Podcast: Remembering Gabe Grunewald, What a Great NCAA Outdoor Meet

By LetsRun.com
June 12, 2019

Rest in peace Gabe Grunewald.

The running world lost a bright light and we start the show on a somber note and pay our respects to the great Gabe Grunewald. Gabe taught us all how we should be living our lives and her memory lives on with all of us.

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Then we talk everything NCAA track and field starting with the men (11:52) and how old is too old for NCAA runners, talk about how the LRC crew missed Mondo Duplantis for some BBQ (34:38), have a little men’s 800 talk including Bryce Hoppel and Clayton Murphy (41:31), before turning to the women’s NCAA meet (46:25). Then it’s ‘Mom Audio’ with the Brojo’s mom going to NCAAs and loving the discus and buying tickets with Devon Allen and Tim Broe (64:40). Finally, the Brojos win a journalism award and are compared to Eric Sevareid (72:33). We end with an Oslo Diamond League preview (78:48).

The Tim Layden, Gabe Grunewald piece is here: https://www.si.com/olympics/2019/06/11/gabe-grunewald-runner-cancer-battle-inspiration
The Brooks Gabe Grunewald video we start the podcast with is here (and at bottom of this page)

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0:00-11:51 Remembering the great Gabe Grunewald
[11:52] NCAA men’s track and field
[34:38] Oops Mondo was missed for some BBQ
[41:31]  Men’s 800 talk: Hoppel, Murphy, and more.
[46:25] Women’s NCAA talk
[64:40] “Mom” audio: The Brojo’s mom goes to NCAAs, buys tickets in line with Devon Allen and Tim Broe, and we’ve got audio from her experience
[72:33] LetsRun and Brojos win journalism award, compared to Eric Sevareid
[78:48] Oslo Diamond League preview

This is the Brooks video where we got audio to start podcast:

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