going on in the running world? The LRC team finds plenty to talk about as Jon returns from vacation and gets his tips including a big one from an anonymous for now running legend.

The Houston half marathon field (Sara Hall vs Molly Huddle vs Jordan Hasay) and Wanamaker mile fields are out, Wejo says Galen Rupp won’t make the Olympic marathon team, Sam Chelanga may be back, and what is the 2020 challenge?

The team is joined by Wejo’s mother-in-law at the end to see what she does and does not know about the sport (and she shares a family connection to the 1980 Miracle on Ice).

Looking for a great race this winter? East coast: Run the Publix Atlanta Marathon, Half, 5k, March 1st – the day after the Olympic Marathon Trials in Atlanta. More details here.

West coast: Can Am Masters XC Race in Victoria, BC Feb 29: Beautiful course. Great city. Hoping to host world XC. More details here

Show notes:
[6:26] Jon gets his tips
[8:33] Alberto Salazar segment: Who is coaching Galen Rupp?
[13:22] Hypocrites! Employee 1.1 DIDN’T go sub 5 in mile/ Wejo got into USAs without the qualifying standard
[20:51] Mary Cain dreaming of Olympics
[23:43] Vaporfly segment
[27:26] Houston Half Marathon a preview of Olympic Trials? Jordan Hasay vs Molly Huddle vs Sara Hall + the Return of Sam Chelanga?! (should Jared Ward be scared)
[40:22] Bold prediciton: Galen Rupp will not make the Olympic marathon team
[43:23] Millrose Wanamaker men’s mile field 4 Americans, 9 foreigners and X Africans
[47:33] Ajee’ Wilson vs Raevyn Rogers @ Dr. Sander Invite
[49:53] The 2020 Challenge
[53:33] Which world records go down in 2020?
[64:12] Mother-in-law segment with Cathy

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